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Barnet GREEN Clutch Springs

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When Triumph twins are modified for performance, they very soon require a more powerful set of clutch springs to stop clutch slip. Once your modifications take you close to or above 50ftlb of torque, the OEM springs will let the clutch slip at around 5,000rpm where most torque is produced.

The easy way to stop the slip is by fitting Barnet GREEN clutch springs. They're strong enough to stop slip on any of the twins up to and including a fully modified 904. Don't risk fitting other brand springs.

Barnet GREEN clutch springs, all your clutch needs to harness the power. We know, we've been there!
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barnet 'green' clutch springs

- 17th October 2021

Well what can I say, BUY BUY BUY !!! Good bye clutch slip, hooorah for these Barnet green clutch springs I've fitted to my triumph speedmaster 865 carb model with K&N air filter, free flowing megaphone silencers, TTPs coil packs and ignitor pack.

No more clutch slip at 5000rpms, got good solid power right through now. These are so easy to fit. All you need is clutch cover gasket, gasket sealent, socket set and a Stanley blade to get rid of old gasket and while your at it, do an oil and oil filter change if needed.

Once fitted, the only thing I noticed was the clutch lever is only very slightly stiffer and thats it. Well done Mike and the team 5/5 STARS.

And don't forget the crush washer that's on the pin of the cog that's next to the starter motor cog. DONT LOOSE IT AND REMEMBER IT HAS TO BE THERE WHEN REFITTING THE CLUTCH CASING.

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Safe Start

The TTP Safe-Start was developed through concern
for our own twins and is a quick and simple method
of idler gear boss reinforcement which eliminates the
chance of engine damage caused by a kick-back event.

The Safe-Start is a precision engineered CNC machined
billet aluminium jacket for the idler gear boss and is
effectively an insurance policy against catastrophic
engine failure leading to the inconvenience and expense
of an engine strip down and crankcase replacement.

If you're replacing your clutch springs it's worth installing
the Safe Start while you're in that side of the engine to
give you peace of mind.
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€27.59 EUR    $29.40 USD    $41.73 AUD

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