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Amazing service

- 06th June 2022

I emailed TTP before ordering my part to make sure everything was right had response straight away and amazing service.

Brilliant !

- 06th May 2022

After reading the reviews i ordered the coil pack, my bike is now as good as new.

Smooth idle, no back fires etc. and speedy delivery from place of order.

Well worth purchasing

- 17th August 2021

Fitted these to triumph Speedmaster that kept cutting out, dropping revs & backfiring. Blue flame coils & HT leads cured every problem, bike performing great.

Great people

- 01st April 2021

Very helpful and great products for my t100, definitely use them again.

Solved my problem. Which two triumph dealers couldn’t figure out

- 13th August 2020

Solved my problem. Which two triumph dealers couldn’t figure out. Bike was inconsistent at idle. Lost all torque. Chugging and spluttering at low revs. One triumph dealer rebuilt the carbs took out the air intake. Had it for two weeks. Problem came back. Another triumph had it for two days said he fixed the problem and it was a vacuum leak. Problem came back. Spent almost £1000 on parts and labour.

With a bit of research I thought it could be an ignition problem rather than a carb or fuel delivery issue. Got this ignition coil plugged it in. Bike is like new. Don’t know why triumph didn’t do this.

Anyway thank you TTP

Great value product.

- 04th May 2020

Changed coils on my 2002 Triumph America when it dropped a pot. Though it turned out not to be the original coils, the Blue Flame ones really did make a difference once I bit the bullet and changed the igniter as well. Great value and a great product.

Blue Flame Ignition Coil.

- 16th November 2019

My 900 Thruxton was misfiring from time to time with shocking performance. After talking to TTP they sent a blue flame coil to me and the bike has never run as good as it does now.

Never buy a cheep version. Always go for a Blue Flame Ignition Coil.

Cheers guys.

Dreaded Bonnie Misfire

- 01st October 2019

Got put onto TTP whilst watching a you tube clip by JohnnyCactus0 diagnosing ignition probs on his Bonnie. I had similar issues so thought would give them a try. great service and product. well packaged too. Main thing I noticed was how much more robust the Blue Flame coil seemed.

Unfortunately, didn't resolve my misfire but was so impressed bought a Fire Starter igniter too. Recommended. Better price and quality than stock.

I don't think about selling my motorcycle any longer!

- 15th May 2019

Wanted to sell due to sudden drops in power, low power, 'popping' of the exhaust when slowing down, bad luck with this used motorcycle (Speedmaster 790 2003) I bought.

Got some advice on the Triumph community. After installing a Fire Starter and Blue Flame ignition coils, this bikes engine transformed into a dream. No issues, way more powerful, no popping exhaust sounds, it feels like a masterpiece of engineering compared with the original (broken?) CDI.

Thank you so much for giving me the Triumph engine feeling the way it is supposed to feel!

Total transformation

- 25th September 2018

Bought a 2005 Bonnie 790 carb, wasn't too happy with the way it performed, want a bit more go. Having used TTP Blue Flame coils on my Speedmaster and being very impressed with the change I bought a Blue Flame coil for the Bonnie along with a jetting kit. It has totally transformed the bike, better starting, fantastic acceleration and so much smoother.

If you want more go for your money you couldn't buy better. Great service from TTP. Thanks Mike and the team.

Delivery time

- 15th August 2018

Amazing service, I ordered two coils on Monday afternoon and they arrived Tuesday lunch, well pleased.

Going all the way

- 07th July 2018

I installed the Stage 1 and Firestater so it just made sence to do the whole package. Glad I did. I feel like I have a brand new bike. The throttle is crisp and the power does not stop.

Spot on!

- 03rd April 2018

Excellent as always! Considered buying cheaper coils for a nano second but have never been let down with the various maps and parts bought from TTP previously. Insanely quick delivery...on a bank holiday weekend as well!!! Up and running again for work on Tues. And these coils do make the bike behave better I'm sure- much crisper running!! Thanks

Another noticeable improvement!

- 29th June 2017

Have upgraded the scrambler with breathe intake, DNA filter, air box baffle removed, AI removed, carb re-jet, stock igniter remap and Arrow 2-1.

Decided to try the coils as everything else from TTP has made the bike run better. Once again these have made a difference. Better idling, ridiculously smooth power delivery, perfect throttle response , even smoother gear shifting?!!

TTP products have transformed my bike into the most fun motorcycle I've owned. Not the fastest or most powerful but the most enjoyable to ride. Totally recommend TTP. The full upgrade package is the best money you'll ever spend on your Triumph and good value considering how much better it makes the bike run.

Immediate improvement

- 25th May 2017

Fitted the Blue Flame Coil to replace an old original Triumph one and as soon as I fired it up it caught immediately unlike the Triumph one that took a couple of turns before firing. Also settled straight down whereas previously it would be just a bit unsteady. Very happy.

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