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TTP EFI Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit
TTP EFI Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit

"Just add silencers!"

The TTP EFI Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit includes everything required to tune your bike to your chosen exhaust system. With a choice of EFI performance tunes, this kit can be used with or without the airbox baffle installed to give excellent mid range torque and very good top end power.

With the airbox baffle removed you can achieve top end performance very close to that only previously available by removing the airbox and fitting pod filters.

With this kit you have a choice of TTP EFI custom tunes developed for use with TORS/Hi Flow, long free flowing silencers, short free flowing silencers or a 2-1 system.

  • TTP EFI performance tune download coupon code included.
  • Breathe Airbox Intake Cover - Highest flow, lowest restriction.
  • DNA Performance Air Filter. More surface area = more power!
  • Custom O2 Removal Kit.
  • OBD-2 USB Cable.
  • ECM programme service available.

Read about removing the internal airbox baffle.
*This is a performance modification and will void your Triumph warranty*
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Thruxton SE EFI 2010

- 16th January 2018

Had my Thruxton from new and uprated the suspension, removed the rear mudguard plus a few other changes and fitted Triumph TORS. Always disappointed with the performance though. Read the reviews about TTP and ordered the EFI Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit. Arrived in 3 days!! Great service.

This review is about the installation. Ride review will be when I have covered a few miles. First impression was the packaging is excellent, very professional. I then read through the instructions (I know we normally leave these to last, don't we??!!) and these are very good.

First off, Battery removed and put on charge.
I decided to remove the fuel tank as well so as to not cause any damage, plus it was easier to tuck away the plugs for the O2 sensors and cable tie them securely. I used self-amalgamating rubber tape to seal the plugs rather than heatshrink, but this is a personal preference.

O2 sensor removal was easy. There is not a lot of room to be able to tighten up the bungs so I cut down a 6mm allen key and job done.

Next up was to remove the baffle from the airbox. I had replaced the rear mudguard with an eliminator kit and this did not need to be removed. After having got the cover off and removed the baffle, you can see why there is such a power loss. Restrictions in the baffle and snorkel. I wanted to give the airbox a good clean of the old sealant so removed it. Remove rear wheel and chain guard and out it came, no problem. I have a centre stand on the bike so this helps.

It was easy now to clean up the airbox of all the old sealant and apply new sealant and re-assemble. There is also a rubber seal between box and lid, don't break it.
Easy to put the airbox back in as well. I personally would recommend to remove the rear wheel/chainguard as it makes it easier to remove/replace the airbox, however this is personal and does not detract from the excellent instructions. I always make a mess with silicone any way.
DNA filter in, Breathe fitted, tank back on, battery in and connected and the wheel of cou...

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List Price: £226.40   Discount on this product.
Price: £215.08 (£258.10 Inc. VAT)
€242.85 EUR (+VAT)    $296.34 USD    $371.87 AUD


Removal of the SAI system isn't essential to
run this kit, but we recommend it as it reduces
deceleration popping and takes heat out of the
exhaust system.

  Black SAI Removal Kit  Silver SAI Removal Kit  
Black                         Silver

The connection rubbers on each end of the MAP sensor
tubes can be the source of rough running at idle and
small throttle positions. Even the slightest air leak will
cause these problems and over time the original rubbers
can rot or become loose on the inlet manifolds.

These replacement rubbers are made from black silicone,
have a nice tight fit and make replacement much more
economical than buying a pair of complete MAP tube
assemblies from Triumph.


We provide this service for owners who don't have access to a Windows PC
or who don't possess the required knowledge to carry out the reprogramming.

You can send us your ECM and we'll reprogram it for you. We understand
that you wouldn't want your bike off the road for any longer than necessary,
so we process your order and return ship by a signed and insured service
within 48 business hours of your ECM arriving with us.

If you choose to use this service, please ensure you follow the shipping
instructions on your emailed order receipt and we'll ship your complete
order back with your ECM.

Please choose if your internal airbox baffle will be
removed or left in place so we can select the correct
EFI tune or jetting.
Please choose which silencers/exhaust system you're running.
The choice is TORS (Triumph Off Road Silencers)/high flow
silencers, long free flowing silencers of more than 20"/50cm
(not including link pipe), short free flowing silencers of less
than 20"/50cm (not including link pipe) or for the Bonneville,
T100, Thruxton and Scrambler a complete 2-1 system.

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