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Scrambler 2008 EFI

- 12th August 2022

I did the stage 1.5 on my 2008 EFI Scrambler with a Zard 2-1. First run with the OEM map, the bike did run pretty good but i knew there would be more to come once i tuned it with TTP No 4.

And what a difference!

This upgrade from TTP is absolute worth the effort of work and money spent on hardware.

Mike is a true enthusiast and very helpful, answers every question really fast and accurate.

2011 T100

- 17th June 2022

Very satisfying process and outcome.

The materials, software and proprietary map are all outstanding. I felt like it took the same courage and trust to do this as to ride my bike — and it was worth it.

In addition a far better ride, I love staring at my cleaner engine.


Fitted to 2016 triumph America efi

- 12th May 2022

This is a good kit. It takes a very under tuned from the factory bike with flat spots in power at the revs you pull away in, to a a very usable, quite poky bike that you can use 2 up with luggage.

The service and professionalism of the staff is very good. I would definitely recommend this company and products.

Thanks guys, Lee

A worthwhile improvement

- 01st April 2022

An excellent product which does exactly what it says on the tin.

Improved crisper throttle response.
The engine revs cleanly and quickly
The low speed jerkiness has gone
The overrun exhaust popping has gone.

Overall the bike feels even more civilised and ridable and when you whack that throttle wide open hold hold on tight because its acceleration is awesome.

Happy Aussie Thruxton Rider

- 10th February 2022

Read up on many reviews from multiple sites and companies and decided to go with TTP. So glad I did. Mike responded to my panic emails swiftly and professionally (totally my errors on downloading tune..!)

End result is a far smoother throttle response, smoother idle aaaaaannd...a notable increase in pulling power (torque!)...

Delivery to me here in Melbourne, Australia was as quoted (7-10 days) and complete assembly/download printed instructions included. simply stoked!

TTP have me as long as I have my Thruxy!

Thanks Mike and your team....

I'm going to lose my license!

- 21st September 2021

Wow, thanks guys. Ordered the kit, and before it arrived did the air box baffle removal and took out the 02 sensors, it already had the SAI removed and was fitted with tapered VW tailpipes.

Runs fantastic

- 26th July 2021

I had several questions before taking the plunge and Mike answered everything. I modified the air box and removed the O2 and air injection myself. I sent my ECM to TTP for them to program it for me.

Once I got the ECM back, I followed their instructions and had my bike running within an hour. I can’t believe the difference in performance. Very happy.

Great map and support service

- 09th April 2021

I recently bought this kit, I will admit that I struggled to load the software required, but mainly due to using a very old laptop! I received the necessary help to get it installed, and on a Saturday!

Bike runs great, huge improvement over stock. Perhaps not the cheapest way to go but nicely packaged up and ultimately it's the background research you're paying for.

Stage one torque induction

- 05th April 2021

I have a 2013 triumph Scrambler, I was lucky enough to come across a new arrow exhaust system which I purchased. I then needed an ecu update to suit the new exhaust so I contacted Mike at TTP. Mike explained that he did a tune for this and advised me to go for the TTP Stage One Torque Induction Kit which I did.

I took the option to send my ecu to Mike for him to program as I am useless with computers,this was returned with the other fittings I needed within two days. The rest of the job is quite straightforward.

After getting it all back together and going for a test ride I couldn't believe the difference, the mid range torque is great as is the all round fuelling.

A great modification which I would recommend.

Stage 1 - Superb result

- 25th March 2021

The service and the product has been fantastic. The engine is now running from a dog on a lead to one full of its character jumping, smiling and with joy, but yes it still works to commands while off free from the lead. This bike is exactly as it needs to be.

Well done from a great team, and as said, the service and these well made products, are also well packaged and sent. A big smile from the owner and the bike!

2013 T100

- 09th March 2021

Yes it really does what it says on the tin ! Throttle response is smoother and more freely than before. Gear changes are smoother too. My main reason for buying the kit was the STS (snatchy throttle syndrome) and I am pleased to report that it has now gone; I can get round a roundabout without slipping the clutch and drifting to the left.

I initially emailed Mike with some stupid questions which he quickly answered, 11 out of 10 for customer service.

It was worth every penny, its like riding a different bike.

Smooth ride

- 23rd January 2021

Great set of quality products. Clear instructions. Has made the bike ridable at low speed and smooth throughout the rev range. Well Done!!!!!

2014 America

- 11th November 2020

Stage 1 induction kit. What a brilluant purchase. My bike runs so sweet. No snatchy throttle. It's a different bike to ride now.

I was worried about the computer install, being old and not computer savvy. It's was so easy. I drove them mad initially due to my inexperience. The guys were so patient.

If you own a Triumph America, this mod is a must.

TTP EFI Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit

- 20th October 2020

I recently purchased and installed the TTP Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit on my 2014 Bonneville T100. Great instructions provided with the kit to make the hardware modifications and install the tune software. The tune loaded on the first attempt exactly as per the instructions.

Mike was very helpful along the way with email correspondence regarding any questions I had. My next purchase from a TTP will be the SAI removal kit to help with the deceleration popping I get with my Dunstall silencers.

Great product and customer service. I highly recommend this kit to anyone wanting to improve the performance of their Bonny!

Happy bunny

- 06th October 2020

Removed the 02 and secondary air injection, the baffle also from the air box removed. I then mailed the ECU to Mike at TTP he remapped to to suit my requirements.

They said 48hr turn around and true to there word it was. From stripping all the unwanted parts to refitting the ECU along with the high flow filter and breather 3 days.

Now I ride with a smile on my face every time I open the throttle, it's like a different bike .

Thanks Mike , regards Pete.

Big power boost!

- 16th September 2020

I installed this on my 2014 Bonneville and am very impressed! I did have to adjust my throttle bodies and TPS and re run the program to smooth out the off idle throttle response. My only suggestion is to make the pieces of heat shrink tubing about 1/2 inch longer.

Should have done this sooner!

Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit

- 10th September 2020

2010 mag wheel Bonnie, sent my ECM to TTP Monday afternoon and got it back with the kit on Thursday morning.

Removed air box baffle SAI & 02 sensors swapped my Arrow 2-2 for shorter Gasser customs exhaust, so went with Tune 4 mainly to get rid of the snatchy throttle at low speed & I was not disappointed.

So far plenty of torque & power as well also any questions answered quickly as well.

Worth every penny

- 04th August 2020

This Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit totally eliminated all of the glitchy throttle response issues between 2000 and 3000 RPM! No more herky-jerky when cruising though town at lower speeds.

Also, and more importantly, the bike pulls harder all the way if and when you need it to.

I am so happy with my TTP tune & upgrades, Thanks guys!

The instructions for all steps are fantastic and comprehensive. Best $$ spent on my Thruxton. I highly recommend this tune & kit.

Transformed the bike, best upgrade by far.

- 30th July 2020

I've had the Stage 1 Torque kit on my Scrambler for approx 9,000 miles in all kinds of conditions (cold, hot, rain, high altitude). Firstly, this kit instantly improved the bike when combined with a free flowing exhaust system (Zard was my choice) - power delivery smoothed out, got rid of the stumbles at low speed, massive improvement in torque through the rev range, and also far improved throttle response.

Secondly, TTP have continued to support this with updated tunes that made minor improvements to how well the bike runs. Great product, great company to deal with, can recommend this 100%.

865 EFI Speedmaster 2011

- 14th June 2020

Fitted the tune along with breath air kit and O2 sensor removal kit to my bike with stock pipes. WONDERFUL!

No more cutting out at idle, no more surging between 1500 and 3500rpm, no more snatchy throttle.

Loads more mid range power, should have fitted this Stage 1 Kit ages ago. BRILLIANT!

Triumph America stage 1 Torque Induction Kit

- 13th June 2020

Should have done this earlier, all high quality well labelled parts, very clear instructions, very helpful people when I had a technical issue.

Sent my ECM for re-programming on the Tuesday got it back on the Thursday. I now have a new bike. No more snatchy throttle at low speed, no more popping on the overrun, runs like it should, it even sounds better.

Thanks TTP, you're the best.

TTP Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit.

- 02nd June 2020

Fitted new silencers and decided to use the stage 1 induction kit. The instructions on how to do the mechanical side of it were spot on. I am a luddite when it comes to computers but following the instructions and with help from TTP the whole process was fairly easy.

My bikes a different beast now.

Many thanks TTP. Would recommend anyone upgrading their triumph to use them.

Best Change for Your Bike!

- 26th May 2020

I've owned many bikes over the years and have tinkered with them all, which made me a little skeptical of the improvement claims for the Stage 1 EFI kit. They're all true!

I've never gotten so much bang for my buck with aftermarket performance parts. The jerky, touchy, on-off fueling when coming off closed throttle is gone with truly noticeable increased grunt throughout it's range. Bonus, she starts and idles better, too.

This is my first tune by computer project so I was a little nervous but the software performed flawlessly. I kept the airbox on my Bonnie so removing the baffle was the tedious part but it was not too bad thanks to the clear instructions from TTP.

Thanks for a quality product, I'm more than satisfied!

Amazing Customer Service and Superb Product Engineering

- 16th May 2020

These guys really know how to get every bit of horsepower out of your Triumph. I received the stage 1 tune to remap my EFI speedmaster to read my short 19in emgo turnout exhaust. This thing screams down the road with all that junk removed under the seat! The program was easy to use and was able to perform the TPS maintenance that I was not aware of before purchasing this tune.

(Side note: I had an American made AI removal kit and the airbox plug did not fit!)
Mike from Twin Power included the AI plug with no charge and I thought this was really generous. 5 Stars!

Stage one kit

- 17th March 2020

What an amazing difference the stage 1 kit made in my 2014 Scramblers performance! Pulls much stronger than in stock form and feels as though it can now breath.

TTP was extremely helpful in providing the information and guidance I needed to install this kit. Well worth the investment.

Thank you TTP!

TTP Stage 1 Kit

- 21st January 2020

After contacting TTP and speaking to a gentleman by the name of Mike who I must say was very helpful I ordered the kit and sent off my ecu to be programmed, I had an email back to say it had arrived and three hours later another email saying it was being dispatched back to me.

It arrived very well packaged instructions concise and clear and after fitting there was a noticeable difference in the performance of the bike.

I would definitely recommend this kit and TTP as you will not get better, also at the same time of ordering I purchased a safe start kit which is top quality.

Excellent! Thanks TTP

- 08th January 2020

Great mod for my Bonneville SE! I haven't been able to do an extensive test of the stage 1 torque kit as it has been wet and miserable but after a short test ride I can confirm the snatchy throttle has now gone so roundabouts and slow riding in traffic is 💯 better. I have yet to open the throttle but the bike is revving cleaner.

Roll on the summer! Thanks TTP.

2014 Bonneville Transformed

- 13th August 2019

The installation of kit went pretty quick and the directions were easy to understand. The bike is so much more fun to ride now and runs great. I used Norman Hyde toga silencers along with the TTP tune.

I was thinking about buying a new bike but not anymore. Only regret is that I didn't do this sooner.

Excellent upgrade package for our 2014 T100

- 04th August 2019

We purchased a 2014 T100 SE earlier this year. The previous owner had installed an air-injection removal kit, and a set of Bassani silencers. The bike performed competently, but did have exhaust popping on deceleration and throttle snatchiness at low RPM/speed.

We installed the various components in the TTP EFI Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit, along with Bonneville/T100 Performance Tune 3 as recommended for our combination of modifications.

Our conclusion after our first weekend riding with this configuration: this package was worth every penny! The low RPM/speed snatchiness is gone, making it easier and safer to accelerate from a stop and control the bike in low speed maneuvering. The popping on deceleration is gone. There is definitely more power on tap, and the bike feels more lively and responsive overall. Thinking about how it felt to ride before we can appreciate how restricted it was by the factory emissions/noise reduction concessions.

Everything was well packaged, parts were of commendable quality, and the process went smoothly. We cannot recommend this TTP product highly enough.

Just Better

- 16th July 2019

Purchased the Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit for my 09 america after reading the dyno data available on this site. I wasn't looking for outright power just a smoother and more tractable bike with out the silence of a standard exhaust strangling the engine.

I already had the short TORs and wanted to get the bike running as it should. This kit did NOT disappoint....Not only were the various bungs and bolts for the oxy sensor and SAI removal of a very high quality, (i work in engineering and i can tell a quality part when i see one) they also came with a copper based anti seize grease and new copper sealing washers in the pack and the perfect amount of heat shrink to insulate the connectors.

The air box Breathe adapter fitted perfectly and is also very well made however this did not come with a new seal but my old seal was actually in good nick so i reused it, but something to be aware of... all the parts supplied fitted as they should and the actual tune software was very easy to download and install considering computers are not really my strong point, but after reading all the instructions a couple of times the whole process of downloading and physically reprogramming the ECU was easy and worked EXACTLY as the instructions said

What a difference to the bike. It's by no means a sports bike, but it is far more tractable and easier to ride now with no more spluttering at lower revs, the occasional stall at idle is no more, its just better everywhere.

I have used various power commanders and plug in tune boxes and adapters before, but these tunes are bespoke and designed for the setup and power delivery you have or want....... really good choice and i would highly recommend it.

Quality Product & Superb Service.

- 01st July 2019

I bought my Bonneville America a couple of weeks ago, whilst on the test ride I noticed it was popping on a closed throttle and quite snatchy when setting off.

So I though I’ll need to get that sorted, and after getting home from the test ride (and putting deposit on the bike) I did a bit of googling, read a few forum threads and even joined a FB group.

The TTP stage 1 EFI kit came up frequently, along with lots and I mean LOTS of praise, so before I’d even picked the bike up I placed an order for the kit.

So I picked up my bike, took it for a good 100+ mile run, got it home and removed the ECM, following their instructions I sent it off special delivery.
It was returned to me 3 days later as part of the kit in a very presentable (almost classy) box, everything neatly packed and labelled up.

The instructions were clear and concise, all the products in the kit were of excellent quality and I had everything fitted in a couple of hours or so.

They even send you a little domed TTP label on the invoice, which is a really nice touch, especially as I have a black America.

As for how the bike performs, well, the popping on overrun has gone, as has the snatchy throttle, it’s more responsive and has noticeably more powerful and torque.

Worth every penny…… Now, where to stick my little TTP logo?

Best Money Ever Spent on a Bike Mod

- 26th June 2019

I guarantee you won't regret buying this kit. It made my bike run like a charm, coupled with a new set of exhausts.

It solved my overheating problems, lean running, jerky throttle and gave my bike a noticeable boost in horsepower and torque.

10/10 Would recommend.

Tune 3

- 14th June 2019

Now I know what all the fuss was about for the original Bonneville's!

Everything works great. Pulling the airbox apart was a complete pain, but worth the effort. TTP instructions were the best. Can't go wrong with these guys,

Love it

- 04th June 2019

My 2014 Bonneville SE is my first and will be my only bike. I bought it for it’s great handling and versatile nature, but that came at the price of somewhat muted performance.

Read good things about the TTP tune package. Made all the prep mods (remove SAI and O2 sensors and added TORS. Removed the air box baffle (read the Triumphrat forums for advice on using heat to remove it). Installed the tune with no real problems and I am not real proficient with computers. After the tune had to make adjustments to TPS, balance the throttle bodies and adjust the idle.

Man does she sound great and perform great. However, the best reason to use TTP’s products is the superb customer service. Had several questions for Mike, mostly dumb ones, but he was prompt to reply by email and spot on with his advice. Do yourself a favor and unleash the beast within your Bonnie. So much fun it should be illegal!

Totally transformed the bike

- 03rd June 2019

Possibly the best thing you can do to these bikes other than handling upgrades. Pulls nicely all through the revs and the mid range really packs a punch, and the induction noise is addictive. Sorted out the low rpm choppiness and now pulls nice and smoothly.

Also a note, I downloaded the wrong tune at first, after having to then purchase the right one (payed for two at this point). The guys at TTP refunded me instantly without me having to ask for it.

Would give 6 stars if I could. Couldn't be happier with the service and products.

Woke up the America.

- 23rd May 2019

I sent my ECU to have it programmed by TTP. From New York to England and back took about 2 weeks.

Once the ECU came back I hooked everything up, took the O2 sensors out and idled the bike for 20 minutes. The pesky hesitation and stall right off of idle is gone and the bike has great power up through the rev range.

Great products and great service from the guys at TTP.


- 28th April 2019

Wish I’d had it done it sooner, worth every penny.


- 21st April 2019

The Stage 1 Torque Inducton Kit made an enormous difference when added to TEC 2-1 exhaust, (shed the weight of stock peashooters) removal of O2 sensors and AI kit, and don't forget to remove Airbox baffle.

I sent my ECU to England for mapping and did not feel confident.

What a difference a totally different bike, mid range torque is unreal. Do the ton anytime you get the urge. Thumps up to TTP what a great company to deal with. Utah USA.

EFI Stage 1 Torque Induction kit

- 19th April 2019

This kit far exceeded my anticipation about being able to improve; stalling, smoothness in overall performance and increased performance.

Without hesitation this kit has improved my Triumph America to where It is a pleasure to ride. Thank everybody at TTP for everything.



- 11th April 2019

Being a computer dinosaur, I got the guys at TTP to programme my ecu for a 09 America.

I fitted the stage 1 kit with short tor’s . I now have a new bike, very happy with the result. Turn around from sending ecu to receiving it back was quicker than expected. 1st class service and tune.

Great job

- 22nd March 2019

After riding my 2012 America for about 18 months and tinkering with it to try and get it to run right I finally bit the bullet and bought the Stage 1 torque Induction Kit.

I did the rest of the mods and took it to my local shop to be flashed. The young guys had some problems but they got in touch with TTP and despite the time difference TTP got right back to them and fixed the problem.

My bike now runs like a British bike should. My first bike was a 50's triumph 500 and have been riding them ever since. Thank you TTP you have a truly fine product. Now to ride!

Just what I needed!

- 29th October 2018

I am very happy with the parts, service, and results of the stage 1 package on my 2013 Triumph Speedmaster.

In my experience, the filter, air box modifications, air injection removal, O2 removal and the upgrade to Triumph Off Road (TOR) exhaust, when coupled with the TTP tune, resulted in more power, and smoother fueling. I notice and enjoy the improvements every time I ride.

Tune 3 with airbox baffle removed.

- 16th October 2018

Great remedy for air cooled Bonnevilles. Before bike was good but not 100%, now its cured from it's sickness. Engine is less stressed, no flat spots and keeps on going strong till the red line.

I use my bike everyday for commuting in Melbourne, riding slow in traffic and filtering is much easier now. The throttle response crisp and not snatchy anymore. The exhaust note feels slightly louder and aggressive then before. I was worried about the fuel economy as it's my everyday ride, but it hasn't changed. I'm getting the same numbers.

Bonnie is a joy to ride now and puts great smile on my face. Best and must have modification for the bike.

Great experience and results!

- 01st October 2018

Ordered Stage 1 kit and O2 removal kit. (already did AIS removal and Dominator Tourings). Instructions for bafflectomy worked fine. Tune 3 download went smoothly.

Then I rode the bike. Throttle response was excellent, and the bike felt and sounded GREAT!!!

My only suggestion is hex head bolts for the O2 sensor kit. Fitting an allen wrench between headers and frame was very difficult. Thank you!

Brilliant transformation

- 22nd September 2018

I cannot say enough good things about this kit. All the glowing reviews are spot on. It really transforms the bike. The low-speed stumbling is gone and there is more power everywhere. It really feels like a new motorcycle.

The instructions are great across the board. The software worked like a charm. I highly recommend this kit. I was thinking of selling my T100 before installing this, but there sure is no need now. Brilliant!

Installed on a Speedmaster

- 20th September 2018

Fantastic service could not be happier. Bike runs fantastic, no more stalling plenty of grunt.

TuneLoader is easy to use and loading the map is simple. I would highly recommend this product, well worth the money!


- 12th September 2018

Just a quick note to say that I purchased the kit and tune and am extremely pleased with the results.

Better throttle response, better low end torque and better top end as well. Thanks again for your help and for making a great product.

TTP EFI Stage 1 upgrade

- 12th September 2018

Decided to make some modifications to my 2009 Thruxton as I wasn't happy how it was running with the after market staintune pipes. So I decommissioned the SAI and 02 systems, removed the airbox baffle and fitted the breathe airbox intake cover. I then eventually figured out how to download the new map and followed the instructions how to do this, managed to do the download successfully the first time. After going for a ride I also balanced the throttle bodies which were a little out, this improved how it ran when idling as previously it would pop a little in the right cylinder.

Bike is now running pretty sweet, no more snatchyness in the throttle when in low revs, a lot more responsive when accelerating and hits the higher revs a lot quicker.

Overall very smooth, I would recommend this upgrade to anyone who wants to enjoy riding their bike more.

Stock 2009 Speedmaster

- 28th July 2018

Installed the TTP EFI Stage 1 Kit.
New long free flows and it sounds great! Runs even better! Smooth excelaration and lots of added torque.

VERY pleased with the results. Would recommend to anyone with an EFI Triumph who wants to add torque and run smooth all through the throttle range.

Absolutely fantastic.. match made in heaven!

- 17th July 2018

After fitting short straight through pipes on my America my bike was running terrible and very lean. So I ventured the popular triumph forums looking for an answer and came across a few options which I wasn't too keen on. At the end of the many pages of converse and advice I noticed a trend that nearly 99% of the time folks would simply say – "Go the TTP route", "The TTP route is the best option", "Like previously advised if you want it done right it's got to be TTP".

So I purchased the TTP EFI Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit for my model, followed the instructions (very easy) and removed the SAI system, O2 sensors, installed the filter, the Breathe and re-arranged the wiring for maximum air flow. Plugged in the optimate, then the laptop and uploaded tune 3. Then quick blast around the block to get up to temp, then adjusted the TPS and throttle bodies. After this I followed Mike's advice and after letting the bike cool down for a few hours I plugged the laptop back in, clicked the monitor option, started the bike and let it idle for 20 mins (or once the TPS light comes on) without touching the throttle to let it re-calibrate to the new TPS setting.

Then it was time for main test ride. What can I say – absolutely incredible, smooth, responsive and now just instantly pulls through the rev range in all gears. And not forgetting the sound – wow sounds so sweet, can instantly tell it's running mint! ...I had this big permanent grin on my face throughout the test ride.

So if you are thinking of purchasing this kit – DO NOT hesitate, have no doubts and do yourself and your bike the biggest favour you could ever possibly do. Honestly with no regrets you'll never look back...I still have the big grin on my face! :D


- 28th June 2018

My Bonneville has been transformed. The dangerous snatchy throttle has gone and the bike is so much smoother and rideable. It is so much nicer to ride. If anyone is thinking of doing this I would advise you to stop thinking and do it!

Stage 1 Tune Bonneville T100 EFI

- 21st June 2018

First ride after stage 1 efi tune, O2 delete, SAI delete, DNA and Breath, baffle gone, with Tors. Honestly, its like a different bike - Amazing!

Deliberated for ages because of the cost, but wished i'd gone for it sooner!

Will be doing similar when i eventually add the Thruxton to the garage. Highly recommended!!

Vast improvement!

- 18th June 2018

I fitted this kit to an '09 Bonneville SE running a 2 into 2 TEC short system. Fitting couldn't have been easier, the instructions were like having someone who'd done it before watching over your shoulder and making sure you didn't mess it up!

Once up and running, there's a noticeable boost to the mid range and all the annoying low speed popping and banging has gone. Power output is up to around 65bhp - I can't be specfic as the dyno had a malfunction before all runs had been completed.
There is still a slight hesitancy around 2,500rpm on a constant throttle but, compared to the stock system, that's easy to live with.

Overall, great value for money and really helpful folks on the end of the phone. Many thanks!


- 09th June 2018

WOW! After receiving my new EFI stage 1 torque induction kit (very quick shipping, thank you very much!) I installed a set of Cone SS Touring mufflers, Breathe intake, DNA, SAI, O2, removed the air box restrictor and downloaded tune #3, all I can say is WOW!

This bike had the jerky throttle, obnoxious off idle stumble since new and now, PERFECT! No, I mean F—-ING PERFECT! This bike is SOOOOO FUN to ride now! THANK YOU SO MUCH to the folks at Triumph Twin Power for TRANSFORMING my bike! Great products! Great service!

Wow!- What a difference in performance- Stage 1 induction kit

- 16th May 2018

I've had my air cooled 2016 Thruxton for about one year and frankly was a little disappointed with the overall bike performance. I was wondering if I made the wrong choice in buying the bike (I had traded in my 2006 Speed Triple). It was kind of anemic in terms of throttle response, torque, and overall fun factor.

I was fortunate to find a near new set of Predator exhaust at a great price and now needed to change the air intake side of things. Mike was super helpful in with the decision process and provided guidance. I did not want to do the entire airbox mod. Mike suggested the Stage 1 induction kit since it boosted torque and also got near the same HP boost as the Stage 2 kit. I also liked the fact Mike's tunes were specific to specific exhaust and airbox mods plus the 02 removal. If I had a local shop load the tune, it would have been a generic Arrow tune which might have been OK, but who knows.

A couple of key learnings
1) Getting the baffle out of the airbox was a pain. When in doubt, remove everything that might be potentially interfering with removal of the side of the airbox. I struggle with this for about 40 minutes until I finally decided to remove one more hose hanger and finally I could get the side panel removed. After that step, it was easy.
2) Have patience in getting the OBD connect to sync with the bike ECU. I had to turn the bike on and off multiple times to get it to connect.

Once done, the tune got loaded and all was good.

What a difference in performance, I know had gobs of torque and the fun factory went way up. I'd definitely recommend the kit and tune to anyone thinking they wanted to get a bike that actually performed well.

I do find the idle tends to be a bit loping since blocking off the SAI but I think this might go away as the ECU adjusts to the new conditions. If I turn the bike off and back on after its warmed up, it runs great

TTP EFI Stage 1 torque

- 19th April 2018

Unleashed the level of performance this motor is capable of. I like the monitor dashboard included with the tune.

Very smooth - Bonneville T100 2013

- 09th April 2018

Had the tors installed prior to receiving the kit. Installation of the kit was easy, hardest part for me being the O2 sensor removal due to not having the correct tools to tighten the bungs. My default allen keys are too long so cutting down an allen key is an option. Would be nice to have an allen key that is short enough in the kit, though I'm not sure if that is an option with all the different bikes.

Downloading the new map is very easy with the step by step instructions in the tool.

Driving after install: extra torque is noticeable, but should not be the reason to buy this kit. The biggest reason to buy this is the overall smoothness of the engine. The engine is running incredible now. No more snatchiness at low RPMs, engine braking is a lot better. Very happy with how the engine is running.

Money Well Spent ! 2014 Thruxton

- 09th April 2018

I racked up about 1200km over the Easter weekend, and I am very happy with how my Thruxton performed. Starting is improved, roll on power is much better, the popping and banging out of the exhaust has gone, and the sound is much nicer. I think the improvements to the bike make it money well spent.

Thanks Pete

Fantastic service, good de-clutter!

- 06th February 2018

The kit was delivered in a day, and I had it fitted within a few hours, all parts are top quality. Enjoyed a nice cup of tea while the bike was remapped by the program.

Bike rides lovely, I was able to adjust the TPS to 0.6v on the nose and get it idling at the factory spec. No more snatching and hunting just off idle and at sustained RPM. A nice noticeable boost in the mid-range too, I love it, the TORS pipes are just right and it no longer sounds like a sewing machine.

Rode 50 miles yesterday despite freezing weather. Thanks for a great package! I'd recommend it to anyone on the fence, it's livened the bike up.

Thruxton SE EFI 2010

- 16th January 2018

Had my Thruxton from new and uprated the suspension, removed the rear mudguard plus a few other changes and fitted Triumph TORS. Always disappointed with the performance though. Read the reviews about TTP and ordered the EFI Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit. Arrived in 3 days!! Great service.

This review is about the installation. Ride review will be when I have covered a few miles. First impression was the packaging is excellent, very professional. I then read through the instructions (I know we normally leave these to last, don't we??!!) and these are very good.

First off, Battery removed and put on charge.
I decided to remove the fuel tank as well so as to not cause any damage, plus it was easier to tuck away the plugs for the O2 sensors and cable tie them securely. I used self-amalgamating rubber tape to seal the plugs rather than heatshrink, but this is a personal preference.

O2 sensor removal was easy. There is not a lot of room to be able to tighten up the bungs so I cut down a 6mm allen key and job done.

Next up was to remove the baffle from the airbox. I had replaced the rear mudguard with an eliminator kit and this did not need to be removed. After having got the cover off and removed the baffle, you can see why there is such a power loss. Restrictions in the baffle and snorkel. I wanted to give the airbox a good clean of the old sealant so removed it. Remove rear wheel and chain guard and out it came, no problem. I have a centre stand on the bike so this helps.

It was easy now to clean up the airbox of all the old sealant and apply new sealant and re-assemble. There is also a rubber seal between box and lid, don't break it.
Easy to put the airbox back in as well. I personally would recommend to remove the rear wheel/chainguard as it makes it easier to remove/replace the airbox, however this is personal and does not detract from the excellent instructions. I always make a mess with silicone any way.
DNA filter in, Breathe fitted, tank back on, battery in and connected and the wheel of course!!.

Setting up the software was really easy. Connected to the bike and download process started. Just follow the instructions. My TPS light took 14 mins to come on. Job done!!

Zipped down the road and back and initial thoughts were WHY did not I do this ages ago. The engine was so responsive, induction noise was great. No snatching in low RPM range.
A great product. It delivers what it says, high quality, easy to do.
I also put all the bits that came off in the box that the kit came in to keep them safe and in one place.
Customer support is excellent.

I did not remove the SAI as I like the popping on the overrun.

I will do a ride review after a few runs out. I know there will be no problems from first impressions.

If you are thinking about getting a kit, don't think, GET one. The engine runs as it should be. I should have done this mod earlier.

Scrambler with arrow pipe

- 16th January 2018

Awesome. Kit gets rid of the fluffiness at low revs. Stacks more midrange, just where you need it. Before the kit the bike wasn't half as much fun to ride. Haven't tried it in the bends yet but loads more power on the motorway.

I'm really impressed. Service from Mike was excellent, he did everything he said he would and all the parts he took off were nicely packaged up for me. I opted to get Mike to fit the kit on a ride in ride out basis and I'm jolly pleased I did.

I'd recommend this highly. Made a huge difference.

Smooth !!

- 05th November 2017

Stage 1 Kit quickly delivered in 3 days (from England to Netherlands), excellent!

Good step by step manual. The increase in torque and horsepower is very nice, but for every day riding the smoothness in all revs are phenomenal. No hesitation and hick-ups in low revs or stall at low rev take off or breaking at traffic lights.

The best investment to upgrade your bike.

2014 T100

- 18th October 2017

My motorbike has been running awful for the last year. Especially at low rpm's. Got done with the Stage 1 Kit and went out for a test ride. The bike was around 45 Degrees F, but started up easily. Took off after just 1 minute, and she rocketed down the driveway. I knew I had my bike back, running the way she should. Ran great, much more power. Of course I noticed the difference most at low rpm's.

I did find removing the O2 sensors difficult, and had to get creative tightening the new bolts. Video on YouTube helped me there. The laptop part went very smooth. 13 minutes and the light popped on. Very pleased.

Huge Improvement

- 29th September 2017

After discussion with Mike TTP regarding remapping my 2009 efi Bonneville after fitting 2-2 Arrow exhausts. Mike suggested tune 3, SAI and O2 removal. After agreeing and ordering over the phone, the kit arrived in less than 24 hrs.

A little skeptical regarding outcome and install, I proceeded to follow instructions for removal of SAI AND O2 sensors ( fairly simple) then using TTP OBD 2 cable and windows 7 laptop carried out the download. (note : put fast idle in asap after idling) I didn't first time, runs terribly.

After 2nd attempt acheiving TPS after approx 11mins and fingers crossed, took bike for a spin.........
Wow wow wow couldn't believe the difference, low down torque, drivability and sound with baffles out. Haven't done enough miles to check MPG yet but chuffed to nuts. Great development TTP. Thanks Mike £300 very well spent 👌👌👌👌👌👌

Great unique products.

- 25th August 2017

Stage one kit for my '16 America transformed it.

2014 Bonneville T100

- 24th August 2017

Service excellent.
Quality of hardware excellent.
Installation straight forward, and easy, with the instructions quite comprehensive.

Results? One of the sweetest running engines I have had, in 48 years and 21 bikes worth of riding.
As they say, I'm right chuffed.

TTP Stage 1 kit fitted to Triumph America LT

- 29th July 2017

Very pleased with install, the America simply through design makes removal of O2 senses and airbox changes easy to do.

The remap again was straight forward and now and I did it all in an evening. I did forget to delete the O2 error codes which meant engine warning light came on but that was easy to rectify via the TTP software.

As for the end result could not be more pleased, wanted smoother throttle response and less working of the gear box when riding 2up. I have got both the engine is clearly more tractable.

Huge Difference !

- 01st June 2017

Just installed the Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit on an EFI Speedmaster. Easy to do and geez what a difference it made! Motor pulls strongly all the way and it goes much harder than stock. The induction roar/sound is an added bonus :). If you are thinking of getting the kit it now !!!

Cruise much?...Nope!

- 20th May 2017

Bought a 2009 America only 4K miles with long TORS, it made plenty of noise but the motor was missing when accelerating in the midrange, no obvious problems/Tuneecu errors (I'm a mechanic) tried an original map in case the mapping had been messed with but didn't help and assumed the TORS where causing the problem so bought the Stage 1 kit to try and cure it.

Fitted the 'Breathe' kit first and tried that before the other mods and it made a big difference, motor pulled harder and was more responsive and no longer felt like it was going to stall pulling away at low revs and almost cured the misfire.

Fitted the new SAI and O2 parts, very satisfying junking all the old SAI stuff, installed Tune 1 map and went for a ride, what a difference, misfire was gone and the motor pulls hard through the rev range with no flat spots, finally it felt like an 865 twin should the grin factor said it all.

Considering the money spent by the previous owner on the TORS only made the motor run worse, the price of the stage 1 kit is worth it to make the motor perform as good as TORS makes it sound, now it's the Triumph I was expecting when I bought it.

The parts are good quality and the mapping is excellent, it's not a lot of work for the improvements and I'm still getting 45-50 mpg despite spending more time on the throttle than just cruising.


- 15th May 2017

This kit is easily installed if you follow the instructions! It has transformed my America EFI into the bike I wanted it to be. More power, better throttle response and no popping and spluttering on over run. Very happy with my new bike!

Great kit, great service, great advice!

- 31st March 2017

Not being a competent mechanic, I arranged with TTP to deliver this kit and remapped ECU to the guys who usually service my Bonneville SE. TTP's customer service is excellent and delivery was accurate and timely. Mike at TTP was on hand to offer helpful and friendly advice when needed. The kit itself combined with NH Togas and airbox baffle removal has transformed the bike as predicted. A great kit which delivers great value for money.

Scrambler Stage 1 Kit

- 17th February 2017

I was nervous at first to buy this product but so far a great investment! Well within a weekend of work, this kit has made quite a difference in the performance of my bike which has the BC Shotgun Exhaust.

One thing to note on Scramblers, is if you plan to remove the air box baffle, don't forget you'll have to take off your exhaust as it blocks the right side of the air box which was something that didn't dawn on me until I had received the kit.

Wonderful customer support and the Tune Loader was super easy thanks to the informative instructions provided with the kit. Two thumbs up!


- 05th January 2017

Triumph America with TORS long exhaust, stage 1 kit and tune. Amazing how much power it adds and throttle response also. Great kit and great company. Thanks.

Torque Induction Kit

- 16th November 2016

Great kit, good instructions and good support.
Tuneloader works faultlessly, and what a difference power wise the installed kit makes.


Smooth ride!!

- 20th September 2016

The stage 1 torque kit was an excellent upgrade for my 2011 thruxton. The bike now runs like it should have out of the factory!! The install was a breeze, all the bits and pieces were perfect. The directions were easy to follow.
Totally happy with the smoother ride and stronger running engine.

Bonnie with 2-1 Exhaust Improved

- 18th September 2016

I wanted to try the Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit to get rid of stuttering and jerky take-offs.

I was intimidated at first but after referring to the included instructions and the website I figured it out. Email questions were answered promptly too.

First ride, no more jerkiness. Almost made me laugh when taking off from a stop the first few times. I had to HOLD ON to the handlebars tighter than I did before so I didn't fall off.


WOW! Unleash the potential!!

- 07th September 2016

I upgraded the intake on my 08 Triumph America with the TTP EFI Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit along with removing the SAI and O2 sensors, along with the Performance Tune 1. Wow! what a difference, it feels this is what this bike was always ment to be before it was shackled with emmission controls. All up didn't take that long to do all the modifications, would have been quicker if I had read the instructions..... but hey, what can you do?

I highly recommend this product and the service from TTP is beyond reproach! Mike at TTP always returns emails promptly with sound advice, it is obvious that he knows his Triumph's.

Bonnie power unleashed!

- 01st August 2016

This stage one induction kit turned my Bonneville from a docile boring jerky bike into a new machine. I Did the work on the air box, removing baffle, sensors removed, breathe kit fitted and a set of Norman Hyde pea shooters.

What a difference. I recommend this kit to anyone with a standard Bonnie who is thinking of upgrading it.
Very comprehensive kit and the results are outstanding.

Thanks Mike

Awesome performance mod!!

- 28th July 2016

These kats at TTP know what's going on! I installed stage 1 kit along with new silencers on '14 Bonnie.

Like a new bike! Runs great! Increased torque and runs smoother. Not to mention the instructions made installing the kit painless.

These guys obviously care about there products, customers, and their business.


- 26th July 2016

Like a new bike. Why don't Triumph make them like this? I did consider getting rid of my America, but now I am just annoyed that the weather in Norway is so bad. Just want to ride. Highly recommended.

A new bike!

- 25th July 2016

Really good quality, with clear instructions and a user-friendly interface to install the tune.
Once installed, I had only one regret: not to have done it sooner.
On top of that, a very reactive and friendly customer service.

Only 4 stars though, because of the installation file for the tune that triggers my antivirus, and the only solution was to disable the antivirus while loading the tune on the bike.

Torque kit and stage 2 map

- 18th June 2016

Now that's more like it! Nice low end torque and top end power. Thank you for putting together a complete kit that eliminates the guess work, now if you just did suspension. :)

Easy upgrade

- 13th June 2016

A very easy upgrade to my America.
I have TORS, did the SAI, installed the Breathe kit, pulled the O2 sensors and loaded the Tune 1.
Took about 90 min.
Bike runs so much better, especially on the highway.
Well worth the money spent.

👌👌👌👌 👌

- 08th June 2016

Triumph Twin Power team,
Just a note to say how pleased I was buying your Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit from you. The emails are great informing of the status and shipping of my order. I'am impressed with the quality of the part's, they arrived well packaged. The Bonneville has been transformed. Again thanks for a good experience and professional care.

Stage 1 Kit

- 01st June 2016

Fast delivery of re-mapped ECU and tune-up kit from TTP. My '15 Scrambler was suffering from the usual fuelling problems associated with noise and emissions regs. I'd sorted the suspension, but was getting frustrated with the jerkiness and poor starting/stalling issues. The standard exhaust also sounded awful!

I've now fitted the Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit together with the EFI tune 4, Arrow 2:1, and the bike is totally transformed. Another very happy and satisfied customer. Thank you TTP!

EFI Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit

- 09th May 2016

This is a quality product. And TTP's end to end service is hard to fault. I am a motorbike novice, especially when it comes to modifications and ECU tunes. TTP's straightforward on-line ordering process, quality items, clear installation instructions and prompt and attentive after-sales technical support meant that my Bonneville is pulling like a steam train with a minimum of fuss. Big performance gains for reasonable money. Highly recommended.

Stage 1 torque induction kit - Release the inner beast!

- 08th May 2016

Recently acquired my '09 bonneville, looked online for performance mods/upgrades.Kept seeing TTP mentioned again and again. Decided to check them out, spoke to Mike, kit delivered next day. Followed full clear instructions throughout. Resulting in a nicer sounding, higher torque pulling, smoother feeling, massively improved responsive bike! Give your bike what it deserves - Great value, Great support, Great bike!

Just awesome

- 30th April 2016

This kit is the best thing I've purchased for my 2011 Thruxton. I paired it with the TEC 2-1 Tracker exhaust and used the TTP 1 2-1 tune, and the bike is so much more responsive. Throttle snatch is completely gone and it's just so smooth now. It feels like a new bike.

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