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Air box bellmouth

- 31st December 2021

This the one thing I needed to make my Bonneville go a bit better. I have the same on a scrambler and it goes well & clean off the line.

Neville Crane

Essential Modification

- 27th May 2021

If you replace your Snorkel and fit one of these to get full benefit you really need to replace the air filter for a DNA ,the exhaust pipe for a higher flow and a rejet or remap to suit, all available from TTP.

Fantastic service

- 06th November 2020

After visiting many bike modification sites I studied the TTP offerings. They have detailed information on getting the type of power I prefer from my Speedmaster. And what I need to get it.

I am very happy with the resulting performance of my Speedmaster and the service they provided. Usable midrange power out the wazzoo!

Fast turnaround! Excellent!

Quality product

- 24th April 2020

I am glad I bought this. It is a quality part and much better than the stock intake cover. The only downside is you have to transfer over the o-ring from the stock cover to the new breathe cover. I feel like it should come with a new o-ring/ gasket but its not a big deal.

HP out of the box

- 18th September 2019

Upon installing the Breath cover on my 2016 Triumph Scrambler: Considerable power boost from stop and very respectable increase in torque and acceleration at speed. The bike used to shudder and hunt for air when shifting from 4th to fifth at 4500 to 5000 rpm as if choking on excessive fuel. Now it makes a guttural turbo sound and moves out post haste. With no dyno test, my educated guess is 10 to 15 additional horses were made available. Cheers!

12 speedmaster

- 12th July 2019

Great product and well made bit of kit. Perfect with DNA filter and tune 1.

Thanks TTP


- 26th June 2019

Your bike will be sucking air like a turbo, apart from aiding the air intake it also gives your bike a nice roar from the air induction.

Great service

- 16th June 2019

Super fast delivery and great quality.

Oh Yes!

- 04th June 2019

What a difference the Breathe intake makes. Lots more midrange power and a lovely roar from the airbox when I open it up. Should have done this years ago.

Can`t stop laughing when I`m riding now. Already planning the next stage to release the horses.

Très bien et efficace. Very good and effective

- 28th November 2017

Triumph Bonneville T100 2013. KN filter, TORS, no more O2 Sensor or AIS.
I am totally satisfied. Delivery within a few days, the downloadable TTP EFI Stage 2 available immediately after the order.
Installation of the tune was very easy with the program provided and the OBD 2 cable ordered at the same time. Installation of the air intake very simple.
The bike is more regular and responsive at low speeds, no more holes during acceleration. A little more torque and power. Consumption seems to be falling a little bit.
A little question after the installation, TTP replied the next day. Nice ... and effective.

Triumph bonneville T100 2013. Filtre à ait KN, pots TOR, plus de sondes O2 antipollution ni de IAS.
Je suis totalement satisfait. Livraison en quelques jours, le TTP EFI Stage 2 téléchargeable aussitôt après la commande.
Installation de la cartographie très facile avec le programme fourni et le câble OBD 2 commandé en même temps. Montage de la prise d'air très simple.
La moto est plus régulière et réactive dès les bas régimes, plus de trous à l'accélération. Un peu plus de couple et de puissance. La consommation semble baisser un petit peu.
Une petite question à poser après l'installation, TTP m'ont répondu le lendemain. efficaces.

Breathe + DNA air filter

- 20th September 2017

Just started with the TTP guys. 2014 T100 - the Breathe intake cover, plus the DNA air filter. Made a good difference. Runs much better at low rpm's. A bit more growl sound when you open up the throttle some.

TTP Breathe

- 20th November 2016

This intake cover right off the start you can actually hear there is a difference going into the air box. The best part for me was no more stalling engine every time I cane to a stop then started to go embarrassing to say the least. I have this now with TORS long exhaust, K&N air filter and TTP tune 1.

With this set up I do not even need to use the choke on cold start ups.
Bike runs amazing.

Awesome product

- 29th August 2016

Awesome fit, super easy to install and works well with baffle removal.

Breather Kit

- 24th August 2016

Easy install, looks good and works great with baffle also removed.

Quality product

- 19th July 2016

I bought the Breathe along with a Tune 2 for the my ECM and the O2 sensor removal kit, all products were delivered efficiently and were of top quality. Breathe was a breeze to fit and seems to be a much better match with my Dunstall exhausts than the original, and the tune definitely gives a much more tractable midrange on my 2009 EFI Bonnie. The O2 replacement kit was more complex to de-install / install than the instructions would have you believe, but not too heavy a task. Only thing to comment on is that I would prefer a hex head on the O2 bungs as it is almost impossible to get an allen key on with the exhausts in place. Would highly recommend TTP.

Easy upgrade

- 12th June 2016

A very easy upgrade to my America.
I have TORS, did the SAI, installed the Breathe kit, pulled the O2 sensors and loaded the Tune 1.
Took about 90 min.
Bike runs so much better, especially on the highway.
Well worth the money spent.

nice product

- 03rd June 2016

Nicely made product.

Changing the O-ring over from the snorkel is fiddly, but other than that it's a top job.

Excellent Kit

- 18th March 2016

Please see my comprehensive review of several TTP products under the ECU remap review, which includes this TTP Intake.

Excellent product

- 08th March 2016

Having read about the development of this part and bought / fitted one, it's obvious this is a high quality item both in terms of it's design and manufacture. I already had a rubber bellmouth in place of the original snorkel on my 790 Bonnie but I'm happy I decided to upgrade again, this is much better, should have bought one in the first place.

TTP Breathe - with or without 0 ring

- 25th February 2016


My bike now runs as it should!

- 13th January 2016

I Installed the Breathe, TTP tune #2, removed my air box baffle, SAI, 02 sensors.

My Bonneville was setup with TOR's and the stock Triumph TOR's tune from the previous owner.

To say my bike has been transformed with these changes would be an understatement. It pulls hard from idle to 8500 rpm without any flat spots. Very smooth at low speed cruising, but very responsive when needed. These were the easiest and most noticeable performance mods I've done on any of my vehicles. Highly recommended!

Like a new bike

- 08th December 2015

I replaced the silencers to TORS, Breathe, O2 removal, SAI removal and EFI Tune 1. The bike is not choked anymore, it's like something was released and it is now free.

Noticeable differences:
Much smoother, a bit more power, less jerkiness in low speeds, less resistance when releasing the throttle, gear change is easier and smoother.

The bike behaves differently, the work on the bike was fun and Mike helped me choose Tune 1 as I didn't want to be too loud and it's my first bike after a scooter.

I did the whole mod on a brand new bike with 2,000 kms and the upgrade was worth every dollar. Shipment to Australia was super quick and I'm super happy about it.

Don't hesitate, just do it. Thank you TTP :-)

Quality Product

- 22nd November 2015

Very impressed,top quality product and great service,thanks TTP!

Works well.

- 14th November 2015

Purchased this along with Thruxton 2 tune.Bike has TORS. Airbox baffle removed as well as SAI and O2 removal. Bike pulls noticably better. Much smoother throttle response with very little to no snatchiness. Much less vibes in bars and pegs. I originally only bought the tune and ran the bike this way but found it, especially on hills, to be struggling. Fitted the breathe and the same hills were much easier to climb. Much more torque on the hills without a doubt.


- 25th October 2015

Ok, just fitted the DNA filter, Breath and removed the baffle from my 2014 Scram with Arrow exhaust and Triumph/Arrow map.... OMG what a difference the air box mods make, I just cannot believe how free the engine is now!

Initially I was thinking this is a lot of money for what it is, now I think it’s the best money I have spent on the bike...
OK next stage is your TTP remap...
You guys know your stuff, thanks.

Don't think about it just do it..

- 02nd September 2015

Quick and easy install and makes such a difference.

Do the Breathe, DNA filter, SAI, and O2 removal, load up an ECU tune and you will be enjoying your ride so much more.

Integral piece for releasing performance on Triumph 865 twins.

- 17th August 2015

Part of a well documented and effective upgrade on the 865 Triumph twins.

Outstanding product

- 10th August 2015

Quick and easy install and makes such a difference.

Do the Breathe, DNA filter, SAI, and O2 removal, load up an ECU tune and you will be enjoying your ride so much more.

I know I am.

Worth every penny

- 06th August 2015

On my new scrambler I have gone for the "Breathe", DNA filter, airbox baffle removal, AI and O2 removal and a stage 4 remap. I have also fitted a TEC Tracker 2 -1. Absolutely awesome combination. Can't stop grinning>>>>

Nice Fit

- 05th August 2015

Quick and easy to fit, although some electrical stuff has to be "persuaded" out of the way and cable tied on a 2011 america!

No longer gasping

- 12th July 2015

This has made a huge difference, combined with the Fire Starter.... more responsive and an extra 30 miles to the tank. Result!

Breathe air box

- 09th July 2015

Fitted this with air filter, SAI removal kit, O2 removal kit, tors pipes and performance tune 1. Awesome now so much smoother and more responsive, excellent service from TTP.

Transformed bike

- 25th June 2015

My Scrambler has the TTP Breathe, TTP SAI-kit, TTP Jetting kit #7, DNA Air Filter, airbox baffle removed, paired with Zard Cross 2-1.

I could describe this modification/product in words like quality, easy installation, mindboggling (ass-benchmarked) performance difference (I have more fun on the street with this bike than any of my previous ones: R1, GSXR-750, XT660, Honda CB900), glorius raspy sound.

But it's best described as a feeling, the feeling of man and machine come together. The gurgling of the induction, the mechanical surge. It feels like you removed some overly complex things and replaced them with something that genuinely fits the bikes personality and performance demands.

Concerning the TTP Breathe specifically, I'd be willing to pay £10 more if the kit included a new gasket for the airbox, and a more durable/better fitted side cover splash-strip.


- 24th June 2015

Totally stoked with this product!

Installed yesterday after I removed the baffle from the airbox and rejetted with TTP kit#5 I went with the largest main jet and left the factory pilot in place. (factory TORS installed)

It's perfect for northeastern Ohio (800ft) really opened up the bike. throttle response is very smooth. slight deceleration noise (which I actually like)and the added benefit of the induction roar is all kinds of awesome. You made my bike run as it should have from the factory. Well done!!! Cheers!

John Hughes


- 14th June 2015

Indispensable with open exhaust! Better sound and performance


- 20th May 2015

Breathe perfectly replace snorkel and hold DNA filter closely. It has solid and robust design.
High quality product!

A1 products and A1++ Service

- 19th May 2015

The EFI tune for my (chopped and ACE'd) America made a VERY noticeable difference to the tune I had already obtained from a free forum. The bike pulls more (torq'ier)through the entire rev range, idles better and just "feels" so much better - less vibration too.

Mods: Air box removed. Air injection removed and plugged. O2 sensors removed. Free flow exhaust fitted with light baffles. Fuel vent recovery system removed.

The guys TTP provided excellent customer service and gave me a credit for something that I had incorrectly selected! Wonderful... now only if you had a shop near Kentucky USA ;-)

Great Product

- 04th May 2015

Does what it says on box, looks good, fits really well and made a difference straight away when I got going, what else could you ask for, thanks Mike for the advice.


- 19th April 2015

Purchased this with the DNA air filter and tune #1 for my Speedy.
The entire set-up is excellent and works great. It all cured my just above idle stumble/stalling and I gained performance to boot! Thanks, Mike, for all your help and excellent products.

Easy to Fit, Looks and works great

- 06th April 2015

Fitted this cover and, after some hesitation, removed the airbox baffle too. The baffle is an awkward job but definitely worth it. Combined with the Breathe Cover it gives great results.

Great product

- 04th April 2015

Bought this with the DNA performance air filter, very happy with it. really lets out a roar!

Quality item, simple improvement

- 04th March 2015

I bought this item as part of a TTP tune. It's of good quality and easy to fit.

Tune 3 & Breathe Cover

- 26th January 2015

What a marvelous service I had with Twin Power. Mike was most helpful. I POSTED ECM Thursday received back at 8am on Saturday. David Hawes.

Good looker

- 19th January 2015

Purchased Breathe intake cover with some other parts, the cover itself is robust and fits exactly onto the Triumph fixings,the only problem is, once on you don't want to put the side cover on and hide the beauty of this item.

Breathe intake

- 14th January 2015

Firstly thanks for fantastic service, parts ordered one day and arrived the next day.
Fitted air injection removal kit, dna filter along with breathe intake cover,air box baffle removed.
Carbs rejetted with kit and fitted free flow exhaust system.
Only manage a quick half hour shake down run but what a difference ,it's a different bike, sounds like a thruxton should and pulls like a dream put a massive grin on my face.
Next stage ignition igniter upgrade,will let you know how it goes when that's done, can't wait, it's a shame the bike will be locked away but the weathers terrible at the moment, roll on spring.
You owe it to your bike and your self to do these mods if your thinking about it.
Thanks again for the great service.

Must Have Mods!

- 22nd December 2014

The TTP Breathe Airbox Intake cover is where it all starts, add a DNA high flow filter, Airbox baffle removal, TTP Jet kit (#6 for my 790 carbed) and a TTP Igniter Remap stage 1, I did all of these at the same time as adding a very free flowing exhaust and the combined effect is a stunning transformation from a lazy engine to a very spirited ride, highly recommend doing these upgrades - this bike feels like it now wants at least one more tooth on the front sprocket and delivers remarkable fuel economy with more power.

Asthma cure!

- 17th November 2014

Well made quality item. Looks good & sounds better than the stock intake. The engine feels happier & revs easily.

Ive made other mods at the same time, so difficult to say what effect it would have had on its own.
Having seen inside the standard item - before chucking it in the bin - I would think it would make a big difference.


- 15th October 2014

I have a 2014 Bonneville with other mods, SAI removed, K&N air filter, reversed cone megaphones (from Gasser Customs) and O2 sensors removed. The name of this product accurately describes exactly what happens to a Bonnie engine, breathe and breathe well! Engine response is instant from idle with no more lag, reminds of my first 1966 Bonnie! I love it, and the service from TTP was first class, it arrived quickly and product was well protected in packaging. I would definitely order from you guys again, and the best part is, it's made in England! How cool is that to still be able to get something that isn't made in China!! Well done and thanks again from America!


- 21st August 2014

This is the perfect tune-up for a standard Airbox. It makes a huge difference whit the DNA filter, in a positive way. Highly recommended!


- 16th August 2014

Have a Thruxton and was having real problems keeping up with all the mates on their 100 + HP bikes. Well added some Predator pipes, new main jets, a K&N filter and a Breathe intake and now in the below 160kmh range they have to keep up with me. And I have a bike that is seriously way more fun to ride. Just do it.

TTP Breathe Airbox Intake Cover

- 23rd July 2014

Seems to work great and fits like OEM.

TTP Breathe Airbox Intake Cover

- 06th July 2014

Easy installation, good instructions for other mods (airbox baffle etc.), quick delivery, highly recommended.


- 10th June 2014

Well made air intake and snorkel replacement. Highly rated bit of kit - just read the reviews on Triumph RAT. You have to re use the wafer thin original rubber gasket/O ring when installing this cover. It just ripped apart when trying to remove it so be careful. For 78p from a Triumph dealer, perhaps TTP ought to include one.

Breathe with Tune 2

- 14th May 2014

Got the Breathe with a DNA filter and Tune 2 and am very pleased. More detailed review in the Tune 2 reviews as a part of the whole setup.

service and products

- 28th April 2014

Super fast, friendy service, excellent products and instructions.

Highly recomended!!!!

Just get it !!!

- 11th April 2014

Fitted this along with the rest of TTP induction mods.....It's a different bike now...10/10

thats better

- 11th February 2014

Easily fitted to thruxton ,very high end quality of manafacture and research that went into developing this product. you can almost hear the bike saying THATS BETTER

TTP Breathe does exactly as it is designed

- 28th January 2014

I did the air box baffle removal, hi flow air filter, deleted O2 Sensors and SAI and loaded Scrambler Map #4. TTP Breathe was in the mail so I removed my snorkel and was running just my stock intake cover. Bike ran good. Then today the TTP Breathe arrived. I installed it and went for a ride and it made a huge difference. Bike runs fantastic!!! I did not want to come home! I love my bike even more now.

2012 efi bonny

- 19th January 2014

Fitted this other day went out first time like riding a different bike as my bike can now breath no more scrabbling around for the right gear when you cock it up(we all have been there) lol just roll on the throttle and it picks up and goes and makes a nice growl on the induction noise if that's your thing. like a lot of so called "mods" this one works. not altered anything else(yet)go on treat your bike.

High quality item, recommended!

- 17th January 2014

The Breathe fits perfectly and looks very much a quality item.I can't say how much it contributes to my bikes vastly improved performance at all speeds, but compared to the labyrinth-like inlet it had originally, it must give much better breathing even from low down.

Like a new motor!!! '13 Bonnieville SE Mag Wheel

- 16th January 2014

After installing Remus pipes, I was getting a lot of decel pop between 2-3K. After exhaustive research I decided on installing the TTP Breath, plus I removed the airbox baffle, SAI & 02 sensors. I also reflashed my ecm with TTP Tune 3 using their OBD-2 USB Cable.

The bike now runs how is was designed to run!

The work was pretty straight-forward. Removing the airbox baffle was a PITA, but really not that difficult using the instructions.

I was able to remove the SAI without completely removing the gas tank. And I did not have to remove the pipes to remove the 02 sensors and replace with supplied plugs. (having the right tools is key).

I will comment later on performance, gas mileage, etc.


TTP Breathe

- 14th November 2013

TTP Breathe,air box restrictor plate removed,K&N air filter,Arrow 2-2 map Tors,Great induction roar, Amazingly different Bonnie just as it should be. Didn't realise the big 865 was so chocked up from Triumph with euro emissions.

Breathe and airfilter review

- 11th September 2013

Having just fitted Breathe unit with DNA air filter along with a D+D 2 into 1, i jumped on my Thruxton for a little spin.
Wow a very noticeable difference the engine pulling very strongly all through the range.
I'm very impressed and Mike was very helpful with carb jetting advice highly recommended. p.s. the sound is proper.

Built well

- 19th August 2013

Looks great, fits well, great induction noise. And I love the inclusion of the shield/cover for the back edge of the side cover for people like myself who often ride in less than desirable conditions.

Very happy chappy

- 06th August 2013

Received my breathe airbox intake cover today. Very happy with the product plus its quality. Packaged very well. Please keep up the good work and quality. Good people and quality products are hard to find these days. Many thanks guys will be shopping again soon.

TTP Breathe

- 04th August 2013

I recently received my unit and installed it in less than 3 minuets. I have both had experience with full air box removal and also a Norman Hyde bell mouth unit both alternatives with K&N filters. This unit trumps them all allowing me to keep my airbox reducing likely hood of water induction issue, it is cheaper than a Norman Hyde and performs better. If you want to unleash the potential of your bike and have it purring like it should this combined with AI removal O2 removal and a TTP map suited to your pipes will truly bring you bike alive. This is the second time round for me as TTP helped me out with my previous bike. The bike runs perfect with smooth throttle and more noticeable power, good idle. Fantastic product highly recommended.

Breathe intake cover

- 02nd August 2013

Well designed piece of kit and very easy to install.

I did it..!

- 18th June 2013

Yep, I pulled the trigger and yanked out the whole airbox to get the baffle removal right. Installed the Breathe and DNA,O2 gone,Preators fitted and had Mike remap my ECM.

I am well spent it has awakened my Bonneville to what I reckon it shoud be.

The Breathe unit is a very proffesional piece of kit,some clever design work by the looks.

Good one guys.


- 15th June 2013

fantastic package- bought with o2 elim and tune 3- the bike is as it should be!!! top work from mike!

Breathe Intake Cover

- 24th May 2013

I don't know how to rate the breathe cover by itself. In one evening I removed the snorkel, installed the Breathe cover, removed the airbox baffle, installed the DNA filter, and and downloaded the Bonneville Tune 2.
WOW!! I had no idea that I would get so much of a performance increase. I don't have any way of actually measuring the difference, but my seat-of-the-pants measuring device could not be happier. Since then, I have installed TORS, and got a little more oomph.
It would appear that Triumph Twin Power really knows what they are doing!

Holy Smokes!

- 23rd May 2013

After installation, and following directions to remove inner air box baffle, i feel like I'm riding a new bike!
I recommend that EVERYONE take advantage of this product/knowledge, but ONLY if you want your Triumph to run correctly!

Intake Cover

- 22nd May 2013

Great improvement over stock especially with ignition remap and fuelling mods supplied by this company.

Great product !

- 14th May 2013

TTP breathe and DNA filter associated with NH Togas finally let the engine breathe.
Few backfires during deceleration: jets too small (125)?
Excellent finishes - easy installation. Fast shipping.
And especially quality of services with answers by email from Mike.
Just perfect!
Soon I optimize my settings by removing the plate airbox and remap advance.
Thank you from France

Scrambler Transformation

- 15th April 2013

I rode to Bournemouth on a freezing cold day to get the fueling sorted on my scrambler. The transformation from the breathe airbox intake cover and the fuel remapping among other tweaks has been astonishing. More predictable overtaking, 25 miles more to a tank than with the triumph map for the arrow pipe, and a little subtle intake roar make my scrambler the bike that it should have been when it came off the production line. The best money I've spent!

Ttp breathe airbox

- 22nd March 2013

Very happy with quality of product very easy to fit would def recommend fast delivery very happy.

She can Breathe now!

- 03rd March 2013

I forgot to mention in my Tune #3 review that I added the Breathe bellmouth as well... It's very well built and certainly lets the engine breathe better. A must add option if you're keeping the OE airbox.

Buy it!

- 06th December 2012

Installed my new DNA filter and TTP Breathe and flashed the ECU with the updated TTP #3 tune. My air box has the baffle removed and I have also cleaned out most of the internal ribs. I run an Arrow 2-2 exhaust without baffles.

First impressions: The bike runs beautifully, with no hesitations, flat spots, etc. The noticeable difference was in the mid to high rev range (above about 4,000 rpm) and particularly when grabbing a handful of throttle. I don't know what the actual power gain is (my ass is not that finely calibrated), but the bike is noticeably quicker and pulled strongly right to the 8,500 rpm limit. It passed the "Ton test" with ease and rolling on power over 4,000 rpm in any gear is an absolute joy.

The Breathe is a very well designed product and well made. Fit and finish is top quality and, for those of us with EFI bikes, it's paired with a well sorted set of tunes. TTP also shipped out the Breathe and DNA filter almost immediately.

If you are on the fence about getting the Breathe, get off and buy it, it's worth every cent/penny!

Great product

- 25th November 2012

Together with the TTP2 tune, DNA filter, O2 removalkit and airbaffle removal my 2009 Bonneville T100 with TORS runs very smooth, has a lot of power in the mid range and sounds like my 1968 Bonneville.


- 22nd September 2012

Received the Breathe cover within 24 hrs of ordering along with Tune No.3 to download. What a difference. The bike is so smooth off and on the throttle and mid range acceleration is something else. Excellent value for money.

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