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- 21st June 2022

Ordered from Japan. It arrived kindly, politely and quickly.

I haven't customized it yet, but first of all, the shop is wonderful!

I have high expectations for this product. I will report again after installation.


- 15th January 2021

Fantastic product and fantastic service from TTP.

I’ve spent the morning fitting and installing the complete kit, everything was simple and straightforward, just make sure you have the correct tools. This was my first undertaking by myself, the instructions were clear and easy to follow, especially with the aid of pictures.

All the components are of a high quality and well made. I don’t have a single complaint about the product or service, even when I downloaded the wrong tune (wrong speedometer) one quick phone call and the issue was resolved within 10 minutes and I was back on track.

As for the performance of the bike, I had to pop to the shops on it and it has instantly cured the snatchy throttle. That alone is worth the price of the kit. I have no reason to doubt it has improved other aspects but I haven’t had a chance for a long ride.

If you are debating buying this kit, just do it, your bike will thank you for it.

Thanks Triumph Twin Power

TTP ind.kit 2

- 30th June 2020

Super quality. Wonderful sound and ragging power.

Changed my Bonnie!

- 17th June 2020

With recommendations from Mike I purchased and installed the Stage 2 Power Induction Kit on my 14 Bonnie and used Tune 11.

Let me tell you it made a huge difference, lots of work to install but the directions are clear and easy to use.

Just do it!

- 01st June 2020

If you're reading this, you're thinking about it. Stop thinking and buy it, you won't be disappointed.

Quick delivery and includes everything except pipes to make your great bike superb. I'm no mechanic and I had no problem fitting any of this kit!

I now have the smoother, faster, properly fueled bike that I wanted.

Excellent Product and Service

- 28th January 2020

Great quality product and customer service. All questions answered within 24 hours.

I'm no mechanic so asked a great many sub par questions - but Mike (TTP) was always happy to answer and explain.

I did an airbox, SAI, O2 sensor removal and tune. All very simple - but I'd say if you are new to that level of tinkering allow a couple of days.

Bike puts a much much bigger smile on face now. Goes and sounds great.

What next to remove...big bore kit?

: )

From wow to WOW!

- 14th October 2019

Last year, TTP helped me get my 2013 T100 from a stock dog to well running bike with their Stage 1 Torque Induction-Did the TORs silencers, SAI and O2 removed K&N filter and Breath intake.

Recently took the next steps to Stage 2 Power induction- air box removal, DNA pods and Tune 11. All I can say is ... amazing! What a difference! Smooth, powerful response all through the RPM range and especially at 5000 and above the power really comes through- pulling 70MPH+ in second gear!

TTP's product are top quality. Fit and finish is superb. Every aspect of my experience with TTP has been without problems. From hardware to software, support and service, TTP is the best.

Do yourself a favor, stop thinking about it and do it- you won't regret it!

Thrilled by the way this makes my bike ride!!

- 24th July 2019

I really can't recommend this product enough!

Beautifully crafted battery box, every part that came off the airbox has a new home, even the temperature sensor!
Once the bike is stripped down, it took hardly any time to fit the new bits and pieces to the bike and everything fitted perfectly. It should be said that you will need a good fistfuls of zip ties and not be too worried about unplugging things so you can reroute, tuck and tidy everything away nicely before you get too far. I found that doing it before fitting the filters was best as you've more room to move and get your hands in.

Anyway, I actually asked for the wrong map, but one phone call to Mike and it was sorted. Really helpful chap and never once called me a burk!

From ordering on the Saturday, (when they're closed), to fitting the bits on Tuesday, and my mistake sorted by Wednesday.

Test ride, loved it. The bike feels so much keener and ready to take you away. Smooth power delivery, linear, like a train, feel so much better.

i have nothing but praise for this product and TTP

Very happy, many thanks.

Snatchy-ness Gone!

- 22nd July 2019

I recently received the Triumph Twin Power Stage-2 Air box Replacement Kit for my 2015 T-100 as a birthday present from my wife (she knew I wanted it). My greatest hope was that it would address the snatchy throttle which had been bothering me for the last 4 years!

I had previously put on a “bell mouth” intake to replace the “snorkel” intake on the air box, put in a K&N air filter, installed Cone engineering “TP Silencers”, and took the bike to a local dyno-motive shop thinking that a hands-on dyno-tune would be the best approach to getting everything just right.

After I installed my parts and the “expert” dyno-tuned it (he admitted it was his first Triumph), the bike did have more power and sounded way more cool. I convinced myself that the snatchy throttle was better, since an expert had just worked on it, but over time I realized that I was still having to feather the clutch constantly to do anything.

It was a real “all-on” or “all-off” jerky throttle that not only made starting off tricky, but also affected throttle during cornering in very negative, unpredictable way.

Since installing my new TTP kit, and downloading Tune-11, my T-100 has been completely transformed! It was easy to install, and all snatchy-jerky throttle issues have vanished!

The idle, and throttle are vastly smoother through all rpm’s with noticeably more power, and I love the unsilenced induction sound. The sound (to me) is subtly changed at lower rpm’s but increases with throttle as would be expected.

I just got back last night from riding 500 miles in the Idaho Sawtooth Mountains, tons of twisties, hairpin turns, steep uphill, downhill, forests, mountains… The experience of my 865 with A.R.K. installed was spectacular! I had such a blast… I am still ecstatic, trying to “come down” from that ride!

Thanks Mike, your efforts as a dedicated Triumph enthusiast, and creating this kit, and time spent getting the tune just right, have truly paid off. I definitely give this kit “5-stars”, am thrilled with the results of installation, would recommend it to a friend, and would buy it again if I had another Bonnie to put it in.

Triumphantly yours,
Ed Smith
Seattle Washington

Stage 2 kit efi Scrambler

- 05th June 2019

Very pleased with the result, much smoother throttle response, the nasty snatchy throttle has been smoothed out and power delivery throughout the rev range much smoother, really noticeably better when filtering through traffic at low speed.

The installation was straight forward and ecu tune easy. I'm very pleased with the results, has really smoothed my bike out and bike has a few more bhp to boot!

Unbelievable improvement!

- 20th April 2019

Everything about this kit was fantastic. I used Tune 11 on my 2014 Thruxton with TEC Clubman 2-2.

The fit and install: The ARK is well designed and fits all components without any effort. SAI and O2 removal was easy and looks great. The TuneLoader software worked perfectly--the supplied OBD2 cabled loaded the tune the first try with zero problems. I was able to use the monitor functions to adjust balance and idle after loading. All of the instructions were clear and simple to follow.

The ride: This is how the Thruxton should have come from the factory! There is no more snatchiness at low RPMs, and the entire power band is smooth. When cruising, the sound is mild and only a bit louder than stock. When wide open, the bike sounds amazing--loud and throaty. I love this whole package!

Totally transformed 2009 Bonneville SE!

- 28th March 2019

Had the TTP EFI Stage 2 Power Induction Kit fitted to my Triumph just over a week ago now and I've done 150 miles commute to work. The difference in the bike is amazing! It runs much more cleanly, the flat spot at 2500 rpm has gone and it revs much more easily through to 7000 where as it used to struggle to get past 5000. There is more torque than before and the bike generally feels quicker and more powerful. In fact it's a bit of a sleeper now !

Delighted with the results, and I wouldn't hesitate to take it back in future to get more work done.

EFI Stage 2 Power Induction Kit

- 12th September 2018

The first thing that I was impressed with after ordering tis kit was how quickly it arrived, only 3 business days to Australia.

I fitted it 2 days ago and could not be happier. The bike has more usable power all the way through the rev range, accelerates better and cruises comfortably at higher speeds than it did before. It also sounds better.

I've been riding and modifying British and American bikes for over 35 years and consider this to be the best value for money I've ever spent on a bike.

EFI Stage 2 Power Induction Kit

- 12th July 2018

I installed the TTP EFI Power Induction Kit on my 2015 Triumph Bonneville T100 Black. My compliments to TTP for a well designed and well thought out kit. The quality is better than the stock Triumph parts.

Everything went well on the installation with very good directions. The bike now runs much better with nice smooth throttle response at low rpm (which was not the case stock). The bike now revs out much more freely and is much quicker now showing my taillight to all my Harley friends including a new $50k 117 cu in!

A great investment if you want your Triumph run the way it was designed to run! Nice work and thank you. The 904 big bore is going on next! TTP might be oversea’s from Canada, but the service, delivery and quality is worth the shipping time and cost!

Very well thought out kit!

- 02nd July 2018

Unboxed my TTP stage 2 kit today which came from the UK to AUS in 3 days (unheard of, so was very impressed).

Kit is boxed very well and labeled logically with well thought out instructions leaving no question unanswered.

Installed the kit including airbox removal, SAI delete, O2 sensor delete and Tune in the space of a couple hours and a couple of beers with zero problems.

Bike has picked up torque and power across the board and lost the snatchyness in the throttle. induction noise is plenty and puts a huge smile on my dial.

Nice work Mike awesome kit!


- 22nd June 2018

Very well made product, easy to install even for non-experts.

New bike

- 13th June 2018

I was thinking of trying the new 1200 Thruxton but the price was putting me off, so I decided to play around with my 900 and fit the stage 2 kit.

It now feels like I have a new bike, easy fit, easy to follow instructions, nice hike in grunt. Planning a few more mods now. Great kit guys.

TTP Stage 2 (Tune 11) impressed a cynic!

- 15th November 2017

Installed TTP EFI Stage 2 software along with Airbox Removal and NH Togas on my 2010 Bonneville Sixty. What can I say… the bike has transformed! Smooth as butter with improved torque, power and noise!

If you can order your shopping online, you will be capable of loading TTP tune software which comes with amazing detailed instructions.

Bonneville T100 Newchurch 2015

- 24th September 2017

The bike becomes completely different after instalation. I am not a proffesional mechanic and I made it by myself in my own garage, so it is not complicated thing to upgrade the bike. Great support, Mike will answer every question. It was worth every penny

Great product and service

- 21st September 2017

Bought this for my wife's Bonnie and it is awesome. I messed up and picked the wrong tune, Mike had it taken care of in a day. Every question I asked was answered within a day. Great product and customer service. Thank you.

Worth the effort for sure

- 11th August 2017

The power curve on this setup is much better. Great response, smooth power.

Gives the Bonnie the va va voom it deserves!

- 21st July 2017

Very good customer service with Mike always patient to answer installation queries if needed. The ARK/O2 removal/ SAI removal was posted out quickly, with good instructions.

The kit was high quality and easy to install. Nice touches with the discreet TTP logos too. Happy with the ECU map install.

Mike clearly has experience in getting the right setup for the right bike/exhaust combo. I had a few issues with a corrupt map file, but Mike diagnosed this and sorted it out straight away with no fuss. My T100 now sounds great (was good before with my Arrow pipes) and definitely feels pokier!

I would buy from TTP again. Thanks.

Impressive package!

- 19th July 2017

"Those guys really did their homework" was the comment from the shop that installed my TTP ARK using TTP ECM Tuning Service. TTP makes it easy! Great decision choosing to do business with TTP!

Great product, read instructions.

- 30th March 2017

Parts go on easy, air filters take a little doing. The bike rides really well with this setup, opens up really well when paired with an exhaust. For someone who is not great with computers, instructions are really straight forward. Just make sure you read them and take your time when programing the new tune. Is not difficult at all. Mike gave great customer support when I was having issues tuning. Turned out I needed to pay closer attention to the directions.

Excellent Product Deserving of Five Stars

- 08th June 2016

The overall quality, fit and finish of this Stage 2 Power induction kit is excellent. Bike has been transformed: It's lighter, meaner, and runs the best it's ever run. The only reason I assign four stars instead of five is that the instructions could be clearer and/or more thorough for us novices out there.

Also, I'd like to point out the customer service from the TTP team (that's you, Mike) has been perfect. I had issues with the bung for the SAI kit. It was shearing in two with recommended torque. Mike at TTP sent TWO replacements at no cost to me, and it turned out the issue was on my end (the bit on my torque wrench wasn't long enough). These guys stand behind their product, and they really take care of the customer. Well done!

Brett Busch

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