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Carb Stainless Steel Hex Screw Kit Reviews for the product - Carb Stainless Steel Hex Screw Kit (Back to product)
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As promised.

- 04th April 2019

Great aftermarket option. Makes it easier and faster to work with the carbs.

Well worth getting if you're rejetting

- 29th March 2017

The triumph carb screws are jis size as some people have pointed out. They're also very soft so are damaged easily with a 'normal' Screwdriver. I'd strongly recommend 'damaged screw pliers' available on Amazon. I was able loosen the screws with these and then more quickly remove them with a standard Screwdriver. The ttp ones will be much easier to work with now they're installed.

Best. Mod. Ever.

- 25th June 2015

Or something like that. The OEM-screws on the carbs are not Philips, but JIS. This is why the bleepers are ruined by regular Philips-drivers. I'm so, so, so, so, so happy that I bought this Hex-kit.

When replacing the OEM JIS-screws with the Hex-kit I ruined 2 of the JIS-screws (the same one on both carb bottoms). Took me 1-2 hours to cut new slots with a knife so that I could remove them with a slot driver.

However, I'm now a happy Hex-kit-user and just this morning I had both carb tops off and on with so much ease I enjoyed every minute of it.

TTP S/S Hex Screw Kit

- 26th July 2014

Ordered this kit from TTP for my 2007 Triumph America. Delivery was very quick. These bolts are a must & so much better than the factory supplied cross headed bolts that are made from cheese!
Fitting these bolts will make any further carb strip down work so much easier. Many thanks TTP

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