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- 22nd February 2019

As usual the guys are there when you need them. Asked them to help me out with a tune download and my ECU is on the way. For a non expert rider like myself their input and their advise is priceless.

And yet again !

- 14th August 2015

This is the third time I have dealt with TTP.This time it was to have an EFI download completed. Each time they have far surpassed my expectations with their products, support and manner in which they do business. The download was completed the same day they received my "brain". Do not have any reservations about dealing with this firm ! They are truly a class act. Thank you TTP.


- 10th February 2015

Fast turn around time, was re-mapped and shipped back to me within hours of notification of receipt at TTP. From Canada and back in the bike in under 2 weeks. Fast return shipping! Thanks!

Worry free option

- 17th November 2014

Very fast turnaround & great for technophobes like me. Takes the worry out of messing something up on line.

Use this service !

- 14th August 2014

I bought a new black 2012 Bonnie, ran it for a year with only the SAI modified. I then fitted BC Predators and took a huge leap of faith by sending my precious ECM halfway across the world to TTP for their Tune #3. In the meantime I fitted a DNA filter, maximumised the air intake aperture, removed the air box baffle and removed the O2 sensors. Without undue delay, the ECM arrived back, and all I can say is I now have a different bike. Like others have said, it's hard to quantify the increase in power without a dyno, but the butt dyno tells me enough. This tune restores the bike to what it once was, in my opinion. If I can have faith in TTP to do a good job, then so can you!

EFI Tune Download Service

- 23rd July 2014

WOW! This is definitely a worthwhile investment for anyone who loves these bikes and wants to have it run the very best it can run. These guys must have spent a lot of time and money to perfect this tune. It couldn't run any better than it does now. I especially like the way it will pull smoothly from very low rpms without hesitation. Feels like at least 10 or 12 more horses and the torque is way up there too. You just can't ask for a better overall setup. It's worth the money!
Bill Barnier

2013 Bonneville SE

- 01st July 2014

For my 2013 Bonneville SE I installed the BC Air box Removal Kit with dual K&N Filters, and Crank Breather
DCC O2 Elimnator "screws"
BC O2 sensor relay (delete kit)
Removed SAI, used BC Kit
Used Lossa Engineering Shorty Reverse Cone Mufflers
Sent in my ECU for the download service with TTP, and it was returned promptly.
I followed the idle instructions and all i can say is WOW!!!!
The bike feels alive for lack of better words the throttle has been smoothed out the response is incredible, and i am certain the power has increased. The bike feels like a back road terror with the sophistication of a luxury car.
Hard to explain the feeling of the bike but so worth it.
Do yourself a favor and send in your ECU to TTP you'll be very happy!!!!

Great Service

- 10th June 2014

Super super fast service and turn around. Like previous poster I have dodgy internet so used this service - fantastic.

EFI Tune Download Service

- 24th March 2014

At last weathers allowed me to ride my newly tuned bike . Runs better right from start up all the way to 8500 . Used the download service due to iffy internet out in the sticks , quick convenient and very speedy turn around .

TTP Tune 3 EFI Scrambler 2013

- 24th March 2014

First class service, refitted my ECM followed simple refit instructions, then went for a blast, its like a different bike smooth throttle response great acceleration,worth every penny, I posted my ECM i was e-mailed as soon as TTP received it and again when it was sent back to me professionally packed. many thanks TTP team for a great service and great products. must go now got to give it another run cant wait.

Great turnaround !!!!!

- 23rd March 2014

In and out in one day!!!!!!

Download service

- 12th January 2014

Only three days turnaround , posted to TTP Monday refitted Thursday morning . Unbelievable rapid service .

Tune 1 download service

- 02nd August 2013

Posted my ECM to TTP on the Thursday and it was back with me the following tues with order status updates all they way. Great service.

Quick turn around.

- 18th June 2013

Mike received my ECM on a Monday he had it back in the return mail Tuesday And I got it here in Oz on Friday.
Great stuff guys.



- 15th June 2013

really happy with the quick turnaround, all questions promptly answered and also how good the bike is now with the tune 3, breathe, o2 elim....thanks mike! why didn't i do it sooner!!??

Speed and Performance Do Cost Money!

- 23rd May 2013

The dealer wouldn't/couldn't remap the ecm on my new Bonnie, in any real productive way.
When I pulled off the O2 sensors, the right side sensor was almost totally fouled!
By sending my ecm to TTP for remap, as I have stated before, in other reviews of TTP products, I now feel like i'm riding a new bike, a true Bonnie.
I stopped by the dealer and he was impressed by the sound alone!
We are making arrangements for him to ride the bike, and he is seriously evaluating the way he does business, as it pertains to performance upgrades/ecm remaps etc...
There is a great deal of misinformation being perpetuated by the Triumph " Dealer Network. " The average guy is being cautioned to NOT touch the ecm, or bad things will happen. This is just not so!
I was always looking for a 6th gear, and now the roll on and flat out riding are superb!
It saddens me to think of how many folks will miss out on this most excellent service, and never truly feel the bike performance they paid for...waking up my Bonnie has made all the difference!
Keep up the excellent work folks!
The ONLY trouble I had was with shipping, on my side of the ocean!
DO NOT USE USPS OR FED EX, they are the same.
Pay the UPS fee upfront, or you will cost yourself more time and money on the back end. I could have saved myself 5 days of lag time (going through customs) had I NOT tried to save a bit of money, by using USPS. I tried to use USPS, and found, after I sent the package, that they use FED EX for international shipping, and this screws the flow up greatly!
Use UPS and follow all directions from TTP, to the letter! Seriously!!!!!
Best to all at TTP, and thank you for thinking outside the box!
David N. Goss
Southwick MA, USA

Very Happy with download service.

- 10th March 2013

Mike was VERY helpful with Q&A. Service was fast and everything went good. Thanks TTP.

TTP Map3 what a difference!!!!!

- 22nd August 2012

Hi all Triumph Twin owners, I have a Black Bonneville T100 EFI with the following mods,air box restrictor and snorkel removed, K&N air filter AI and Oxygen sensors removed, twin Staintune reverse cone mufflers and had it to Triumph specialists who had remapped the ECU with the Triumph arrow map and oh what flat stops and popping!

Bought map 3 from TTP and wow pulls great from 60km/hour in top gear to redline no flat spots! Highly recommend TTP remapping!!!! AAA++++++


- 07th May 2012

I received my ECM after you guys tuned for my basic mod AI,o2, snorkel,
removed replaced with DNA filter and
NH classic silencers. After I ran the
adaptive install and went for a ride
I could not be any happier ran smooth
as silk and no more snatchy throttle.
You can use my name and a Big Thank YOU.

T100efi ECU Performance Tune Download

- 15th April 2012

I had previously fitted TORS silencers removed AI and had ECU retuned by Triumph dealer.The bike would pull well above 2000rpm but would spit back untill fully warmed up.
I have now fitted a K+N filter with high flow belmouth.Opted for the tune download to suit these mods including O2 sensor removal and ignition advance.
After reset adaption... What a difference,bike now idles smoothly pulls well at low revs,and continues to pull well higher up the rev range and no more spitting back. Excellent.

2010 mag wheel bonnie. tune 11

- 28th March 2012

i highly recommend TTP. after they programmed tune 11 into my ecu and i removed the o2 sensors, AI, added staintune pipes, air box removal kit, k&n pod filters and had it dynoed it went from 67hp stock to 82hp at the engine. Revs to 8000rpm. super smooth and pulls hard. I took it down the quarter mile and did a 12.91 sec quarter at 161kph. Not bad for a bonnie at all. Good work guys from australia

2010 Scrambler

- 22nd February 2012

British Custom high pipes, Norman Hyde bellmouth, air box damper removed, AI removed, O2 sensors removed, DNA air filter. Great response in all 5 gears, extremely happy with tune.
Thanks for all the help guys.

Tune 11 Thruxton

- 24th November 2011

I have A Thrux with Staintune Mufflers, Pod Filters, AI removed, O2 Removed. Motor otherwise standard. Uploaded Tune 11 with Ign Advance. Tremendous improvement. Very smooth at low throttle openings, easy to ride around at low revs, pulls cleanly from below 1500 rpm in 5th. Delightful to ride quietly about. Mid range and normal highway running have detected no change. High throttle openings and mid to high revs, the thing now flies, rides like a proper bike. The extra revs are handy and the extra zing at higher revs is a real bonus. They should be built that way from the start. An excellent tune at an economical price. Thank the almighty for people and firms like TTP. Very impressed and full marks. Simmo

Thank you TTP

- 19th November 2011

Fitted my re-mapped ECM this very morning. Thanks to Mike the Pieman & all @ TTP, I now have a new bike. I would recommend it to any Bonneville owner who is thinking of removing there AI, O2 sensors, snorkel & fitting a DNA filter. TTP can provide all the advice & parts needed....thanks again....TTP.

Triumph Twin Power ECM Remapping Experience

- 25th August 2011

5 Stars may seem extravagant but I couldn't be more satisfied with the Triumph Twin Power ECM remapping service.

Rather than chance doing a remap procedure myself with one of the numerous, unfamiliar "tunes" available on the internet, and wanting above all eliminating the personally irritating throttle sensitivity (snatch), - the signature of Triumph EFI twins, I decided instead sending my ECM to Triumph Twin Power for a map customized to the specific modifications as I've installed on my 2010 Bonneville, in consideration my riding environment and local petrol type availability, and designed by professional tuning engineers.

The result was a stunning, definitely noticeable improvement in my bikes overall engine performance. Any trace of throttle sensitivity has been eliminated. Shifting through the gears is now smooth and effortless. Acceleration through the speed range is a consistent, uninterrupted progression with no hesitation or miss. The throttle-on response after a deceleration is now a smooth, predictable transition. And there is no "generic tunes" type adverse deceleration exhaust popping.

Overall, I can't think of one additional performance criteria that hasn't been achieved by having a professionally customized map installed on my ECM by Triumph Twin Power. And I can honestly say I doubt I could have achieved any significantly better performance having done an actual dyno tune.

Ultimately, by way of Triumph Twin Power, my performance goal (smooth) has been achieved without resorting to unreliable experimentation with "freeware" generic tunes or any other amateur tuning solutions.

To sum up, I'm a retired professional pilot with over 30 years aviation experience and little tolerance for anything mechanical that doesn't measure up to professional standards. As well, I've owned numerous motorcycles over the years and have a learned knowledge of performande expectations.

Without reservation, I would unequivocally highly recommend Triumph Twin Power for your mapping considerations.


- 19th May 2011

I Have been working six months on my bike looking for 6O's Look and lot of torque.
Thank's to Mike from Triumph Twin Power and his special tune for my ECM, i've got an real dragster.
Of course my next upgrade has to be this next winter : a EFI Performance Induction Kit.
Great Job!!!

Revised EFI s/w tune for Triumph twin

- 25th February 2011

Having ridden EFI Triumph twins with poor ECM tunes and seen firsthand the catastrophic damage that an overly lean and/or rich air/fuel mixture will cause to an engine if left to run for an extended period of time, I have been increasingly wary of the various DIY tuning options available to Triumph twin owners from your laptop at home.

Not wanting to risk damage to my bike and with a specific desire to ensure my Thruxton was performing as efficiently as possible given the modifications I had undertaken, I selected the ECM tuning services offered by Triumph Twin Power.

With a unique ECM s/w tune now loaded, my 10MY Thruxton SE is performing better than I thought possible. It starts and idles better both from cold and hot. Throttle response and progressiveness is greatly improved... especially at low speeds. Most impressive though, is the significant performance gain through the mid-to-high RPM range.

Thanks Mike form Triumph Twin Power – a job well done.


- 27th November 2010

I have TORs, Duel air box/DNA filter entry,no AI,no lambada senders.
I am not a knee dragger, but I demand reliability. I began this journey before any "freebee" was available and if I had to do again, I would definitely do the same again. Without a Dyno set up and road test, you are only guessing and will never know for sure if you got it right.
My set up has been well tested by Mike and johnyC.,so I know it is the best available for My Triumphs set up.

Thruxton efi ECU custom tune

- 09th October 2010

I'm impressed, Mike at twinPower really has these ECU custom tunes sorted, I fitted pod filters 12 months ago to my Tors equipped efi Thruxton and with no factory map available I promptly had a local Dyno operator tune it on 3 different occasions, but not being familiar with this model he couldn't get it perfect, I had a slight surge between 2,000 and 3,000 rpm and an occasional carby backfire, out of frustration and lack of time for Dyno thrashing I sent my ECU of to twinpower, 4 days each way from Australia. The bike now runs very strong, its low to mid range is much improved and it revs rapidly to redline,the exhaust note is also stronger.I'm now 100% happy and also Mike is very professional to deal with.

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