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Keihin FCR-39 Pod Filter Kit

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We've put together the Keihin FCR-39 Pods Kit for owners who want an excellent all round power & torque upgrade for their Triumph twin. This kit will give you an excellent mid range along with a mind blowing top end!

The added option for this kit is our excellent quality aluminium Airbox Removal Kit (ARK). The ARK takes care of the airbox removal and gives a place for all ancillaries that attach to the OEM airbox.

This kit comes complete with DNA Performance Pod filters, a DNA Crankcase filter and the FCR39's are jetted to suit.

Available as a special order, 3-4 weeks delivery.
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FCR39 Airbox Removal Kit (ARK)

This option adds our high quality Airbox Removal Kit to your order.
The ARK is aluminium, 54% lighter than the OEM airbox, uses
stainless steel fixings and can accomodate the larger
battery option, which is great for EFI owners.
Price: £1,290.35 (£1,548.42 Inc. VAT)
€1,507.34 EUR    $1,703.21 USD    $2,387.90 AUD

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