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A major upgrade !

- 18th July 2019

I just added the Pretech unit to my '02 Triumph America. a major upgrade! Not you have better stopping power, the ability to modulate the front brake (always a problem on this bike) is SO much better.

I would recommed it to any rider. Really makes my bike easier to ride.

Thanks for great service....

- 11th July 2019

....even tho the Pretech caliper was not available for the 2017 T100 Bonny, Mike was great in communication with me. Waiting for Pretech to figure out mounting to the water-cooled Tri's....

Top Item

- 16th August 2018

Very nice piece, finish quality is good considering price.
Braking quality is however magnificent!

Quality Product

- 31st July 2018

Well engineered quality product.
Good advice and service.

Now a have BRAKES!

- 16th July 2018

It just felt like I had no brakes before I put the Pretech on my Bonny 09.

Now I have to upgrade OEM front fork with Bitubo cartridges to balance of the diving when breaking.

Happy with product and thanks for excellent customer support from TTP.

Will buy more!

Excellent upgrade !!

- 14th June 2018

Firstly, all existing reviews are spot on. Secondly, from a safety standpoint, you owe it to yourself to do this upgrade. I recommend a new rotor & a new performance brake line as well. Night & day transformation in braking capabilities. FWIW, I installed valve emulators & 5w fork oil to eliminate brake dive.


- 30th April 2018

Installed the caliper and Braking brake rotor. Super easy and genius brake pad locking pin design.
Red the reviews before buying and must say it really is worth of all the hype!
Amazing stopping and feel!
Really recommend this product.

Excellent Upgrade

- 21st April 2018

Held off doing a review until I’d used the bike a bit more, but this upgrade really is worth doing! The Caliper is very powerful with great control.

I read many reviews on this and can say it was easy to bleed (I used a syringe first) and lever travel is no different to my original Caliper. Using Bendix sintered pads I can lock the front !

Best Upgrade Yet!

- 19th August 2017

I've been using this caliper on my 2012 Thruxton for around a month now and it has transformed the front end braking beyond my expectations.

Progressive with plenty of feel and lots more stopping power than the OEM setup.

I did change the brake line to one with a straight banjo fitting at the caliper to give a better run/route to the brake line.

Worth every penny!

California, USA- Excellent: Price, Service, Delivery

- 20th May 2017

I received the Pretech 6 Pot Caliper
on time as promised. Appreciated the e-mail updates and quick delivery. I'm in the U.S. where the price for the Pretech Caliper I found was about 200 U.S. Dollars more than your price! I was a little concerned it was to good to be true. It wasn't everything went perfectly. I haven't installed the Caliper yet but it looks great. I appreciate your excellent service.
Best regards,
Ross Luther
California, USA


- 09th March 2017

Fitted and bled in 20 mins, looks the dogs.


- 03rd February 2017

I like to research products throughly before buying and after checking out the competition I decided on the Pretech 6 pot caliper for a number of important reasons.

I've purchased other products from Mike at Triumph Twin Power since owning my 09 bonnie and have never been disappointed, not only with the products, but also with the before and after service, help and advice that Mike freely gives and to me that is just as important as the products itself.

The caliper is as good as it claims to be and the best way I can explain how it works and feels is thus - The oem 2 pot is like you're pushing a block of wood against the back of the pad, solid, but very on and off. The 6 pot however, feels like you're pushing against a firm spring, that the more pressure applied the smoother and greater the pad bites the disc, giving a smooth progressive performance, leading to greater stopping power in a more controled and confidence inspiring way.

So there you have it, well priced, easy to fit, looks great and performs fantastically. The only thing to consider is, that although it does work with the oem brake line, the angle of the banjo bolt coming off the caliper does in my opinion ditract from the overall look, which is why I replaced it with a Hell straight banjo bolt one.


Triumph Pretech Caliper

- 26th January 2017

Nicely engineered caliper,easy fit took me about 30 minutes including bleed out haven't road tested as its too cold outside but a quick run up the drive it feels great.

Massive improvement in stopping power and feel

- 28th November 2016

All the other reviews are right. For your money you get a great product complete with organic pads that will drastically change the bikes braking.

On a t100 the stock caliper feels very on or off and like it will lock quickly. It gets hot and fades very quickly in a track environment.

This upgrade takes a while to get used to the change in handle feel. Rather than only using 1/5th of lever movement you now get the whole lot. Allowing you to squeeze progressively in emergency stops nearly all the way to the bar. Gives a great sense of fine braking control and improves confidence heaps.

Very highly recommended. Road tests in my usual emergency stopping test practice spot show reduction in stopping distance. There is also a great post on triump Rat about a guy who scientifically measured the improved braking. Look it up!

Well worth the outlay on both road and track.

Pretech is the brake

- 13th October 2016

6 piston caliper designed & produced by English equip-manuf is awesome! Priced to kick competition's ass too. The way to stop a tall-geared T100 on the super-slab!

Top Brakes

- 17th July 2016

Fast delivery to Australia, easy fitting using the four supplied shims and bleeding was quick. Combined with the EBC rotor, braking is night and day compared to stock. A must have for any serious Bonnie rider!

Pretech 6-pot caliper

- 04th July 2016

Very pleased with new brake caliper. Fitting was easy and the internal passages well thought out as there were almost no bubbles when bleeding.
Braking is now very progressive, gentle in normal riding yet powerful when required.
A workmate who also has a Bonneville has now ordered one for himself.

Super brakes!

- 16th May 2015

This brake is really good! The stopping power and the feel are great and it looks good too. Highly recommended.
A good investment for your safety and riding pleasure!

Great caliper

- 25th April 2014

Yep. Top notch caliper and good service from TTP with mail to Tasmania. Can't believe the difference it makes. I recently fitted this unit and Hel S/Steel braided lines to my '05 Thrux running Conti Road Attack 2's. You won't know what 'progressive' braking feels like till you try this unit.

great bit of kit

- 29th March 2014

I bought this as after having the engine tuned by Bob Farnham and a full Ohlin’s suspension set up; the original brakes were starting to want.
I chose Pretech mainly on cosmetic looks, and the quality of the machining is first class and two old engineers commented on how good it is technically.
The caliper is now fitted and although I have changed the pads to non-sintered Ferodo ones, the difference is phenomenal. Really smooth and progressive, you couldn’t ask for more.
I would highly recommend giving it a go.

6 pot calipier.

- 22nd February 2014

Transformed the braking on my scrambler,excellent product.

pretech caliper

- 30th October 2013

An excellent product with great service from TTP but should come with HH pads for best performance not organic EBC pads. excellent braking on my 2012 bonneville mag wheel bike.

Sportsbike levels of Braking!

- 30th August 2013

I recently purchased and fitted this kit to a '10 plate America. (it would be useful to note that the brake hose on the '10 plate is too short to be used as stock, and will either need modifying or replacing)
The change was instant and remarkable. Riding two up I was able to match solo sportsbike levels of hard braking without any trouble. The increase in control and feeling make this by far the best and most worthwhile mod anyone can do to their bike. Braking later is all part of riding faster!

Pretech Caliper

- 04th August 2013

We all want things to go quicker however equally important is slowing down quicker if something goes wrong. This caliper is simply fantastic exceeding all my expectations in brake feel and ability. I also purchased the wave disc sold by TTP. It's ability to work with stock brake reservoir and master cylinder help you save a dollar too. It is a quality product and build quality is exceptional, I have had brembro brakes and others but nothing I have used comes close to this unit. One of the best modifications I have done and highly recommended. If you have doubts just contact TTP, there customer service is truly exceptional and very helpful. One very happy buyer from Melbourne Australia.

Must do

- 02nd June 2013

Even without doing any performance enhancements, this is probably the best value for confidence/safety/control you can do.

Great feel in traffic and outright performance when it counts, without touching anything else in the system.

Shows up the stock rubber for what it is being the only caveat. Get some decent rubber!

6-pot caliper

- 20th February 2013

Fitted this caliper with the wavey disc. Apart from the stunning looks it does exactlty what it say's on the tin Better stopping power with plenty of feel. Who need's twin discs?
An excellent piece of kit

2008 Thruxton

- 04th July 2012

I just bought this caliper and fitted it to my Thruxton. I had some drama's mainly because I think my disc was warped, so I had it removed and the OEM caliper put back on. After getting Michael Hart (a mechanic) to fit it again properly and bleed the system properly, this brake performs fantastic. I really noticed how bad the OEM caliper is after I removed this one. Now that it's back on, it's performing so well. I cannot describe how much better it is. Like chalk and cheese. Best performance and safety upgrade you can do. I would highly recommend. It's a shame the rear caliper is a lot more expensive otherwise I'd buy one. Do it, you won't regret. Why pay double for Brembo or Beringer. Go Pretech!

great stopping power now

- 29th March 2012

i have a 2010 mag wheel bonnie that in my opinion comes with sub standard brakes. The pretech 6 piston caliper is the cheapest best bolt on brake upgrade you can do. I also fitted HEL braided lines and it now stops like a sportsbike. The only drama i had fitting was not the calipers fault but my disc is slightly oval in shape and was fouling the inside of the caliper ( must be a friday bike..hehe) but once this was sorted it works a treat. A must if you ride your bonnie like you stole it. top marks guys

Impressed – recommended

- 17th December 2011

I have just fitted this caliper to an 05 T100 and I'm extremely impressed with the performance (and value).

Performance is strong but very progressive with no peaks nor initial grabbing.

I was running an EBC floater with HH pads before, and that was a big improvement over stock, but was always a bit grabby. Also the stock caliper never was aligned quite properly to the disk, nor did the pads ever sit dead flat against the opposing side the pistons. Pad drag was another issue – gone with the Pretech.

I've also taken the trouble of resizing the front axle spacer so that the wheel is now centre between the fork. The sizing of the Pretech and supply of shims makes this possible (not possible with standard caliper).

Fit was easy. Bleed easy. Bending the T100 mudguard stay easy.

My only dilemma now is whether to fork out for the rear 4-pot (special order) to make a matching set.

Pretech 6 Pot Caliper

- 27th March 2010

I fitted a Pretech 6-pot caliper to my Thruxton about 2 years ago. The caliper still looks like new, with no deterioration in breaking performance or appearance at all. The braking performance was instantly transformed. 1&2 finger braking a sinch. Originally supplied with EBC HH pads, I have found Bendix MRR race pads to further improve braking performance and feel. Finally, I fitted a Brembo radial master cylinder (because an unused one came up on ebay cheaply) to improve still further braking performance, giving 10 out of 10 in my opinion. There is no need for twin discs with this set up. Originally fitted with EBC pads my rating was 8 out of 10 (stock braking performance 4 out of 10 in comparison).

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