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TB39R EFI Bored 'n Flowed Throttle Bodies

TB39R EFI Bored 'n Flowed Throttle Bodies
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breathe to the red line

The TB39R's are OEM EFI throttle bodies re-engineered by TTP. Send us your throttle bodies, inlet rubbers and inlet manifolds and we'll return to you an induction system that has been bored and flow optimised to give just over 16% more air flow than the OEM system.

Throughout the re-engineering development of the TB39R induction system we used the Superflow 600 flowbench set at a vacuum of exactly 28" HG to check our progress. A standard OEM throttle body, inlet rubber and manifold flows at 256cfm, after TTP have re-engineered the system this is increased to a healthy 298cfm. You don't need a dyno to prove this performance increase, it can be felt in the "seat of your pants".

This is how we optimize flow and performance of your OEM throttle bodies:
  • Your throttle bodies are stripped down and ultrasonically cleaned.
  • The bodies, manifolds and rubbers are bored to 39mm, to give an increase in cross sectional area of 17%.
  • The bodies and manifolds are polished to maximise air flow and fuel atomisation.
  • The butterfly shaft is gas flowed to increase air flow.
  • Precision made butterflies are instaled.
  • Finally the throttle bodies are meticulously rebuilt.

This service is available in two forms.
  • As a core exchange service where your bodies are exchanged for pre-modified bodies, all other parts are transfered over to the modified bodies. This service has a turnaround of approx. 10-14 days and your bodies must be in excellent condition.
  • As modification carried out to your own bodies. (i.e. your bodies aren't in immaculate condition or you want your own bodies modified) This service has a turnaround of approx. 21-28 days.

  • Remove your throttle bodies complete with inlet rubbers and manifolds from your bike. Do not dismantle the throttle bodies in any way, just send them to us as they come off the bike. Pack them up in a quality box with padding to protect them and then follow the shipping instructions on your TTP reciept.
  • Once delivered to us, you will receive an email confirming reciept.
  • Your bodies are then stripped down to their component parts and ultrasonically cleaned.
  • The bodies, manifolds and rubbers are bored, blended and surface conditioned to increase air flow. We use two surface finishes for the induction path. From the venturi to the butterfly the body is polished to maximize airflow and from the butterfly to the inlet manifold/cylinder head mating surface the body and manifold are given a matt finish to help with fuel atomisation.
  • The throttle shaft is gas flowed and new precision engineered butterflies are matched to the bodies and fixed in place. The fixing screws are then blended with the shaft. This work minimizes any flow impediments and maximizes air throughput to take full advantage of the larger bore bodies.
  • Once the engineering, flowing and finishing is complete, the final step is the meticulous re-build of the throttle body assembly and manual synchronization of the butterflies.
    N.B. We recommend having your new bored & flowed throttle bodies balanced on the bike for optimum operation.
  • Your modified throttle bodies are shipped back to you, well packed and ready to fit to your bike.
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Throttle bodies rebore

- 05th July 2017

I took the decision to spend money on developing my scrambler instead of a new one as I like it so much. I have nearly all the upgrades on this site, and every step has given me the boost I was after. But the bodies being re-bored as made a hell of a jump in the engine and after a 500 hundred mile run I love the new engine and how it performed. Really worth going for.10/10

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