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America & Speedmaster 95mph Speed Limiter Removal

The later CANBUS America (from VIN 611105) and Speedmaster (from VIN 617261) models (roughly 2012-2016) have a factory imposed 95mph speed limiter built in to the EFI tune. We have found a way to remove the speed limiter for these models by installing a Scrambler speedo and then programming a Scrambler EFI tune (no speed limiter) in to the America/Speedmaster ECM.

The reason a Scrambler speedo is required is because the converted Scrambler EFI tune handshakes with the bikes systems including the speedo to check if all systems are working correctly. The Scrambler tune will not handshake with an America/Speedmaster speedo, it will create an error code "P1690" which indicates a fault in CANBUS communication between ECU and the instruments, this code will not allow the engine to be started.

So to achieve a bike with no speedlimiter, you'll need to invest in a Scrambler speedo and an EFI tune from us at TTP. If you love your America/Speedmaster and you believe the 95mph speed limiter shouldn't be there, then maybe this is a worthwhile and final modification to make your bike perfect.

Below are the comments and process from Antoni, a friend who owns a 2016 America that was the "guinea pig" used for this project:
After many months trying to remove the 95-97mph speed restriction to my '16 plate EFI CANBUS America, I can thankfully say I've done it! I won't bore you with the painful and costly journey, unless any one really wants to know. This journey was also endured by Mike of Triumph Twin Power, who, without his great knowledge, skills and expertise, but more importantly his patience, would not have been successful. The short version to achieve this is as follows:-

  1. Obtain the correct EFI Scrambler speedo and an America/Speedmaster XSL modified tune from Triumph Twin Power.
  2. Fit the speedo. It will locate into the original chrome housing, the components are interchangeable (For the America).
  3. Install the new tune to the ECM. (This was tried, tested and successful using an America ECM, should also work with Speedmaster, but not tested.
  4. Important! The new tune will not hand shake with the original America speedo, (Error code P1690), it has to be a Scrambler speedo.
  5. Go out and see how fast your bike can truly go! (off road on a track, obviously).

When I test rode the new tune and mods, my bike topped out at 105mph in fifth gear, but this was with a 19T front sprocket, a saddleman duel seat with back rest (sat higher up into the wind above the dart marlin screen), taller handlebar risers and a moderate side wind and I had not maxed out the full rev limit.

I have since learnt that if I went back down to an 18T front sprocket, the top speed would have been greater. So initially 8-10mph more may not seem much or even worth it, but more importantly, to me this was not all about speed, but more about being able to go as fast as the bike could go without being stopped by an artificial speed restriction. There's now no looming barrier to top speed.......You and the bike are now free!