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Carb Bonneville & T100, Engine Performance

Genuine Triumph Accessory Knee Pad Kit
Genuine Triumph accessory Triumph logo petrol tank knee pads.

Last pair of in stock, no more coming!
Genuine Triumph Accessory Traditional Logo Mug
Genuine Triumph Accessory Traditional Logo Mug.

Only a few left in stock, no more coming!
TTP Carb Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit
Everything required to tune your carb bike to your chosen exhaust system.
TTP Carb Stage 2 Power Induction Kit
Everything required to remove your airbox and tune your carb Bonneville, Thruxton or Scrambler to your chosen exhaust system, including a custom jetting kit.
TTP 904s Sports Big Bore Kit
This kit gives increased performance right through the rev range, from idle to the rev limiter.
TTP Airbox Removal Kit
Quality engineered aluminium ARK for the Bonneville/T100, Thruxton and Scrambler.
Blue Flame Carb HT Leads
High quality silicone replacement HT leads and plug caps.
Ignition Pickup Coil
Triumph OEM Ignition Pickup Coil.
TTP Breathe Airbox Intake Cover
The best in class airflow of all available intake covers, the intake cover your engine would choose!
TTP Safe-Start
Idler Boss Reinforcement. Safeguard against engine failure on your Triumph twin.
2mm Oversize Inlet Valve
Excellent quality oversize inlet valves.
2mm Oversize Exhaust Valve
Excellent quality oversize exhaust valves.
Barnet GREEN Clutch Springs
All you need to eliminate slip.
NGK DPR8EIX-9 Iridium Spark Plugs
The best plugs for your air cooled Triumph twin.
Bonneville, Thruxton & Scrambler DNA Airbox Filter
This DNA airbox filter helped to give excellent torque/bhp figures while testing Triumph twins
DNA Pod Filters - 54mm
Pod filters with an extremely large surface area for excellent air flow for all the Triumph twins.
DNA Crank Case Vent Filter
DNA quality male crankcase vent filter.
DNA Air Filter Service Kit
Rejuvenate your DNA Performance air filter with the DNA service kit.
Keihin FCR39 Airbox Kit
Keihin FCR39 kit for use with a modified OEM airbox.
Keihin FCR-39 Pod Filter Kit
FCR39 kit for use with airbox removal and pod filters.
TTP SAI Removal Kit
Comes with custom low profile billet bungs, available in black or silver.
Exhaust Crush Gaskets
Triumph OEM exhaust gasket crush rings for the air cooled twins.
Triumph Twin 904 Head Gasket
904s MLS technology Head Gasket