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EFI Bonneville & T100, Brakes & Suspension

Nitron NTR R1 Twin Shocks
Reliable performance gas mono-tube for twin-shock bikes to be enjoyed on the road.
Nitron NTR R3 Twin Shocks
Nitron's NTR technology in a twin-shock format, the best package for twin-shock bikes you can buy.

Nitron NTR TVT 22 Fork Cartridge Kit
Nitron's NTR technology in a fron fork cartridge format, available specifically for the Triumph Speed Twin.

Racetech Hi Performance Fork Springs
The first step to great handling is selecting proper spring rates.
Braking Wavy Rear Disc
Steel wavy rear disc for your Bonneville, T100, Thruxton & Scrambler.
Stainless Steel / Titanium Front Disc Bolts
Polished to a mirror finish.