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Ignition remap

- 13th June 2021

Sent my Ignition module off for a remap. All done within 3 days. First class service.

Fitted the remapped module and was hoping for good things, I was a little sceptical at some of the claims. I wasn't disappointed.
It started up on both cylinders as it has a tendency to fire up on one. I'm not a fast rider but its certainly more responsive and pulls better.

I'm really pleased with the results. Also such an easy upgrade and no hassle, how often can you say that?

Thanks very much again to all at TTP.

2005 T100 remap

- 12th December 2020

Brilliant service took less than a week to post it and receive it back I've fitted it and it starts fine as normal but not had chance to ride it yet due to the weather.

Excellent product!

- 02nd August 2020

The difference in performance was well worth the money spent.

ignition remap

- 12th February 2020

Fast and excellent service. I was kept informed every step of the way.

My bike sounds good, I am looking forward to taking her for a spin when the weather clears.

Great product

- 16th June 2019

I had removed the AI system and spoke to TTP about the remap. I sent CDI unit on Monday and got it back Thursday.

I have to say the difference in throttle and ride ability is fantastic on my 2005 carb america, if you are thinking about it, get it done.


- 20th April 2019

Very good service, sent on Tuesday back on Thursday.

Remap has made an improvement in mid range along with 130 mains, airbox mods and DNA filter with cocktail shakers.

I'm now very happy with the bike.

First class and fast service

- 20th January 2019

Service and turn around was fantastic, posted to TTP on Wednesday and received back Friday morning.
Looking forward to a dry road to run the bike,
Highly recommended TTP for quality service and products, very knowledgeable and helpful.
I have used them before and will use again .

Every Triumph twin should get this........

- 15th May 2017

First off , great service and really quick turnaround.
The bike runs great!! Smooth power delivery , instant throttle response, easy starting, feels like more power and this is without even doing the re jetting of the carbs.
Getting rid of the air injection system and a TTP remap will make any Hinckley Triumph run much better in my opinion. You could spend much more and not notice the difference this makes. Total bargain.


- 23rd October 2016

Many thanks lads for your first class service, sent my ign. unit thursday afternoon and refitted it sat. morning, exellent, also thanks for the jetting advice over the phone,very pleased with everything.

Excellent remap

- 18th March 2016

Had the remap done for a 790 Bonnie, and fitted along with TTP Barnett clutch springs {def needed} TTP induction kit, TTP air filter, TEC [Arrow copy] short exh with baffle removed, TTP jet kit to suit the above. Also changed front sprocket by going up 2 teeth bigger.

An unbelievable improvement all round, just as tractable in traffic as before, but once it comes onto the cam does this thing now accelerate or what. Also with the bigger front sprocket its more relaxed at cruising speed {which is now anything up to 90 mph and still in the powerband} so its win win all round.

Recommended, no change that, if you want your Bonnie to go as it should with a snarl and a kick you MUST make the mods that TTP supply. You will not regret it for an instant.

Stage 1 and jets

- 18th October 2015

This company keeps you well informed at every stage. Turn around was quick after sending the igniter for remapping, I knew what was happening every day from order to return.

The bike runs a lot better, smooth right through the range. Would recommend for a good result.

TTP Ignitor Advance Remap

- 04th August 2015

I'd delayed buying this product until I'd fitted larger jets to my 2005 T100 (865cc), and opened up its breathing. These changes yielded results and definitely made the bike crisper, but power was still tailing off somewhat early in the rev-range.

I have just returned from my first ride after fitting a stage 1 tuned Igniter and I'm extremely impressed at the way the bike pulls hard all the way from about 3500rpm to the 8500rpm redline I specified. At higher engine speeds it feels like a different bike entirely, with an almost 2-stroke like surge of power coming in at around 6000rpm. Much more fun to ride.

I have to say that TTP's turnaround time is very fast too, and I'd happily recommend their service and products to anyone.

Bonneville ign remap

- 31st May 2015

Great service, turnaround time less than 48 hours. Early days with the benefit of the remap as I only had time for a quick ride after fitting. But first impressions are good, much improved pick up in top gear from about 3000rpm and much improved acceleration in the "real world" zone, you know for overtakes, joining motorways and stuff. My Bonnie is now a proper roadster!

stage one remap

- 12th March 2015

Excellent result, having fitted pods thruxton really pulls now and revs freely. Thanks Mike for advising jet kit 11, after fitting the 42 pilot jets the back firing on over run has now stopped. Very happy result, thanks.

Must Have Upgrade !

- 22nd December 2014

Very quick turn around with great results, The TTP Breathe Airbox Intake cover is where it all started for me, add a DNA high flow filter, Airbox baffle removal, TTP Jet kit (#6 for my 790 carbed) and a TTP Igniter Remap stage 1.

I did all of these at the same time as adding a very free flowing exhaust and the combined effect is a stunning transformation from a lazy engine to a very spirited ride, I highly recommend doing these upgrades - this bike feels like it now wants at least one more tooth on the front sprocket and delivers remarkable fuel economy with more power.


- 11th November 2014

I sent my Ignition unit one day for remapping got it back the next day, done!!! Spoke to Mike, great guy, and the product.. well don't think of going anywhere else. I did the NARK work, re-jetting, open pipes and that was very good , but this is the missing link , just ran the bike and its another machine... loads of torque/power where it did not have before ..its a dream come true for no money really ..
thank you Mike

T100 790 - Stage 1 Tune

- 16th July 2014

My ignitor failed and TTP remapped a 865 unit I purchased on Ebay with a stage 1 advance curve. Together with the mods to improve the bike's induction, the top end has been been opened up and it rev's much more freely upto the red line. A worthwhile improvement when set against the costs.

Just get it !!!

- 11th April 2014

Fitted this along side the induction mods...It's like riding a different bike...Purchased after my brother recommended the products (he builds race engines)

Thruxton 360 ignitor remap

- 18th February 2014

After having previously installed TTP Breathe and DNA filter and being very pleased with the results, the recent bad weather allowed me to start tinkering again and following Mike's advice I removed the airbox baffle and rejetted the carbs.

I sent my igniter to TTP for the remap 6 days later which included a weekend it arrived, once refitted i waited for a break in the weather to give it test run.

Bloody hell what a difference I must confess I often look at BHP figures and stew over the bhp gained over quids lost! Well forget that stuff the sheer grunt and pull from the engine is very noticeable a huge improvement and it just keeps pulling all the way to 8500k, my pals Thruxton's are left for dust.

This is the best improvement I've made of many to the bike, if you are dithering stop and get this mod its superb.

still smiling

- 22nd November 2013

I received my igniter today, well what a huge difference this has made to the performance of 02 America with 904 kit installed, it really has brought a smile on. highly recommend this as a simple bolt on and go performance upgrade. Very Happy

This is the Icing on the cake.

- 12th September 2013

Having done the usual mods to my 04 Thruxton, actually the list is as long as my arm and have replaced just about everything possible. I thought I was done, but I had a concern in the back of my mind about the ignition timing. (stock engine with FCR Keihins D&D full system Nology fire)
So a stage 1 ignition remap looked like the ideal solution.

What should be done, then I read all the feed back on Triumph Forums about " THE PIEMAN IGNITER" and Triumph Twin Power and I suddenly realised this is the icing on the cake.

I have only just fitted the little beast so cannot tell yet, but she is easier to start and does not backfire when cold but other wise I look forward to a big grin in the future months.

Thanks Guys for your excellent work.

Ignition Remap

- 22nd May 2013

Great improvement over stock and combined with airbox and carb mods supplied by TTP, bike pulls cleanly from low revs to its rev limiter, a must have.

This mod made it all come together

- 05th May 2013

This proved to be the final piece of the puzzel for me and my Triumph. This upgrade has made it all come together for the mods that have been done.
If you have done the following: Carb kit. Air box removal. AI removal. Aftermarket pipes.
You owe it to yourself to do this upgrade. You will not regret it.

Thank you TTP

Alberta Can.

Great service and product

- 28th March 2013

I recently sent my igniter "across the pond" for stage 1 remap and rev limiter increase to enhance my ARK work. If you have removed your airbox you owe it to yourself to go ahead and finish the job with this upgrade.I had several questions on several different occasions and Mike promptly emailed me back patiently answering all my questions. This man knows how to run a business. A+ customer service.

Great Result

- 04th March 2013

I felt my Thruxton lacked a bit of punch in the top end rev range, i had my igniter stage 1 remapped. It has made all the difference, the bike now pulls like a train from 6000rpm to 8000rpm. I can totally recommend having this done, the factory setting is obviously set up for mid range flexibility but you loose nothing of this, and gain the full power of the engine when riding hard through the rev range.

Worth every penny ,money well spent

- 06th December 2012

difference night and day in bike performance made a dyno run back to back stock igniter and the remapped one thats my proof what I felt riding my bike

Reliable too!

- 21st November 2012

I've had my remapped igniter for around a year now and have just returned from a 10,000 km trip across Oz (MotoGP). The unit is faultless and the extra power and r/min helped a lot with the extra weight especialy across the snowy mountains.
Thanks again guys.

Bloody good work

- 15th November 2012

As soon as I started the bike the good work from the lads at TTP was evident. It started immediately with a much stronger idle and throttle response was noticeably faster and more precise. Great work fellas cheers

Yet another satisfied customer

- 08th May 2012

After doing all the usual exhaust, carb and airflow mods to my 2004 790cc T100, I kept reading about Mike's upgraded igniters on the Triumphrat forum and decided to give it a whirl.

I was fairly satisfied with the performance as it was but fitting the igniter has made a definate felt difference. Open her up at around 4000 rpm and she takes off with much more urge, right up to the 8100 rpm limit I specified. This has been by far the easiest and most effecive mod I've carried out and I can highly recommend it.

Mike's excellent and efficient service is also second to none.

Thanks Mike

Stage Two Igniter

- 04th November 2011

Hi, I received your igniter recently, very pleased, the unit replaced a procom. My engine is highly modified [988 stroker,cams,headwork] the difference was apparent from startup the cam lope was more pronounced, power and torque is increased right through the rev range, especially low end torque. I can ride in a higher gear a lot more of the time, highly recommended, cheers Peter Robertson.

What an improvement!!

- 11th June 2011

I've just installed my modded ignitor and it's made a huge difference. My bike pulls like a train from 3500rpm and feels much stronger. It's middle to top end acceleration has increased by about 80%. A very worthwhile mod...:-)

Excellent Ignition

- 06th June 2011

I received the remaped igniter a couple of weeks ago and only had time this weekend to fit it.
A lovely job guys and a good price too. The igniter works a treat (better than a US version) and the DNA air filter tops it off nicely. Thanks, I'll reccomend you any time.

Igniter remap

- 12th April 2011

As one who has done incremental performance mods to my Bonnie, I have to say that having my igniter remapped by Mike made the biggest difference.

At first, I just had the 813 cams and FCR 39 carbs. With that, I noticed an improvement.

But, I expected a little more than was evident. Frankly and privately, I was a little disappointed. It was still missing something.

After I had Mike re-map my igniter to option #3-WOW! The power increase is awesome. The bike really screams now. It's the gain that I was hoping for/expecting from the cams and carbs.

It's now very obvious to me that you cannot fully realize the gain from performance cams and carbs without doing the igniter as well.

The igniter made all the difference.

I'm done! No need to go any further with performance mods. The bike is just exactly how I wanted it and expected to perform with the mods that I did to it. VERY happy here.

Thanks Mike!

ignitor remap stage 1

- 01st April 2010

Got my ignitor back last week and took it out for a spin it revs freely now right up to 8000 no more cutting out as it hits limiter just a burbling, thanks to Mike for his advice and help, best £100 quid I've spent on bike, cheers TwinPower

Igniter Remapped

- 25th April 2009

Sent my Igniter to Triumph Twin Power a month ago and I recieved it back about a week ago. I installed it the other day and finally got to take it out for a spin to see if there was any noticeable difference in performance. I had the rev limiter bumped up to 8500 rpm and ignition remapped to I believe Stage 1.

So I took her out and took it easy at first and then hit the open highway and cracked the throttle and wound the gears out but never hit the rev limiter (I really wasn't trying though). It definitely seems to pull harder and it actually feels like I have a 6th gear now. It definitely made a difference and I am very happy with the results!!

I would recommend this upgrade. The only downfall is the downtime with shipment to the UK. From the time I shipped it out to return was almost 4 weeks. Luckily I shipped it out when it was too cold for biking and still too much crap on the roads.

The engine just EXPLODED in a good way!

- 28th November 2008

I received my package back from the UK today and was able to get out for a nice little check out run...

No starting issues.. the Bonnie fires up just like it did with the "stock" unit... I did have one minor spit back through the carbs... Though the engine was not fully up to operating temp at the time... the engines normal off idle and the power progression is smooth... Once the revs start to rise it feels just like the Procom (which is a lot better than the Gill in stock configuration) up to the 6200-6500 rpm range... Well up to that point I thought "so far... so good"... What happened next blew my mind... The engine just EXPLODED... in a good way!... The tach needle just jumped up to 7500rpm and was still going up... FAST!! I never "challenged" the 8400 rev limit I asked for, but I did see near 8000 rpm and what appeared to be 110 mph coming out of 4th gear... Things were happening FAST!!

To say that I'm VERY pleased from this short "Seat Of The Pants" dyno - test run is an understatement... I will tell you that the Procom has just been relegated to "spare/back up" status...”

Quick and easy gain!

- 15th September 2008

Hi All, I wanted to share with you the easiest mod I've ever done to my bike - I had my igniter unit modified to rev upto 8500rpm, but also to advance the ignition timing by 3° on the top map (the Wide Open Throttle map). This means that at part throttle openings the ignition timing is unaffected (still ticks over smoothly, etc) but at WOT there is a bit of advance. I did a dyno run before and after the mod, with no other changes (other than it was a dry day when I did the second run; a very wet day for the first run, so the second run looks a bit leaner on the air-fuel). Because of the air/fuel mixture difference, I reckon the second run is showing a little less than it otherwise would, so the difference would have been greater if the weather had been the same.

According to SOP Dyno, the bike feels much livelier than even the graphs would suggest, with better throttle response and a huge top-end.

Conclusion - for the small effort and reversibility of the mod, the improvements are significant! I would definitely recommend this mod to anyone who wants "quick and easy gain".

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