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Tune2 t100 2015 model year

- 26th April 2021

It really works!

T100 hi flow air filter, bell mouth, air box baffle removed and o2 sensors removed but air injection left on.

Bike revs much more freely with improved torque throughout the rev range and it pulls cleanly right up to 7500 rpm no problem at all.

Changes the feel and performance more than I thought it would. As others have said it makes the bike run as it should and not feel strangled. Feels like the bike has had a shot of steroids!

Worth the money!.

I sent the ECU direct to them for download and return and enjoyed prompt and efficient service. Thoroughly recommended!

O2 removal kit

- 08th April 2021

Totally essential for the completion of the remap. Low profile heads blanking off the header pipes makes a pukka job.

Quality product

- 03rd October 2020

Simple, effective, and unobtrusive. I had to cut down an Allen wrench to make enough room to tighten the plugs but no big deal.

Great quality Bolts

- 26th June 2019

Great quality Bolts, ended up not using them because I ordered some exhausts that came with blanking plugs already.

Made from high quality material.

- 05th November 2017

I originally bought a pair of blanking plugs off of eBay but was disappointed with the quality of them, so I bought these to replace them. Glad i did as these are a made of a much higher quality material and even come with anti seize compound.

O2 sensor removal kit

- 15th October 2016

Quick mailed. Right what was ordered and working as expected so far. Just a week installed, but it seems a good quality materials.

Good Quality

- 24th August 2016

Great kit comes with everything needed. Inconspicuous fit. Was unable to tighten with socket because lack of space but allen key worked just fine.

TTP 02 sensor removal kit

- 15th June 2016

Sensor removal kit does a nice job and TTP were very help full and fast with post/delivery.
Thank you.

Simple kit (bit fiddly on the Scrambler)

- 03rd June 2016

Easy enough kit to fit, only made fiddly by the pipes on the Scrambler (but that's no fault of the kit).

Easy to install

- 01st June 2016

Easy to install, all you need is in the pack and you just have to follow the install guide.

Like a new bike

- 08th December 2015

I replaced the silencers to TORS, Breathe, O2 removal, SAI removal and EFI Tune 1. The bike is not choked anymore, it's like something was released and it is now free.

Noticeable differences:
Much smoother, a bit more power, less jerkiness in low speeds, less resistance when releasing the throttle, gear change is easier and smoother.

The bike behaves differently, the work on the bike was fun and Mike helped me choose Tune 1 as I didn't want to be too loud and it's my first bike after a scooter.

I did the whole mod on a brand new bike with 2,000 kms and the upgrade was worth every dollar. Shipment to Australia was super quick and I'm super happy about it.

Don't hesitate, just do it. Thank you TTP :-)

Another Quality Product from TTP

- 22nd November 2015

Top quality, used in conjunction with the usual upgrades.

Part of TTP Triumph upgrades, well worth it.

- 17th August 2015

TTP tune #3, DNA filter, and O2 removal kit transformed my Thruxton.

go for it

- 06th August 2015

On my new scrambler I have gone for the "breathe", DNA filter, airbox baffle removal, AI and O2 removal and a stage 4 remap. I have also fitted a TEC Tracker 2 -1. Absolutely awesome combination. Can't stop grinning>>>>


- 05th August 2015

Easy to fit once again and gets shot of the ugly leads coming out of the down pipes!

Great service

- 14th June 2015

Top quality materials.
Super fast shipping and comunications, thankyou TTP!

Good product

- 28th May 2015

Good quality product, very well made and includes all that is necessary. The TTP Install Guide is comprehensive too!

Perfect fit.

- 07th May 2015

Ordered this with a few other things. Looks and works perfect. They even included copper grease which I had purchased separately for this install could not believe that. All I can say is awesome. Thanks so so much

Co2 removal Kit

- 10th March 2015

Thanks very much ,the order is top quality the post fast,and the service A1

Easier Than I Expected!

- 04th March 2015

I bought this kit as part of a TTP tune. It's of very good quality and is very easy to fit following the excellent TTP guide.

o2 sensor kit

- 07th January 2015

The kit itself is good quality and simple, instructions clear, however, Triumph do not make it easy to get these things out.

I found the easiest way to get access to the sensor connectors was to unscrew the horn and the cable retaining clip behind it then with great patience separate the connectors apply the heat shrink as per instructions, then carefully pry out the sensor cable retaining clips from the frame rail remove the cable clips and push the studs back into the frame holes, unscrew the sensors and remove them.

You will need some special kind of torque wrench if you want to try to torque down the hex head plugs. That was beyond me. After the struggle with the connectors my patience was all used up. Overall the kit was good but the process....

Worth doing

- 17th November 2014

One of several modifications carried out recently which has made my T100 so much better to ride.

TTP O2 Sensor Removal Kit

- 23rd July 2014

Nicely made and goes on well but a bit expensive. I don't blame them for trying to make a little money though. This is a niche market and they're not exactly selling thousands of these things.


- 10th June 2014

Does exactly what is says on the tin.

Well worth the money!!

- 14th March 2014

Just fitted these to my bike very easy to fit and the difference its made its unbelievable. No more lag in the throttle can't recommend enough. Matt

Lumpiness gone!

- 17th January 2014

Good kit, good instructions. The slightly lumpy low speed running and snatchy throttle response from shut is now completely gone, as if by magic! That's in reality even more useful for most people than the hike in performance from the other mods I did. Recommended!


- 12th January 2014

10 minute job everything supplied , rapid delivery . EXCELLENT SERVICE .

Very tidy

- 14th September 2013

If you are going to remove your o2 sensors then this is the kit to use. The supplied items are of a very high quality and finish the pipes off very nicely.

O2 sensor removal kit

- 02nd August 2013

Looks good quality and simple to fit.

Short and sweet!

- 23rd May 2013

Ordered product, received product, installed product...NO SWEAT!
Easy and fast.
On line directions to the point and easily understood.
Perfect for the DIY guys, like me!
Thanks TTP!

Removal kit

- 10th March 2013

Good kit, fast shipping.

Great product

- 25th November 2012

Together with the TTP2 tune,TTP breathe,DNA filter and airbaffle removal mine 2009 bonneville T100 with tors runs very smooth,has a lot of power in the mid range and sounds like mine 1968 Bonneville.

Good quality

- 03rd June 2012

The package arrived in a timely manner. Slightly pricey but what isn't?
Good quality.


- 01st May 2012

Quality product for sure but I tend to agree with other statements in relation to cost.

Well Made

- 19th November 2011

The O2 sensor kit is well made using quality parts, but for what it is, it a little pricey.

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