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TTP Safe-Start

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Prevention is better than cure!

Triumph designed the air cooled Triumph twin engine to be virtually bullet proof, but over time one area of the engine failed in certain circumstances, the idler gear boss.

The TTP Safe-Start was developed through concern for our own twins and it's a quick and simple method of idler gear boss reinforcement which eliminates the chance of engine damage caused by a kick-back event.

The Safe-Start is a precision engineered CNC machined billet aluminium jacket for the idler gear boss. The design of the Safe-Start uses a "belt and braces" approach to strengthen the idler gear boss and spread the load when a kick-back event happens. The underside takes the shape of the engine casing around the idler boss area and when fitted the left side is snug up against the starter motor bearing casting. Both of which ensure that when the Safe-Start is in place, it becomes part of a much stronger engine casing which can easily deal with a kick-back event without damage occurring.

This is an unpredictable problem and if it happens to your bike, you won't know about it until you push the start button and the starter motor just whirs. The Safe-Start is effectively an insurance policy against catastrophic engine failure leading to the inconvenience and expense of an engine strip down and crankcase replacement.
Available for all air cooled models 2001 - 2016.

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The Damage
The Preventative Fix

Kit Features:
  • Save your engine from possible failure with a simple solution.
  • Installation Certificate supplied.
  • Realise the full resale value of your bike.
  • Everything required to install in one kit: Safe-Start, JB Weld, rubber glove, surface cleaner & installation guide.
Damage to the lower crankcase after a kick-back event.

Kick-back Damage

Kick-back is an event which is mostly associated with older bikes fitted with a kick-start and can occur when starting or stopping an engine. It is caused by a piston approaching TDC (top dead centre) without enough energy to overcome compression. The usual result is that the ignition sparks and the mixture ignites sending the piston in the reverse direction which through mechanical connection would send the kick-start with some considerable force back to the beginning of its stroke. This usually happens with your foot still attached to the kick-start, at worst this would lead to a fractured/sprained ankle or at the very least severe bruising.

Electric starts have stopped the personal injury and programmable electronic ignition has gone a long way to prevent this happening, but engines still kick-back under certain circumstances. When this occurs with the Hinckley twins, the starter idler gear takes the full force of a kick-back event and the idler gear shaft can break out of the idler gear boss causing damage to the lower crank case and the outer clutch cover. The normal route to repair this damage would be to replace the lower crankcase and clutch cover through a complete engine strip down. This is a very time consuming task and will on average cost between £2500 - £3500 for a dealer to supply the parts and carry out the repair.

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Scrambler 2008 EFI

- 12th August 2022

I installed the safe start as soon as i learned about the catastrophic failure that could happen if you are one of the unlucky ones.

A very well machined part from TTP and absolute worth to install for peace of mind.

Great product!

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Price: £79.99 (£95.99 Inc. VAT)
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