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TTP SAI Removal Kit Reviews for the product - TTP SAI Removal Kit -
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SAI removal kit
- 08th April 2021
Everything you need to complete the job proficiently.
Great Quality Kit
- 26th June 2019
Everything you need to remove your AI System, looks great, safe to apply on the motor heads as it is aluminium (low chance of stripping the head by applying too much torque).

The plug for the airbox might look like a simple plastic plug, but try to find another solution that fits and you will loose hours searching.

All in all a great quality kit.
As promised.
- 04th April 2019
Easy install, perfect fitment, & quality fnished look. Makes SAI removal project a lot easier!
- 13th June 2017
Good Gear
- 07th September 2016
I used this item as recommended by Mike from TTP in conjunction with the Stage 1 Torque Induction kit.
Works well and works as described.
Simple kit that does what it says!
- 03rd June 2016
Couldn't be easier, everything you need to complete the job.
Good choice !
- 01st June 2016
Follow the install guides and put that SAI off ! Easy, take just a few minutes to be done and the bike is back to its roots !
Like a new bike
- 08th December 2015
I replaced the silencers to TORS, Breathe, O2 removal, SAI removal and EFI Tune 1. The bike is not choked anymore, it's like something was released and it is now free.

Noticeable differences:
Much smoother, a bit more power, less jerkiness in low speeds, less resistance when releasing the throttle, gear change is easier and smoother.

The bike behaves differently, the work on the bike was fun and Mike helped me choose Tune 1 as I didn't want to be too loud and it's my first bike after a scooter.

I did the whole mod on a brand new bike with 2,000 kms and the upgrade was worth every dollar. Shipment to Australia was super quick and I'm super happy about it.

Don't hesitate, just do it. Thank you TTP :-)
Say SAI and it is removed!
- 20th October 2015
I removed the SAI from my Thruxton as a second step to complete the job I had started by removing O2 while upgrading to Tune 1.

The bike was running great also with SAI installed but some puffing occurred during speed decreasing. It was nice but I wanted no puffing and ordered also the SAI removal kit.

It took almost 10 days from the UK to Italy and about 1 hour to completely install the kit and re-tune my bike's ecu. Everything worked good and all operations took place exactly as instructed. They only missed the torque of the threaded screw replacing the SAI pipe which for my 2010-EFI is 18 Nm.

I must say my Thruxton is really running great! And absolutely better then before!!!
Excellent kit.
- 10th August 2015
This is the best SAI removal kit by far, the bungs are superior as well as the airbox plug, this one is NOT going to fall out like a competitors did.

The low profile bungs are genius.
No hesitation
- 06th August 2015
On my new scrambler I have gone for the "breathe", DNA filter, airbox baffle removal, AI and O2 removal and a stage 4 remap. I have also fitted a TEC Tracker 2 -1. Absolutely awesome combination. Can't stop grinning>>>>
- 05th August 2015
Nice'n easy to fit.
Transformed bike
- 25th June 2015
My Scrambler has the TTP Breathe, TTP SAI-kit, TTP Jetting kit #7, DNA Air Filter, airbox baffle removed, paired with Zard Cross 2-1.

I could describe this modification/product in words like quality, easy installation, mindboggling (ass-benchmarked) performance difference (I have more fun on the street with this bike than any of my previous ones: R1, GSXR-750, XT660, Honda CB900), glorius raspy sound.

But it's best described as a feeling, the feeling of man and machine come together. The gurgling of the induction, the mechanical surge. It feels like you removed some overly complex things and replaced them with something that genuinely fits the bikes personality and performance demands.

Concerning the TTP SAI specifically, I'm 100 % happy. Instructions were crystal clear. Everything fits perfectly. The included copper grease was a godsend.
A guarantee!
- 14th June 2015
Quality material, all you need to do the job!
Easier Than I Expected!
- 04th March 2015
I bought this kit as part of a TTP tune. It's of very good quality and very easy to fit following the excellent TTP guide.
SAI kit
- 07th January 2015
Tidy kit. Not difficult to do. Good, clear instructions.
Just get it !!!
- 11th April 2014
Fitted this along with the rest of the TTP induction mods.....the difference is like night and day...10/10
Thruxton SAI Removal Kit
- 03rd April 2014
Quality components that fit first time, no 'modifying' or messing about.
Delivered in a timely fashion.

The 'overun' popping is a thing of the past! Excellent.
Banging gone!
- 17th January 2014
Good kit, good instructions. Easy to fit too, and it's sure nice to be rid of that insane banging in he exhaust! Sounded like a bleeding war back here, and the novelty of it wore off during the first few hours. Nice with the small satchels of thread paste, even if many of us have that in our workshops, many don't.
Like a new motor!!! '13 Bonnieville SE Mag Wheel
- 16th January 2014
After installing Remus pipes, I was getting a lot of decel pop between 2-3K. After exhaustive research I decided on installing the TTP Breath, plus I removed the airbox baffle, SAI & 02 sensors. I also reflashed my ecm with TTP Tune 3 using their OBD-2 USB Cable.

The bike now runs how is was designed to run!

The work was pretty straight-forward. Removing the airbox baffle was a PITA, but really not that difficult using the instructions.

I was able to remove the SAI without completely removing the gas tank. And I did not have to remove the pipes to remove the 02 sensors and replace with supplied plugs. (having the right tools is key).

I will comment later on performance, gas mileage, etc.

SAI kit
- 12th January 2014
So much easier than searching for everything myself . All you need to do the job supplied . Quick delivery .
Thumbs up for the low profile SAI kit
- 10th October 2013
The low profile design of this kit allows, in my opinion, for a neater finish than what would be achieved with normal bolts.