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Tune 12 on 2013 Speedmaster
- 08th July 2018
I recently purchased a 2013 Speedmaster with 194 miles on it, that had been garaged practically since it was bought. It has K&N pod air filters and British Customs Bomber exhaust. It was running the stock aftermarket pipe OEM tune map. It had a powerful but abrupt throttle response and some backfiring through the intake, with power loss/sputtering when it happened.

Everything I read and opinion I got suggested that the mix was too lean at low rpm/throttle opening, so I tried a custom map that claimed to get rid of the popping/backfiring by enriching the low end. The result was better that the stock map, but it did not solve the back firing problem.

I read about TTP map 12 for America/Speedmaster, and after consulting with Mike I decided to buy it and install. The result was an incredibly smooth throttle/power response. The popping and coughing was still there though, after consulting with Mike again and reading the info on the TTP website on how to adjust the TPS and balance the throttle bodies correctly and reinstalling the tune map the problem was solved!
The result is an amazingly smooth ride!

I want to emphasize following the steps described on this site regarding checking the TPS voltage and throttle body balance before installing the tune and also installing the tune when the engine is cold. My local shop installed the tune on a warm engine the first time, they mentioned the TPS as a possible cause for the backfiring, but were not aware it could be adjusted nor did they check the voltage for it.

I installed the tune myself the second time following TTP instructions and it was flawless. My TPS voltage was .66V when it should be .6V and one of the throttle bodies was fluctuating by +20 hpa, the recommended is no more than +/-10 hpa. I mention this because as small as these changes were, it solved the problem.

I read many threads in forums about Triumph EFI bikes with backfiring/sputtering/carb fart issues with aftermarket intake and pipes, and every response was pointing at lean mixture. I could be the TPS, it is extremely sensitive and could easily be bumped out of alignment.

Thank you TTP for the tune and the help!
America/Speedmaster Tune 12
- 05th October 2017
Summary for those that don't wish to read the whole post :)

1. Super simple to do as long as you follow the instructions.
2. Absolutely rapt with the final result, bike runs much more freely and smoothly.
3. Great customer service thanks Mike


remove the headlight fuse or do what I ended up doing and attach a back-up battery to the bike battery.

For those of you that are interested;

Background – borderline computer illiterate, I can email and google, basic mechanical aptitude, lefty loosey, righty tighty. 

Spent some quiet rainy days removing the air intake box and SAI on my 2013 Speedmaster. The SAI was easy, the airbox, not so much :(
Ordered the O2 sensor removal kit and the OBD-2 USB cable in preparation for downloading and installing tune 12 for the America/Speedmaster. Wasn’t absolutely sure about the tune process but Mike assured me it was pretty much “plug and play” which it did turn out to be.
O2 sensor removal was pretty straight forward and the drivers for the USB cable were simple enough to download and install. Just click on the link provided. (Windows 10 operating system).
Finally got around to ordering the tune and the download link was sent via email, along with the receipt for the tune, almost instantaneously. Clicked on the link and voila, download complete, detailed instructions included.

So grabbed a beer, isolated myself in the garage and read through the instructions a couple of times, seemed pretty straight forward to me even though I hadn't tried anything like this before.
Yes, I had read the horror stories about ECM issues posted on many forums, that's why I read the supplied instructions, (male), several times.
Grabbed a second beer, hooked up the cable to the computer and bike and following the instructions, started the transfer. Everything going smoothly, green lights indicating connection made and new program loading so I started to breathe a little easier. Got to the section where you start and idle the bike and nothing. No instrument panel lights, no cranking, no clicking, nothing. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get anything resembling life out of her.

At this stage I have started quietly shi**ing myself thinking I have totally stuffed it up and would have to fork out for a new ECM  .

Unplugged everything, shut down the computer, read the instructions again, couldn't see where I had gone wrong, so hooked the bike back up to start the process again. Went to open the program. Got a pop up saying 'You may not have permission to access this file".
Won’t go into detail about my thought process at this point.....

Sent a cry for help email to Mike at TTP, 8 hour time difference so found something else to do to try and distract myself from any negative thoughts. Contemplated more beer but decided against it in the end.
(Mike did reply to my email for the record)

Couple of hours later, I decided to have one more go, patience isn't a strong point when I stuff something up.

Sat down in the garage again and started from scratch, deleted the existing download from the computer, opened up my email and re-downloaded the tune from the link. Extracted it from the zip file, hooked up the computer to the bike and hooked up my boat battery to boost the bike battery as I had read that sometimes voltage fluctuation can affect the download into the ECM.
Once again, flashing green lights on the laptop indicating everything is linked up and running fine. Got to the start and idle section of the program, took a deep breath, turned the key and hit the starter button. BINGO, kicked over and started straight away. WOOHOO!!! It even seemed to idle smoother straight away.

Instructions are then to idle for 20 mins or until the TPS LED illuminates.
About 10 minutes later, I notice the TPS LED is lit up so I disconnected the cable, put the seat back on and hit the road.

So happy I did this as the girl just seems to runs so freely now and just keeps pulling toward the top end. There is a real sense of achievement in having done this myself. Gotta love the induction whine through the pod filters as well
Tune 12, 2008-speedmaster
- 28th January 2016
I am more then pleased with tune 12 in my bike. I have a 17 tooth gear up front and it will pull to 8500 in 1st, 2nd & 3rd gear and 100 mph in 4th. Have rode from sea level to 5000 above sea level and it has never missed a beat. I am more then happy.

I hope that Triumph motorcycles recognizes that Mike and his team at TTP have made their motorcycles, just that much better. Cheers Dan Stewart,
Yukon, Canada