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America/Speedmaster Performance Tune 2 Reviews for the product - America/Speedmaster Performance Tune 2 -
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Performance Tune 2 (Speedmaster)
- 15th September 2023
Works as described.

A real improvement over the stock configuration.
No more flat spot
- 13th January 2023
Just installed the new speed master tune 2, what a difference!

Before the tune my bike had touchy acceleration, which is not great for cornering or roundabouts. I always had to ride the clutch to smooth it out. First test drive with the new tune and that problem is gone, smoothest acceleration ever.

I highly recommend this upgrade, just make sure you follow EVERY instruction to the letter. I wasted 1/2 an hour because I didn’t read the bit about the usb port.
Awesome At Low Revs
- 14th March 2018
Downloaded the map to my Triumph America 15 and immediately felt the difference in the ride feel.

No hesitation, no dead spot, take off is smooth and acceleration is nice.

In total bike feels awesome. Worthy investment.
Smooth !!
- 05th November 2017
Stage 1 Kit quickly delivered in 3 days (from England to Netherlands), excellent!

Good step by step manual. Tune 2 used and the increase in torque and horsepower is very nice, but for every day riding the smoothness in all revs is phenomenal. No hesitation and hick-ups in low revs or stall at low rev take off or breaking at traffic lights.

The best investment to upgrade your bike.
Great job
- 23rd October 2015
Speedmaster 2013, tune 2, breath, SAI gone, O2 gone, great throttle at low rpm, pulls through fourth and fifth. From USA across the pond and back, installed in less than two weeks. Great bang for the buck, what more can I say. You have a great product.
Steve from Mass.
Just outstanding
- 28th August 2015
I installed a DNA filter and TTP Breathe, removed AI and O2 then had TTP to run up Tune 2 for me. The end result is just totally brilliant, no more snatching at low speed, no more popping back

best regards and thanks TTP
EFI Tune
- 06th July 2015
Dear Guys,
Thank you for the new mapping. It made a big difference. It is much smoother especially down low. The new calliper has also made a marked improvement in braking. I ride mainly in the Hinterland of the Gold Coast lots of twists and turns and those pesky push bikes. Thanks.
The way it should have been!
- 05th April 2015
I have a 2010 Speedmaster. I installed a DNA filter. TTP Breathe, AI gone, O2 gone, and long slash-cut Trident pipes.

The low speed snatchiness, dead spots, hesitation, and just miserable low speed behaviour is now a thing of the past. Beautiful, easy modulation of the throttle produces smooth acceleration and plain ear to ear joy. This tune has transformed the bike into a different machine. I'm verypleased.

Small inputs to the throttle are rewarded with no issues of past. The throttle is so smooth and easy to control now.

Well done, TTP!! I highly recommend.

Speedmaster Tune 2 without speed limiter!
- 19th March 2015
Anyone out there who has a 2011-2013 Triumph Speedmaster/America will be all too familiar with the speed limiter that kicks in at about 5500 revs that Triumph failed to inform us about in any road test articles.

Thanks to the guys at TTP this is no longer a problem. Their tune 2 has eliminated this problem, my bike runs great through out rev range and up to 7000 rpm in 5th gear.Bike feels great and unrestricted now, the way a Triumph twin should be, hope this info helps.

regards and thanks again all at TTP