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America/Speedmaster Performance Tune 3 Reviews for the product - America/Speedmaster Performance Tune 3 -
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Better than expected!!!
- 31st March 2024
As suggested by Mike at TTP, I installed VooDoo Cafe slip-ons, the Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit (from UTP), and installed the America/Speedmaster Tune 3 to my 2013 Triumph America.

The sound of the pipes and the increase in performance and throttle response is absolutely incredible! Way better than I expected!

The detailed instructions made installation and tuning very easy. 100% recommended!
What a difference for my '09 America
- 25th March 2024
Around six months ago, my America had developed a stutter at almost any rev that was sustained along with the backfires.

Two mechanics later, nothing had changed.

I finally reached out to Mike at TTP about my issues and he recommended Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit and Tune 3. Immediately upon completion and starting the engine I could tell it was a completely different bike.

Do not hesitate to decide to go with TTP. Mike answered every question in detail and TTP is simply the best.
"What A Bike"
- 15th February 2024
I bought a 2009 Triumph America several months ago and was seriously thinking about selling it after riding it for a while just wasn't satisfied with the torque and power, top end and bottom end and especially the jerky snatchy throttle but everyone loved the look of the bike and I did also.

It's really a nice little cruiser and after doing a little research on maybe what I could do to change all that, I knew I was gonna be looking at a quite a bit of money for it to do what I wanted it to do.

Then I came across "TTP" and read a lot of reviews, a few emails with Mike and believe me I was sceptical, I didn't think just a few minutes with a computer and at fraction of the cost and I mean a fraction I was looking at a totally different bike.

"Truly Amazing", she's smooth as silk and with all the torque and HP you would want bottom and top end, the only other thing I had to do was get stiffer clutch springs because the factory ones just couldn't handle all that power when you really got down on it, but if you just cruising you'll be just fine but I like to blow the carbon out every now and then.
Speed Master Tune 3
- 30th July 2023
It was easier than I thought installing the tune, the bike feels more alive no more hesitation.

I can feel there is less engine braking which I will get used to.

Overall very happy.
Worthy and effective upgrade
- 18th December 2020
2014 Triumph America with an air filter, emgo cocktail shakers, removed sai and o2 sensors. Easy to follow instructions are given and must be followed to a tee.

This bike has never run better. After 700 miles I pulled the spark plugs and they are not fouling. The best possible outcome and much more affordable than having it dyno tuned.
- 27th June 2019
Wow, what a difference. Transformed my 2015 Speedmaster from a stuttering, jerky ill running motorcycle, to a smooth running, great sounding, beast.

I stupidly downloaded the wrong tune originally, but Mike had it sorted out in just a couple of emails and resent the correct tune.

Great customer service.

Thanks again.
America feels like it should now!
- 02nd April 2017
Bonnie America 2009 - O2 & AI retired, Breathe Intake Cover installed, Foran short, open pipes - America Performance Tune 3.

I had no end of disappointment with the America - snatchy throttle response, poor torque and stalling in very nasty situations. As for downhill popping, this thing could have popped for Australia!

In stalled the Breathe, removed O2 & AI and installed the TTP Tune 3 - Seriously Brill! Mid and high range torque is great, pulls like a bull in springtime. The stalling is gone (thank f**k). Downhill it just purrs and the engine brake does its job. I have traveled a thousand kms since the changes and I love it. You will not regret this tune!

A word on the guys at TTP - Service was excellent. I stuffed up my choice of tune (seniors moment) and they were awesome in getting me straight. Thanks TTP!
- 30th May 2015
O2 sensors removed sai removed, tune 3
remap. Sent mine to TTP to be mapped. brilliant service, back by return post. Bike is now very smooth with no snatchy throttle. No popping exhaust (reverse cone megas) and strong acceleration. Much more enjoyable to ride.
Whole new machine!!
- 27th March 2015
From the moment I started the bike I could hear the difference in how the bike ran. The sound was impressive and mean.
However the moment rubber met road I was riding a brand new bike. Smooth as silk acceleration and fantastic power all the way into the shift. Accelerating to pass vehicles no longer required a downshift as all the power i needed was readily available with the twist of the throttle. Highly recommended.
Very pleased with Tune 3
- 10th March 2015
Got my ECU back quickly. Removed the SAI and 02 sensors. Added the TTP Breathe Cover and D&D megaphones. The bike runs like a different motorcycle. No back pop on deceleration and much smoother through the gears with a noticeable increase in power. Very pleased!
Completes the Package
- 11th February 2015
150 miles today in 20 C weather, 2010 Speedmaster, D&D Boss Slipons, TTP Breathe, DNA, O2 and SAI in a drawer.

Right away, most noticeable was smoothness at very low power/speed. Very nice in parking lots, etc. for EFI, you get the "instant on" feel, but not snatchy and very controllable now. Nicely done.

Did several max effort accelerations, shifting at 7000rpm, all the way to 100mph. I can definitely feel the added 15% horsepower and increased torque. Very enjoyable high speed cornering in 4th gear with revs 5-6000, able to engine brake and excellerate smartly. Sustained cruising at 80-90 mph, engine feels and sounds strong. Again, very nicely done.