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Bonneville/T100 Performance Tune 1 2-1 Reviews for the product - Bonneville/T100 Performance Tune 1 2-1 -
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- 11th July 2018
I have only owned my 2013 T-100 for a couple of months. Right away I noticed that it was having trouble keeping a steady throttle at low rev in first and second gears. I took it to a reputable shop in the area and was told that it might be running a bit lean, but wasn't something I should necessarily worry about. That wasn't the answer I was looking for. So I began looking for ways to get everything back in shape without spending a month's worth of rent.

After about two weeks of studying countless posts on triumph rat I came to the conclusion that I needed to remove my airbox baffle, O2 sensors and SAI, and install a TTP tune. I got all the hard stuff done, ordered the tune, and after a few emails back and forth between Mike (PieMan) and I, got the tune installed. Mike and the guys here at TTP are absolute HEROS!! I can't say enough about the outstanding customer service, guidance, and help (when I originally ordered the wrong tune...)! Mike, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! You got my Bonne running better than ever, and I wish you could have seen the grin on my face when I finally got to take her out!!

The snatchy throttle is smoothed out, the response is clean, and the acceleration is perfect! If you need to give your Triumph some more pep in it's step, then do the hardware work and install this tune! You will most definitely NOT regret it!!!
Wow, what a difference!
- 26th March 2018
My "Breathe" airbox intake cover arrived this morning, along with my ECU which TTP have just re-mapped for me. Ran the bike through the adaptation process, all according to the clear instructions sent with the ECU, and then I thought "It's warm, it's sunny, there's no snow or ball-freezing air temperatures - time for a ride to see how she feels!".

Had an hour out on the Bonnie and jeez, what a difference!!

Since removing the SAI, O2 sensors, installing the Norman Hyde Toga Classic silencers, a K&N filter and having the 'Arrow' map downloaded by Triumph, the ride has been OK but stuttering and 'hesitant' at low revs.

The TTP re-map and "Breathe" have made a huge difference! She is now the most beautiful bike to ride - all the power now freed up and she performs as smooth as butter!

Can't thank you guys enough. Great job!!!
Tune 1 2-1
- 14th March 2017
I've got a 09 Bonnie running with a TEC 2-1 tracker exhaust, breathe intake cover and an K&N airfilter. After having the TTP tune loaded into the ECU its runs like a dream. Easy reving in every gear. Thanks guys, I'm thrilled.
What a difference!
- 23rd June 2015
I got my ECM remapped to the tune 1 2-1 and what a difference it has made. I removed the SAI, O2 sensors and fitted the Breathe cover and DNA airbox filter.

The bike runs so smooth, revs much cleaner and fuel consumption has increased. Starting is much better when hot or cold compared to standard. There's also a lovely induction roar from the airbox now.

Can't really say much more except "I LOVE IT". Thank you all at TTP.