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Dramatic improvement
- 06th March 2024
I have a 2010 Bonneville T100. It was really jerky at low RPM in first and second gears. So much so that low speed cornering was sometimes hazardous and the bike would lurch wide with uncontrolled acceleration.

I made all the recommended hardware changes, with the new Breathe air intake, DNA filter, removed the oxygen sensors and removed the air injection system. I retained the stock exhaust system. Then loaded the tune 1 map, it took me many tries with the software but eventually it all went through OK. It seemed to help when I took out fuse nine.

The result, dramatic improvement. The bike is much much smoother at low speeds in first and second gear, jerkiness is practically gone altogether. Really nice power distribution through the gears, and gear shifting is also much easier. And the sound is great.

Absolutely recommended.
Bonnie Tune #1
- 17th October 2023
After many mods to my Bonneville to gain some more torque and performance - including deleting the SAI then the O2 sensors, I then fitted a free flowing K&N air filter and an intake bellmouth, before the British Customs Dominators.

I was happy with the overall performance gains and the overall sound of the bike, but it was a devil to ride around the city and at low speeds.

So after a bit of feedback from other Triumph owners and reviews from satisfied customers of TTP, I secured an OBD2 cable from a supplier in Australia then purchased a tune from TTP and uploaded it.

I had some connection issues and persisted to load the tune and had further connection issues, but after seeking advice from Mike the tune had loaded and I just had to set the TPS and it was ready to ride.

I must say that all of the snatchy throttle and backfires on overrun have now gone it runs smoother, much more responsive and a pleasure to ride in traffic and on the open road. The bike now sits on a constant speed without having to accelerate and decelerate all of the time.

Thanks TTP - highly recommended.

Regards Phil - Australia
Very happy
- 15th August 2022
Very happy with the Bonneville Tune 1.

I had a small problem with the driver for the lead, but I gave Mike a call and he helped me sort it.

All loaded up with eazy to follow instructions, never dun this before but once you get your head around it, it's not so hard.

Bike runs lovely and seams to run a lot cooler as well.
Just Do it!
- 12th October 2020
I have a low mileage 2014 T100 on which the previous owner had installed NH Togas and removed the SAI system to keep the headers from bluing. He left everything else stock and the bike exhibited lean surging, snatchy throttle response at low speeds, popping during deceleration.

I emailed Mike at TTP and he suggested their Tune 1 in combination with a high flow air filter, Breathe bellmouth and 02 sensor removal. All parts arrived well packaged, labeled, and were of high quality. Make sure you also purchase their OBD2 cable!

I prepped the bike and downloaded the new tune software after getting some technical help from Mike - my laptop was the culprit, not their software. I am a Luddite but everything was intuitive and it worked the first time. The test ride was astonishing - all the negatives were gone and the bike ran and sounded terrific. I was considering selling the bike before finding TTP but not now, it is a keeper!

The best money you will ever spend on your Bonneville!
Smooth gains, and great support!
- 18th June 2020
TTP Tune 1... a nice, smooth performance improvement. The bike, which I've been riding on the Triumph Arrow 2 into 2 tune for 4 years, is noticeably more "awake".

I did make a few errors in the process of the download and sequence of TPS adjustment. Mike was (is) very supportive and responsive to my newbie questions, and has been extremely helpful.

Believe the hype, and drink the TTP Kool Aid.
The bike I was hoping for.
- 04th March 2019
To say the stock set up on my 2013 Bonneville was restrictive and annoying would be an understatement. I knew it could be better.

TTP provided the answer... the Bonneville Tune 1 is the perfect solution for bringing out the potential hidden underneath! I had previously started the mods by removing the SAI and O2 sensors, as well as fitting a K&N filter and TORS. These mods made some difference, but Tune 1 and the Breathe Intake Cover brought it all together. Truly a different bike! More power, torque and a smoothness at all speeds. No more snatchiness or bucking at lows speeds.

The bike is a pleasure to ride! Very happy indeed!
TTP's product is very straight forward to install. Instructions are clear, simple to understand and it just works. Customer service is top notch, fast email support from Mike with all my questions.

If you have ever thought there could be more to your Triumph twin, TTP is the place to find it!

Thanks TTP!
- 06th October 2018
Went for the Stage 1 Kit, airbox baffle out, bell mouth replacement air induction, 02 delete and tune 1 installed.

What a different bike. Power increase and smoother response.

I would highly recommend. :-)
Tune 1!
- 02nd October 2018
Excellent product. Fueling at low RPM improved drastically, which was the reason I bought the package. Best of all was Mike's outstanding customer service which helped me through a few glitches I encountered during installation.

I highly recommend TTP's products.
- 20th July 2018
I have to say to triumph owners out there that "Twin Power" is the only place to go for that extra omph!! I purchased the download Bonneville Tune 1 and the appropriate induction kit and was very unsure about doing it my self as im not in anyway computer savy, but the team at Twin Power are there if you encounter problems. It's so easy, just follow the instructions and its done in about 15 mins max, as long as the tps goes green.

The O2 sensors replacements where some what fiddly to fit due to lack of space but patience and carefulness was the key here. What i thought was my biggest hurdle turned out to be the easiest, i.e. the down load. Just make sure that you purchase the OBD/2 USB cable that "Twin Power" provide and you will have no problems at all and you will save yourself £30.

Sorry to the team at "Twin Power" for that last statement but you maybe shouldn't make it so easy, but on a serious note to all out there,"TRIUMPH TWIN POWER" are the one stop place for all that is quality and customer back up.
Stage 1 Tune Bonneville T100 EFI
- 21st June 2018
First ride after stage 1 efi tune, O2 delete, SAI delete, DNA and Breath, baffle gone, with Tors. Honestly, its like a different bike - Amazing!

Deliberated for ages because of the cost, but wished i'd gone for it sooner!

Will be doing similar when i eventually add the Thruxton to the garage. Highly recommended!!
Bonneville SE 865 EFI Tune !
- 18th February 2018
After removing my SAI and 02 sensors, fitting Norman Hyde Togas and putting on several different OEM Triumph factory maps I still could not get the bike to run the way I wanted it to. Throttle snatchyness at low revs mid-range power etc. never quite right with one map or the other and I tried most even the Arrows 2-2.

I decided to go down the TTP route and its completely altered the way the bike performs. Snatchy low rev control eliminated, smooth gear change, great mid-range and roll on power. Also it now gets down the road as it should.

Very easy install with TTP's Tuneloader software prompting you through the screens with the final monitor screen resetting adaptation throttle position sensor. I cant fault this product, transformed my bike to something I now enjoy riding, great product recommended 110%.
Like a new bike
- 08th December 2015
I replaced the silencers to TORS, Breathe, O2 removal, SAI removal and EFI Tune 1. The bike is not choked anymore, it's like something was released and it is now free.

Noticeable differences:
Much smoother, a bit more power, less jerkiness in low speeds, less resistance when releasing the throttle, gear change is easier and smoother.

The bike behaves differently, the work on the bike was fun and Mike helped me choose Tune 1 as I didn't want to be too loud and it's my first bike after a scooter.

I did the whole mod on a brand new bike with 2,000 kms and the upgrade was worth every dollar. Shipment to Australia was super quick and I'm super happy about it.

Don't hesitate, just do it. Thank you TTP :-)
Best money I have spent so far on my Bonneville
- 10th August 2015
More pull and more top end in every gear, very nice throttle response, snatch is almost gone.

Really feels like it released some power, it rides like a different bike in all the good ways.

The tune upload was smooth and the software and directions are clear.

I highly recommend it to any Triumph twin owner.
Performance tune 1
- 09th July 2015
Just fitted and road tested, so much smoother from low revs and just more responsive everywhere.
A vast improvement!
- 07th May 2015
I've got a 2012 Bonneville SE and found the factory fueling especially off idle, to be very jerky and hesitant. I read lots of posts on the RAT forums and decided to go to the TTP 1 tune. TORS arrived and fitted, DNA Filter and breathe air intake, O2 and SAI removed, installed the tune, adaption procedure run and off I went.

Best praise I can give is the fact that I just don't notice the fueling anymore, it all just works beautifully. Thanks.
- 18th February 2015
This download definitely exceeded my expectations. With just the basic mods specified for the #1 tune, my '13 Bonneville is a much improved motorcycle. Smooth,torquey power from idle to way illegal. Great throttle response and gobs of power when you turn up the wick. The roll on power at highway speed is particularly impressive - 60mph to 80 is strong.

I was a bit apprehensive about shipping my ECM 6000 miles but everything went smoothly and TTP had it headed back to me the day after they received it! Great service, great product - worth every penny.
TTP Tune 1 for Bonneville SE
- 21st October 2014
At first I had many doubts about the TTP Tune 1 for my Bonneville SE, especially about the software installation. I simply didn't have enough confidence in my computer abilities to correctly install the Tune ECU program, the OBD-2 cable drivers and download the TTP Map to the bike's ECU. Thanks to Mike's good advice and support I finally installed everything without problems. I discovered that the process of installing the new map was painless and without any issues. The whole process took about 40 minutes.

The hardware is easy enough to install. The O2 and SAI removal kits, the TTP air box cover and the DNA filter all are quality items and straightforward to install, especially if you follow the clear and concise instructions. To complete the Tune 1 I also installed the Triumph off road silencers.

After installing this Tune 1 I have to say that the bike runs now much better and smoother in all RPM ranges. Besides, it is now definitely more powerful. I think that, seat of the pants, the bike has gained about 15 more horsepower.

The horrible low throttle snatchiness common to all Bonneville's is almost gone, but the bike is still a bit jerky just off idle. It is no big issue and I can cope well with it, especially when I consider the huge improvement of the engine.

In summary I recommend this TTP Tune 1 without any doubt.
Worth every penny
- 13th August 2014
Breathe kit plus tune 1, what a difference, great sound, smooth throttle, no snatching. Plus great help from Mike when needed.
You know it makes sense......
- 10th June 2014
Essential tune when removing O2 sensor, SAI and fitting Hyde pipes with breathe air box cover and DNA filter. What a gorgeous sound!
Great tune-up for my '08 Bonne
- 31st May 2014
Tors silencers, TTP Breathe Airbox Intake Cover, TTP O2 Sensor Removal Kit, TTP SAI Removal Kit and K&N filter with TTP Tune 1; these all together get me back to early 70's when I had a '69 500cc Triumph Tiger.

The feeling, awesome throttle response, sound and smooth delivery of torque and power remind me of those "good ol' days"; they are back now! Thanks a lot!
Worth the money
- 14th September 2013
I have to recommend this mapping service for all efi owners.The engine runs really well and notably cooler. For me, fuel economy has gone down BUT this is due to me using the power that the engine now offers.

Low end torque is increased and mid range torque is very addictive.

Bonneville se with tune 1
- 02nd August 2013
After fitting TORS pipes to my bike, I soon realised that something would have to be done with the fuelling. After reading everything I could find on TTP, I decided to order tune 1 with O2 removal kit, Breathe filter and breathe airbox intake cover I also disconnected AI.

What a difference all this has made, my bike now sounds great, better throttle control at low speeds and pulls superbly. In short, my bike is how I always wanted it and i wouldn't hesitate to recommend TTP's services to anyone.
Remapping T100
- 17th April 2012
From my very first contact with Mike expressing my reluctance to perform the remapping myself I got understanding but also encouragement to do it myself. There were 5 or six emails between us with me asking questions and looking for guidance.

Finally I "pulled the trigger" on doing it myself. During the process there were questions. Mike was immediately there with the answers.

Bottom 2009 EFI T100 runs the best it has ever run. Idle is dead on steady. The throttle " snatching" GONE!! Power is a bit more. But most of all she just runs "smoother". If you are just thinking about making changes contact Mike at TTP. He will guide you and you will definitely be pleased with his remapping.

Allen Hare
T100efi ECU Performance Tune 1
- 16th April 2012
I had previously fitted TORS silencers removed AI and had ECU returned by Triumph dealer.The bike would pull well above 2,000 rpm but would spit back until fully warmed up.

I have now fitted a K+N filter with high flow bellmouth. Opted for the tune download to suit these mods including O2 sensor removal and ignition advance.

After reset adaption... What a difference,bike now idles smoothly pulls well at low revs,and continues to pull well higher up the rev range and no more spitting back. Excellent.