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Bonneville/T100 Performance Tune 11 Reviews for the product - Bonneville/T100 Performance Tune 11 (Back to product)
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My new bike!

- 20th October 2021

My 2013 Bonneville SE has been a work in progress all summer. I've purchased products from several vendors, with almost all sellers and products coming through with flying colors.

TTP raised the bar even higher with their tune and quick shipping of the OBD cable. I'd put off installing a custom map as the forums gave the task a certain air of difficulty. Turns out the TTP tune included all software needed and it talked my son and I through the process easily and quickly.

In the end I can't imagine the bike running any better. I'd anticipated a five hundred dollar remap at a local motorcycle performance shop... for a quarter of the price my check engine light is reset, the backfires are gone, and both my Bonnie and I are happy campers!

Like riding a brand new bike!

- 01st June 2021

I have a 2014 Triumph Bonneville T100 Black and performed the typical British Customs upgrades, i.e. SAI removal, airbox removal, and predator pro slip-on. While the exhaust sound was definitely an improvement over the stock pea shooters, the riding experience felt mostly unchanged.

After many hours spent on the triumph forums searching for other ways to improve the performance and rideability without breaking the bank, I finally decided to take a chance on the TTP Performance Tune. After some initial back and forth with Mike via email, I finally landed on the right tune for my setup, picked up the OBD2 cable, and I could not be happier with my decision.

The TTP custom tune software couldn't be easier to follow, and the results are immediately noticeable. The throttle is smooth across every gear, no jerkiness to be felt, and the pull at higher RPMs is a thrill. For those looking for that final upgrade to wake up your machine, I would highly recommend a TTP Performance Tune!

Worth Every Penny!

- 25th January 2020

Let me start off by saying these tunes are well worth the money.

Like others before me I had updated my '12 T100 with common upgrades from BC. O2 sensor removal, SAI removal, airbox removal kit, dominator slip on by cone engineering, and an arrow 2-1 map.

Went for a test ride immediately after install and to my dismay felt no extra power, but the opposite instead. The bike felt sluggish and the throttle was choppy as hell and gas mileage took a hit too. I did nothing for almost 6 months contemplating getting a Dyno tune. Luckily I stumbled upon TTP tunes and I'm glad I did!

I bought the cable and Tune 11 and I'm smiling like the first day I bought the bike! Throttle is way more responsive, smoother at slower speeds, and gas mileage has increased tremendously! It feels like I finally unlocked all those aftermarket parts I installed. These tunes are definitely worth every penny!

From wow to WOW!

- 14th October 2019

Last year, TTP helped me get my 2013 T100 from a stock dog to well running bike with their Stage 1 Torque Induction-Did the TORs silencers, SAI and O2 removed K&N filter and Breath intake.

Recently took the next steps to Stage 2 Power induction- air box removal, DNA pods and Tune 11. All I can say is ... amazing! What a difference! Smooth, powerful response all through the RPM range and especially at 5000 and above the power really comes through- pulling 70MPH+ in second gear!

TTP's product are top quality. Fit and finish is superb. Every aspect of my experience with TTP has been without problems. From hardware to software, support and service, TTP is the best.

Do yourself a favor, stop thinking about it and do it- you won't regret it!

Why did I wait so long?!?!

- 04th April 2019

The only thing I can say different than has already been said is I'm bummed I waited so long. All the mods for Tune 11, aside from the O2 sensor removal, had already been done when I bought my bike so this was literally a 2 hr job with no issues. Everything was perfect and I'm overjoyed with more power, smoother power, smoother idle & no throttle snatch ...

Worth every dollar!

Stage 2 Power Induction Kit

- 08th February 2018

I ordered this kit for my 2015 Triumph Bonneville T100 Black. It was delivered to my door within a week! Amazing as I live in Northwestern Ontario Canada.

Still deep winter here, but the kit includes all I need to correct the tune of my bike to compliment the Arrow 2-2 Exhaust. The kit is of very high quality and TTP have thought of everything.

I communicated with TTP to assist in getting the right parts for my needs and this company is a joy to deal with. I can’t wait until it warms so I can get the kit in and will report back once installed! Thank you for your professionalism! I would highly recommend TTP!
Stephen Cooper

From blah to WOW!

- 08th September 2017

That sounds cliche, but it's more scientific than that. The previous owner of my 2012 Bonneville had gone out of their way to remove the secondary air injection, O2 sensors, etc., but had left the ECU as-is. It was a mess -- clicking, popping, sluggish, and so on.

After some advice from the TriumphRat forum, I came here to get the ECU to match the bike. The cable took about a week to receive, but the tune + software download was immediate. The instructions were thoughtful and clear, the update process was easy, and the results were immediately noticeable! I was fed up with my bike, but now I love it again. Thanks so much!!

Very refined

- 28th March 2016

I have the British Customs Sleeper Performance package installed on my 2010 T100. I had been using a free tune from the TuneECU site and though it did the job, but I eventually decided to try a TTP tune. This tune takes the bike to the next level of refinement. I am very pleased with my investment. I also swapped my K&N pods with DNA pods as recommended by TTP.

Excellent Tune!

- 18th November 2015

I had the TORS with the Triumph Tune on a 2013 Bonneville SE. After doing the Airbox, SAI and O2 sensor removal, I purchased and applied TTP Tune 11. The flash procedure was very straightforward and I am really happy with the results.

The Bonne now feels lighter, definitively faster at any RPMs minus the abrupt/snatching acceleration. Also the sound of the TORS is more deep, it has more grunt and now the bike really comes alive quick when twisting the throttle.

Excellent Product

- 23rd February 2015

I did all the mods to my bike (SAI removal, O2 removal, air box removal, and TORS install) this weekend and remapped with tune 11. I was really impressed with everything I got from TTP, the kits and instructions were fantastic and the remapping couldn't have been easier. Not to mention my bike feels like a different machine now, the smooth power deliver is amazing!

Tune 11 2013 T100

- 19th February 2014

No one in my area could do proper tune/download with a basic British Custom Stage 1 kit. Thank you Mike and TTP for giving me the performance I bought. Pulls great, no popping on deceleration, smooth through the gears. Runs cooler. Thanks Again!!!!

EFI Tune 11

- 26th September 2013

After installing a BC performance kit on my 2013 Bonneville, and after having the local dealer remap the ECM twice, I was still unimpressed with how the bike ran. I turned to Triumph Twin Power and purchased EFI Tune 11 and made the installation. The bike idles smoothly and runs like I always thought it should. I would recommend Triumph Twin Power to everyone.

Tune #11

- 10th June 2013

I have a 2013 Bonneville with the following mods, airbox removal with K&N pod filters and Predator mufflers.
I installed tune #11 and what a difference!!! Best mod ever! Thing pulls like freight train.

Highly recommended, great service!


- 19th December 2012

Had performance kit from BC installed on T100 and bike was running lean. Bought in tune 11 and installed myself using great instructions provided. Bike is now running a dream. Thanks.

EFI 2010 Bonne re tune

- 31st May 2012

Excellent results from the ECU tune 11, all worked very well and bike runs great with no problems. Very helpful and prompt advice from Mike at Triumph Twin Power.

TTP 20187 #11 w/ Stage 1 Ign. ADV.

- 06th May 2012

Just got back from a test ride on my newly airbox free 2010 SE. It amazed me how much smoother my Bonnie now runs with the DNA pods and your 20187 #11 w/ stage 1 ign. adv. I should have put the pods on the throttle bodies before installing the BC ARK, it was a tight fit, but it worked.

It didn't seem like I was accelerating that much faster until I looked down and saw how quickly I had gotten to the speed that I was at. It's so smooth that you don't feel like you are moving that fast, AMAZING.

Also, my idle became rough after removing my AI and the TTP tune smoothed it out completely.

Thank You so much for taking the time to work up all these maps for all of us to take advantage of. Thanks again, Mike.


- 15th March 2012

The final stage in untaming my 2011 T100. Smooth all the way up and down, crisp throttle response, lots of power and big grins. My BC sleepers and pod filters sound even better now. This has put the bike right where i want it.

TTP Tune, DNA Pods and O2 sensor Removal

- 13th March 2012

DNA pods and O2 sensor removal kit fitted along with the new tune and it's like having a new bike. Throttle is so much smoother.

Best mod

- 08th February 2012

I am very happy with this tune. It has opened up the motor giving access to power that hadn't been used with the stock tune and parts. The throttle really has a smooth pull through the rpms. The bike wants to scream through the rpms with plenty of power throughout. Every time I rip on the throttle I can't help but have a big smile on my face.

Bike runs perfectly

- 24th October 2011

Downloaded & installed this tune with Stage 1 option. Very easy install. Fuel usage, which had suffered with the mods and the tune I was using, has returned to stock levels. Performance is impressive at all speeds, especially top gear pulling power, bike pulls up hills & overtakes in top like a locomotive. I find myself using the gearbox a lot less. Saw 190kmh on the speedo today with more to go. Bike runs faultlessly which says more than anything else I think. Highly recommended.

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