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Bonneville/T100 Performance Tune 2 2-1 Reviews for the product - Bonneville/T100 Performance Tune 2 2-1 -
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Worth every cent!
- 24th October 2019
I have been working on my 2011 Bonneville T100 on and off for about 5 years. After completing the usual engine mods (airbox removal, breathe unit etc) I had been running a free map that i found online. The free map wasn't ideal, it gave me more torque down low but very little mid range but i had got use to it being a rougher ride and the engine popping on deceleration.

Recently i decided to invest in a TTP tune after reading a few great reviews, and i couldn't be happier. I'm running a Zard shorty 2-1 and she sounds amazing, the popping has mostly disappeared and i now have continued torque up top and a strong pull right through the mid range.

I'm excited about doing longer rides again and i would recommend this product to anyone.
- 30th August 2019
What a difference the bike rides in traffic and low speed like it should, no more hesitation or jerky throttle response pulls smoothly through the rev range. Worth every penny, just do it you won't regret it.
- 03rd April 2017
After riding the bike (2015 Bonneville SE) in it's stock form for a couple months, I decided to make some modifications...starting with eliminating the SAI, O2 sensors.

The bike ran a tad better, but it still felt like I wasn't tapping into the full potential of the bike. NTM, it still ran very hot, something that is a major concern to me.

I then added TTPs Breath/DNA filter, and also installed Dunstall's 2-1 Shorty exhaust system, lastly, I downloaded TTPs Tune 2:2-1.

All I can say is WOW!!!

It's a completely different bike!

Pulls strong, nice and even through the range, no popping or misfiring on decelerating. Very manageable during low speed maneuvering...and runs much cooler now.

I couldn't be happier about the changes I've made.

As for the tech support, I can't comment on that, as the mods were very easy/self explanatory to take on, so I didn't need to contact them.

But I have conversed with Mike on a message board, and he's a very cool guy, so I doubt you'll have any problem getting the answers you need if there's an issue with your install.

I highly recommend the Breathe/DNA/TTP Tune for your specific application.

Thanks TTP!
2nd Review
- 05th September 2016
You can see my Aug/15 review, and I recently got an email "x-files" suggesting I do the baffle removal. I emailed Mike, since I thought it was time to do a maintenance check on the throttle body balance and idle. Same day response helping me sort out a computer issue, which was great. Easy to follow baffle removal, ran the maintenance software, and the bike runs even better. Great after sales service - this did not cost me a penny - much appreciated, and I continue to highly recommend.
- 21st November 2015
Booked my bike in with TTP Mike was so helpful, I had all parts removed that needed to be, a complete remap and what a difference it has made, it is so much smoother through the rev range and feels a lot more powerful.

I would most definitely recommend TTP for any work on your Triumph....I'M most definitely hooked .....Thanks Mike.
2 2-1 ecu
- 05th October 2015
I can't recommend this upgrade and the service enough. Posted off on the Thursday and it was returned on the Saturday. I've now run it for over a month, fantastic.

I fitted Tec 2-1 tracker exhaust, airbox baffle was easy to remove following the instructions on this site, DNA filter, the o2 sensor and AI followed suit. The low speed pick up is much improved, and the mid range is amazing the bike is much much better to ride in all gears, I went to a 19t front sprocket.

If you've got a bonnie with 2-1 exhaust I highly reccomend this tune and service, just brilliant.
- 27th August 2015
Fitted the dna filter and the Breathe and then uploaded the remap, took the bike for a run and its like riding another bike. The bike starts without the choke and on first push of the button, idles fantastic and takes off like a rocket pulling strongly on the smooth curve, best money ever spent.

Bike is a dream to ride, thanks TTP.
T100 Tune 2 for 2 into 1 + mods
- 04th August 2015
I had the dealer install a British Customs 2 into 1 exhaust, and the info I had at the time was to install an O2 elimination kit, remove AI, and use the Arrow map. My dealer was not at all familiar, and decided to only install the exhaust and they did their own map. The bike sounded great, and had some more power, however really was not running great.

I came across TTP, and contacted Mike who told me exactly what to put on (AI elimination, Breathe, DNA filter) and the TTP map. I actually returned an airbox elimiation kit I was set to install.

The bike now runs fantastic! Much smoother riding, particularly @ low speeds (around town), popping/backfire greatly reduced, and idles smoother too. The throttle bodies were out quite a bit, and I had to adjust TPS as well.

Thanks for your help, I was a bit nervous about doing this, however it was pretty straightforward.
2 2-1
- 04th April 2015
Great product. I'm using the TTP suggested mods and a TEC 2 into 1 with the baffle removed.

The bike is a joy to ride. Smooth and powerful. Throttle response is perfect.
No hesitations or snatching. I'm very impressed.
Smooth like a smooth thing!
- 23rd September 2014
From idle throttle in first gear the bike now smoooothly accelerates through the gears like it should, with a noticeable torque improvement.

This map is very good. Coupled with a DNA Airbox Filter, TTP Breath Airbox Intake Cover, Airbox Baffle removal and in my case, the excellent tecbikeparts 2-1 exhaust with baffle removed, the engine is set free.

Highly recommended!
TTP tune 2 2-1
- 16th April 2014
Best money I've spent on the bike. It runs better than it ever has. Power is smooth right up to redline. Have not had it on a dyno, but the power increase is very noticeable. Hard to put into words, but this is a new bike.
Mike is helpful and answered all my questions. Will definitely use TTP again.
Tune 2 -2-1
- 09th January 2014
Had TTP tune 2 2-1, TTP breath, DNA filter, SAI kit and lambda removal kit from the TTP team. The bike is crisper and much nicer to ride and definitely feels stronger. A very professional service, turned around in 3 days. A superb job guys.
- 02nd March 2013
Received the ECU back yesterday with the 2 2-1 download. Installed it last night, did the adaptive reset and went for a ride this morning. What a difference. More power, throttle is more responsive with no snatch, and it sounds better than it did with the factory Arrow 2-1 map. I'm very happy.
20333ttp221 tune
- 05th February 2013
A very noticeable improvement over the Triumph Arrow 2-1 map. Another TTP upgrade added to my Bonneville without encountering any problems whatsoever. Very highly recommended
2-1 ecu tune
- 01st February 2013
My original plan for my bonnie was just to put the 2-1 exhaust on for better noise. Things soon changed when i found this site and tune! The airbox baffle was easy to remove following the instructions on this site. The o2 sensor and AI followed suit. I have had to wait a week after fitting the ecu and airbox mods because of the weather, but it was well worth the wait!!

The low speed fueling is much improved, but the mid range is awsome! the bike is much much better here. The induction roar is much deeper and nicer to the ear and the awful buzz i used to get through the seat at motorway speeds has gone!! this used to make long trips a pain but no more!!

Mike was very helpful when I asked questions about the ecu and airbox mods. If you've got a Bonnie with 2-1 exhaust i highly recommend this tune and service.