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Bonneville/T100 Performance Tune 2 Reviews for the product - Bonneville/T100 Performance Tune 2 -
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Much better drivability
- 19th October 2023
I was not looking for more power per se, but instead better throttle response at low throttle angles.

This tune along with the suggested modifications made a world of difference in the way the bike responds to throttle input.

The mid range torque increase is just a bonus.
It's a different bike now
- 04th August 2021
I was hating my 2014 T100, unpredictable throttle response at low RPMs, if you wanted to rev it up high when taking off you could avoid the sputtering or engine shutting off but who wants to rev up at every single stop sign.

It was awful even though I've been riding for over 40yrs I was like a greenhorn when taking off from a stand still. Like creeping out at a stop sign to see if it's clear and engine dying.

The TTP Performance Tune 2 fixed it, it's fun to ride again.

They were also quick to respond to a couple of questions I had when doing the setup.

Highly recommend, they did they testing you just do the mechanical and remap, the fun part.
Excellent, thank you!
- 19th June 2021
My bike, a 2014 T100 was popping, running rough, stalling and hardly ran at low speed after it got hot.

Triumph Twin power remapped my ECU and now it runs perfect.

Better than new!
Thanks guys!
Tune2 t100 2015 model year
- 26th April 2021
It really works!

T100 hi flow air filter, bell mouth, air box baffle removed and o2 sensors removed but air injection left on.

Bike revs much more freely with improved torque throughout the rev range and it pulls cleanly right up to 7500 rpm no problem at all.

Changes the feel and performance more than I thought it would. As others have said it makes the bike run as it should and not feel strangled. Feels like the bike has had a shot of steroids!

Worth the money!.

I sent the ECU direct to them for download and return and enjoyed prompt and efficient service. Thoroughly recommended!
Ttp 2
- 28th June 2020
I've had my Bonneville SE for 3 years and decided that rather than change it for something else as it's only done 12000mls, I would make some minor mods.

I fitted tors silencers, removed the SAI, the 02 sensors and the baffle from the airbox and to compliment this I had the TTP tune 2 installed to my ecu and the bike has been transformed.

Really Pleased.
Amazing transformation!
- 09th March 2020
I purchased my 2009 Bonnie bike in pretty much stock condition with exception of TORS and Triumph TORS tune. The bike ran ok, decent power but not very smooth at all.

After reviewing the different tunes from TTP I decided to go with the Tune #2 which included removing the airbox baffle.
I completed loading the tune...the moment I started the bike I noticed a difference in the idle and the tone of the exhaust note from the TORS....silky smooth idle, didn’t even require enrichment.

My first ride told me that this was a very refined tune and reminded me why I love the smoothness of the 360 engine firing order. The engine was smooth, responsive and more power thru out the power-band! Totally changed the entire riding experience of the bike and made me realize that the 5 speed tranny ratios are just about perfect!

I recommend this mod without hesitation, definitely will keep you smiling. Great mod TTP!

Just do it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!!
Bike now runs better than when new
- 09th February 2018
I incorporated a few changes all at once including TTP Breathe, air box baffle removal, O2 and SAI removal. I scanned over the TTP tune compared to the OEM TOR tune I had loaded and it was different in almost every cell and table, so there was no way I would get close by fiddling with values myself.

I needed to reload the tune as I didn't have the TPS voltage or throttle body balance correct to start with. TTP provided me prompt feedback and assistance in this regard. The bike now runs very smooth, the snatchy throttle almost eliminated and no more popping on deceleration. Overall very happy with product and service and considerably cheaper than getting the bike professionally tuned.

The software worked well and was easy to use. I did have some problems with my cable and my main laptop getting a reliable connection to ECU. I tried on 3 other computers with similar OS and same drivers/settings and no problems at all for some reason one computer would not connect reliably.
TTP - Bonnie 100 Tune 2
- 05th February 2018
This remap, O2 sensor & SAI removal has transformed my 2013 T100 Bonnie fitted with Triumph's own straight through pipes. It's now soooo smooth and grunty.

Highly recommended & they are a great company to deal with. I have just had an engine light issue & Mike at TTP talked me through the procedure & issues. Now completely resolved. Thanks. Great Service.
TTP2 excellent
- 28th November 2017
Triumph Bonneville T100 2013. KN filter, TORS, no more O2 Sensor or AIS.

I am totally satisfied. Delivery within a few days, the downloadable TTP EFI Stage 2 available immediately after the order.

Installation of the tune was very easy with the program provided and the OBD 2 cable ordered at the same time. Installation of the air intake very simple.

The bike is more regular and responsive at low speeds, no more holes during acceleration. A little more torque and power. Consumption seems to be falling a little bit.

A little question after the installation, TTP replied the next day. Nice ... and effective.

Triumph bonneville T100 2013. Filtre à ait KN, pots TOR, plus de sondes O2 antipollution ni de IAS.
Je suis totalement satisfait. Livraison en quelques jours, le TTP EFI Stage 2 téléchargeable aussitôt après la commande.
Installation de la cartographie très facile avec le programme fourni et le câble OBD 2 commandé en même temps. Montage de la prise d'air très simple.
La moto est plus régulière et réactive dès les bas régimes, plus de trous à l'accélération. Un peu plus de couple et de puissance. La consommation semble baisser un petit peu.
Une petite question à poser après l'installation, TTP m'ont répondu le lendemain. efficaces.
Tune2, Breathe, O2 and SAI removal
- 18th August 2016
First,shipping is 1st class.
Second, top quality parts.

I have to say, I came first looking at TTP web site while owning a 1985 Kawa 454 LTD. And it played a great part in my decision to get a fantastic Bonnie.

My mind was set on getting some improvements on overall preformance and quality of riding, not on getting the huge smile on my face, close to get facial cramps.

Throttle response is instant, smooth extra low speed driving, back fires are gone. Engine runs cooler. Too deaf to notice any changes in TORS's sound but I bet its throatier.

Getting the right side panel was a breeze. did not touch the shoks - rear Wheel - mud guard. Used long nose pliers to unscrew 3 screws in the upper left. All was ok and effortless.

New models did really catch my eye and I came close to change, so glad I didnt.

No regrets, no complaints, just plain happy.
Best tune !
- 09th June 2016
After a scrambler, I decided to "rebuild" a T100 black with a lot of modifications. After removing SAI and O2 sensors, I took the airbox baffle off (thanks Mike for advice) and put the Breath cover on the box. As usual, tuning is very easy with "tuneloader" and the OBD cable and, as usual, the bike works like no one else can do but TTP ! No popping, smooth engine and power everywhere. Thank you for your job, Mike ! It's a way cheaper (and better) than all the fuel injection modules you can put on your bike and it is much better than any other maps, even from an official dealer ...
EFI tune 2
- 03rd February 2016
Didn't know if i'd notice the difference as I don't ride too hard, how wrong could I be! Beautifully smooth power delivery, the difference is like cotton vs silk. Well worth the £156 price tag, thanks TTP I will recommend this to my friends in our local triumph club.
Meilleur tune pour Bonneville T100
- 25th January 2016
Modifications déjà faites :
Admission d’air type ‘trompette’ (Motone)
Filtre d’aire K&N
Kit suppression lambda (détecteurs oxygène)
Kit élimination AIS (injecteurs d’aire)
Silencieux Norman Hyde Toga classics

Comme j’avais pensé, apres les modifs et toujours avec la cartographie d’origine, une vrai catastrophe.
Ralenti peu stable et grosse hésitation quand j’ouvre le gaz autours de 2000trs.

Suivant le conseil de TTP, J’ai acheté le programme Tune 2 avec modification en Angleterre, service très rapide - aller, reprogrammation et retour en France
Bike now runs as it should!
- 16th January 2016
I Installed the Breathe with Uni filter, TTP tune #2, removed my air box baffle, SAI, 02 sensors.

My Bonneville was setup with TOR's and the stock Triumph TOR's tune from the previous owner.

To say my bike has been transformed with these changes would be an understatement. It pulls hard from idle to 8500 rpm without any flat spots. Very smooth at low speed cruising, but very responsive when needed. These were the easiest and most noticeable performance mods I've done on any of my vehicles. Highly recommended!
Terrific improvement
- 13th December 2015
Can't tell you how pleased I am with the performance of my Bonneville following the hardware and tune updates from TTP. O2, AI, Breathe and filter ( TOR's ), tune 2 , all combine to make my Triumph into a more complete bike. Don't fear the technology - jump in and you will be delighted with the results!
- 24th October 2015
Sent my ecu out for tune 2, when I got it back I reinstalled and followed the instructions to the letter. Well... I could not possibly be more happy with the results. No popping on deceleration, no enging light from AI removal, plugs an excellent tan color.

It's all true
- 30th August 2015
What the other reviews say!

2014 T100 now running like it should have done in the first place !

Also the baffle removal is really no big deal
You don't need to remove all the gubbins as some others say (mudguard / battery etc), 12 screws' 10 easy 2 (in line with the frame). Just need pair of small long nose mole grips & a good light - clean faces & seal with good black silicone when re- fitting.

Plus - can't hear any extra noise to speak of with snorkel removed

Great mods - thanks TTP
- 03rd August 2015
I couldn't be happier with how my Bonnie is running now. Sounds healthier and it is so smooth through the whole of the rev range.

With the current British summer we are enjoying I haven't had the chance for a long test ride but I can't wait to see just how much quicker it is.

I was also very impressed with rapid speed orders are delivered.

Thank you very much TTP.
What a difference!
- 20th June 2015
My computer skills are average at best, but I had no trouble with the download or loading the tune into my 2012 Bonneville.

The step-by step instructions are simple to follow. For some reason an error message appeared during the relearn portion. I let the engine cool down for a few hours then started over. This time everything was perfect - beginning to green light about 15 minutes. Then I went for a test ride.

To say that I am happy would be an understatement! Gone is the low speed bog and what is often called snatchy-ness. Low to mid-range acceleration is very strong and smooth. Rolling on the throttle at cruising speeds gets you instant results. You have to experience it to understand it.

I can't believe I waited so long to do this upgrade. This is the way the Bonneville was meant to run. Removing the airbox baffle and intake snorkel is not hard when you follow the instructions provided by TTP. These guys have done their homework and their products and services prove it.

Don't wait - you're only depriving yourself of a lot of enjoyable riding if you do.
Bonneville Tune 2
- 20th May 2015
After I downloaded Tune 2, my Bonnie runs like never before. Perfect cold start, steady idle and better torque from low revs through mid range. Pulls like a train.
Together with DNA filter, Breathe, baffle removal, AI and O2 sensors off, this modification also improved a sound of bike.
TORS has deeper tone plus nice growl from the airbox. Now it is real british bike!
Many thanks to Twin Power team!
Not the same bike - in a GOOD way!
- 11th May 2015
Fitted the Breathe, took out the airbox baffle & uploaded Tune 2 after some advice from Mike. Already had K&N Hi Flow air filter. Honestly took about 8hrs - most of it getting the baffle out.

First time out, terrible. Wouldn't pull, almost had to push the bike home. Emailed Mike for advice - immediate answer, check for air leaks & reload the Tune.

Did this, smearing gobo all over the adjacent faces of the airbox covers. Uploaded the Tune again & WOW! Goes like a train, sounds like an angry Rottweiler. A great purchase. Just be careful to get the airbox seal right!
Amazing Service and Result
- 06th April 2015
Quick delivery and response to my queries. Mike gave me the advice I needed and the confidence to do the job. My Limited edition T214 just got a little special. Thanks!!
You NEED this Mod!
- 01st August 2014
I have the 2014 T100, equipped with Breathe intake cover, DNA filter, airbox baffle removed, TOR's, SAI and O2 sensor delete. This Tune TRANSFORMS the bike! Throttle response is immediate, smooth and linear throughout entire rev range. Perfect start-ups and idle. No popping on the over-run, bike now sounds like a proper Brit vertical twin. Best mod for the money!
- 09th June 2014
Triumph minus strangulation = TTP.
T100 Mods
- 14th May 2014
I had a similar experience to Jim here. I got the Breathe, DNA filter, and Tune 2 from TTP and got them all installed while pulling the snorkel and deleting the O2 sensors within one evening. I had previously pulled the AI. I had a little hiccup with the check engine light which Mike got me sorted out with right away. My plan is to run TORS with this setup but even with my bafflectomy'd stockers right now, it feels awesome.

The bike almost demands to be driven in the 4500-5k range and has a great little growl. Much more natural feeling throttle without any jerkiness. I'd certainly recommend this combo.
Bonneville Tune 2
- 24th May 2013
I don't know how to rate the breathe cover by itself. In one evening I removed the snorkel, installed the Breathe cover, removed the airbox baffle, installed the DNA filter, and and downloaded the Bonneville Tune 2.

WOW!! I had no idea that I would get so much of a performance increase. I don't have any way of actually measuring the difference, but my seat-of-the-pants measuring device could not be happier. Since then, I have installed TORS, and got a little more oomph.

It would appear that Triumph Twin Power really knows what they are doing!
Super tune
- 03rd December 2012
With this tune my 2009 T100 runs so smooth, that you can't wait for your next ride.
What a difference a tune makes !
- 15th July 2012
Great service and advice from TTP before and after purchasing this tune. This tune has made my T100 run like it was designed to. Thanks TTP for an easy purchase and a great performance increase. I was about to sell the bike due to the strangled performance and now I love riding it !!