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Performance tune 3 Bonneville T100
- 04th June 2024
Wanted to make the bike more simple and improve performance at low /middle rpms.

All products arrived well packed and fast.

Communication with the Twin Power people was helpful and excellent.

Following instructions, I remove AIS and O2 sensors. Also air box restriction baffle.
Fitted DNA air filter.
Step by step I download the tune map 3.

Then made a ride in the city and also "B" roads trip.

Bike now is as I wanted in the first place!

Low and middle rpms is smooth, no jerkiness and power/torque is much higher.

Thanks a lot for your service!
Tune 3, worth every penny’
- 09th August 2023
5 stars all the way!

After speaking to Mike at TTP, he recommended tune 3, Wow what a difference.

It’s like having a new bike, so much smoother through the whole rev range. The torque is amazing, no more popping and easy to ride at slow speed.

Bonneville Newchurch
TTP Breathe
DNA filter
Norman Hyde Togas
SAI delete
O2 delete
removed baffle from airbox
Tune 3

I highly recommend these mods, if you’re thinking about it, just do it.

This is the first time I’ve ever remapped an ECU, TTP couldn’t have made it any easier with their tunes and the TuneLoader software.

I removed my baffle without taking the airbox out, without breaking it, by just removing one side, the side with the fuse box. The 3 awkward screws I removed with long nose pliers. It took me less than 30 mins.

Thanks Mike
Thanks TTP
Bonneville/T100 Performance Tune 3
- 04th April 2023
Some time ago, following the article of T.T.P. (Bonneville, Thruxton and Scrambler Easy Airbox Baffle Removal) I went through all the changes they suggested, and yesterday I installed the Bonneville/T100 Performance Tune 3.

I had read very good reviews, but I didn't expect such an improvement from my Bonneville! Smoother throttle opening, more power all around!

This is an improvement that every Bonneville really should have. The only thing that makes me sad is that I took so long to do it.
Fantastic Tune
- 21st September 2022
Bike runs so much better, no more 02 sensors to deal with and getting rid of the air injection, wow no more popping.

What a great tune and the service was fantastic. I had a problem at first, Mike emailed me back within a half hour, problem solved.

If I ever need another tune this is were I will get it, I'm a happy camper!!!
Superb tune and service!
- 12th August 2022
Posted my ECU to TTP on Weds pm, it was back with me Sat am.

The tune is superb, the jerky throttle has gone completely, and the throttle response is smooth right through the rev range. Combined with the Breathe, DNA filter and airbox baffle removal the bike has been transformed.

The performance improvement is excellent, well worth the money!
Brilliant product and service!
- 07th August 2022
I sent my ECU to TTP for a re-map after removing the AI, O2 sensors, restrictor plate and fitted this Breathe intake and DNA filter.

The improvement to throttle response and acceleration is superb! I sent the ECU to TTP on Wednesday PM, and it arrived back Saturday AM. Fantastic service, I am well happy!
A New Bike
- 08th June 2021
I did the Stage 1.5 mod on my new-to-me T100 with BC Sleeper Pros. All I can say is... WOW. My T100 is a totally different animal now and all for the better. I wanted more torque with the same look and this setup delivered. The difference is stunning.

I also purchased the O2 and SAI removal kits. The quality and presentation of everything is noteworthy - everything needed aside from tools is included and comes in custom boxes.

Worth every penny
- 07th February 2021
I can only say how pleased I am with the way the tune brings everything together. It reminds me of my old T140 only with more response.

Well impressed with the service and communication from TTP. Can't praise them enough.
Tune and customer service 5 stars
- 26th January 2021
I purchased Tune 3 plus Breathe airbox intake, DNA filter and o2 sensor removal kit. All arrived within 36 Hours, and I am 7,000 Miles away!

Installed all, the Tune 3 very easy to load with the detailed instructions. But then no joy, would not start. Contacted TTP, instant help and advice, after much investigation, I had a defective fuel pressure regulator in the tank.

With this changed and Tune 3 worked straight away. And what a difference, absolutely amazing, the bike has improved throughout, acceleration, torque, no popping on over run.

5 star products and service.
- 23rd August 2020
After reading all about factory restrictions to meet emissions, I knew I wanted to get my bonneville breathing right. I also knew this would require a new map. I’ve always been comfortable tinkering, but connecting my bike to a computer and altering the ECU?

I was intimidated and worried I would mess something up. Out of all the things I’ve done to my bike, this was by far the easiest. Don’t be scared. They have done a phenomenal job with this software. Follow the simple instructions And you will have a perfect tune in no time.

- Very Happy Customer
EFI Bonneville Tune 3
- 17th August 2020
Can't fault them, got some really good advice on the best way to sort the problems, sent my ecu to TTP which was remapped and returned next day.

My bike is smoother and with more usable power.

Thank you TTP!
Triumph Bonnerville 2015 Stage 3 Tune.
- 13th August 2020
I had some early problems opening the tune and had to make some adjustments to the TPS for the tune to download but worked well on the second attempt with great help from the staff at TTP.

I'm not a computer person so took me a while to get my head around what to do. With all the mods done and the tune properly downloaded the bike is running beautifully with the snatchy throttle all gone and smooth power all through the rev range.

Worth every bit of the effort and cost.
How they should come from the factory...
- 18th June 2020
Discussed options with Mike, (extremely helpful,) and was recommended Bonneville/T100 Tune 3.

What a fantastic transformation! My 2010 now runs as it should, and is smooth and responsive!

This is the way they should come from triumph! Highly recommended...
A must.
- 14th June 2020
I have a 2010 Bonneville T100 and now, as many say, it’s a new bike. AIS removed, O2 sensor removed, air box baffle remove, new DNA filter, Hyde toga classic mufflers and remapped.

It’s a couple of days project (I am no expert and this is my first big bike project), I followed the instructions and watched videos and I am incredibly happy, I really could not stand the snatchiness/jerkiness at low speed and now it’s completely gone.

Best mode ever. Thank you guys!
Wow, new moto!
- 06th May 2020
I wanted to say thank you to you folks for selling great products! I installed Tune #3 for the stage 1.5 setup and wow, new bike!

The snatchy throttle at low RPMs has disappeared, nothing but lovely smooth roll on down low. No more backfiring at all, just gone. More power in the midrange, 3-6K RPM. Smoother idling. Just overall so much better than the stock tune. And the breather intake is high quality, the software is simple to use and the O2 plugs are top notch.

I can't recommend the upgrade highly enough.
Just buy the tune kit already!
- 08th April 2020
Just like all the other reviews, this kit is worth it. Taking the air baffle and the O2 sensor out are straightforward. Just like the instructions TTP gives you.

Now the computer is where I struggled. I don't know the difference between an exe. file or whatever else three letter files are in the system. I was having difficulty activating the tune. But don't worry. After a few emails to Mike at TTP (his patience is appreciated) we got it sorted out. Once connected the computer does the rest. You just wait about a total of twenty minutes while it downloads the files.

Then your out riding with an even bigger smile on your face.

Its worth it. Stop thinking about it. Buy it! BTW, I ride a 2014 Bonneville T100 black.
- 23rd July 2019
What a difference - its a completely different bike!

Before it was actually a bit of a yawn fest, quite boring to ride - felt way under powered and nothing exciting at all.

This was SO damn easy to install - followed the very well written instructions and within an hour it was done.

Holy Crap what a difference! It now just pulls hard in every gear, the power delivery is so goddamn smooth and its so much more exciting to ride!!!!

I now love this thing, where as before i was thinking of getting rid of it for something a bit gruntier.

5 Stars for the techs who put this software together - best money I've spent on it yet.

The air box, O2, and SAI system took about 2-3 hrs to do, and the flash took about an hour. A great morning project.
TTP Products worked as advertised, Bike runs great.
- 11th July 2019
Purchased a 2010 Bonne T100 several months ago and immediately noticed a hesitant throttle on starts, making slow turns/roundabouts unpleasant.

I thought new exhaust and low restriction air filter might help. Did not, after installation I immediately noticed a slight popping noise at 2 to 3K rpm at steady throttle in any gear.

Triumph dealership suggested an OEM remap to accommodate new exhaust/air filter. Unfortunately, no help at all. Found out about TTP on the net. Mike at TTP spent significant time explaining to me (via email) how the TTP products would work with my bike - prior to me purchasing anything from TTP (that in itself worthy of praise). I decided to have TTP remap my ECU at their site, I installed C02 kit, SAI kit and Breathe air intake kit as well as removing air box baffle (all of these processes very detailed with both instructions and images).

What I have now is a Triumph that is super smooth on any throttle position, NO popping at any throttle position and very noticeable mid range power/torque increase. Total transformation to the performance I wanted (and remembered from prior English bikes).
Stage 1 Kit
- 14th June 2019
Now I know what all the fuss was about for the original Bonneville's!

Everything works great. Pulling the airbox apart was a complete pain, but worth the effort. TTP instructions were the best. Can't go wrong with these guys,
A Very Happy Customer!
- 05th October 2018
Hi Guys,

This is just a thank you from a very happy customer. My ECM, Breathe and DNA arrived this morning so I installed it today.

Having done the reset I couldn't wait to try it and was amazed; I
haven't had a chance to try to top end power yet but the bike is now
so smooth and easy in traffic, at roundabouts etc it's like a new bike - so full marks from me!

I was very surprised that it will now ride at 30 mph in 5th gear and
then pull smoothly away.

I had been thinking about changing bike, but not any more.

Keep up the good work.
Long term review
- 13th September 2018
So in Sept 2014 I fitted Dominator pipes to my 2014 Bonnie SE. I also removed the O2 sensors and SAI, got rid of the Air box baffle fitted DNA and Breathe. Finally the Tune 3.

I have not reviewed it before as I wanted to see the longer term results and then forgot! So waffle aside 48,000km on this tune and the bike is running as strong as ever with no issues, I still grin from ear to ear every day as I ride my Bonnie... great bit of kit.

I also want to say that about a year ago my Local dealership got their hands on my bike again (shims) and despite my requests re mapped the engine, it ran like crap and they gave it back like that having given it a test ride! TTP were fantastic in helping me sort the bike back out... Great Customer service indeed six stars :-)
- 09th June 2018
WOW! After receiving my new EFI stage 1 torque induction kit (very quick shipping, thank you very much!) I installed a set of Cone SS Touring mufflers, Breathe intake, DNA, SAI, O2, removed the air box restrictor and downloaded tune #3, all I can say is WOW!

This bike had the jerky throttle, obnoxious off idle stumble since new and now, PERFECT! No, I mean F—-ING PERFECT! This bike is SOOOOO FUN to ride now! THANK YOU SO MUCH to the folks at Triumph Twin Power for TRANSFORMING my bike! Great products! Great service!
What a difference !!!
- 15th February 2018
Excellent service, very quick turnaround and what a difference it’s made to my bike!!!

Riding in traffic is no longer a ball ache, no more snatching and missing and the bike pulls strong on the motorway. Should have done this months ago. N/Hyde togas and k&n air filter fitted.
- 18th April 2017
I was terrified about the installation, not being real computer savvy, but it worked like a charm, as per the install guide. And the bike runs beautifully. Full marks to Mike for all the help and advice as I went through the modifications on my 2010 T-100. Took me a year, but worth it!
Breathe & Tune 3
- 06th March 2017
Converted my T100 EFI to the Breathe intake (O2, SAI & baffle removed) with DNA filter & Tune 3. The difference in smooth low rev throttle response is remarkable. The bike is now much easier to ride in traffic, not to mention the increase in power through the range Excellent product and service from TTP.
Excellent product
- 02nd January 2017
The product is handsomely packaged and the instructions are clear, which is a sign of the care and expertise that went into developing the product. I can't tell you how many times I've done a particular bike mod with either incomplete or terrible instructions, which is not the case here.

The software and drivers were easy to install, assuming one knows a bit about computers. If you are not at least semi-tech savvy, I recommend you ship your ECU to get it flashed.

I'm a bit slow, so between studying the instructions and prepping my garage, prepping the computer and making the mods to the bike before flashing the ECU, the process took me about 6 hours total. Everything worked perfectly and the bike is now running extremely smooth. I am very happy with this product. In the end, I had a very pleasurable weekend of working on the bike with fantastic results. Thank you TTP.
tune 3
- 05th November 2016
2015 T100....after 2k miles decided to upgrade to norman hyde togas and tune 3 kit..sai/o2 removal plus dna filter/breath and restricter plate removal....loading the map was easy but had issues with the reset adaption... fine tuned with the tps/idle/balance throttle bodies..let the bike cool down overnight and performed another reset adaption the next morning......and WOW! WOW ! WOW!
Smooth, Tractable , Linear
- 24th July 2016
Money well spent. Motorcycle mechanic for more than 25 years, so get to try & test all kinds of bikes & all kinds of tunes.

I had already removed the AIS & O2 sensors on my T100 ( 2015 ) then fitted NH reverse tappers, removed air box restricter plate, fitted DNA filter & Breath bell mouth. Downloaded TTP Tune 3.

My bike has always been cranky & snatchy at very small throttle percentage so unpleasant in city commute traffic. Tune 3 has made her the bike she should have always been. Smooth , tractable & linear power supply at any throttle percentage or speed. An absolute pleasure to ride! Download is easy but if using Windows Vista 32 bit you have to be patient with the OBD 2 cable drivers download. Other then that it doesn't get any easier then this! Well done guys!!
What a difference
- 16th July 2016
When I bought my T100 I loved it, suffered from a really snatchy throttle on take off and low speed riding. It was actually quite dangerous as the power would suddenly come in whilst riding slowly.
So I did the full TTP tune up with a ttp No 3 re_map, and it now goes like it should have from the factory. Loads of torque and power. I love it!!!.
Fully sorted
- 23rd June 2016
Previously got rid of AIS and O2 then NH classic togas with a Triumph remap the bike was massively over rich 45mph riding steady.So removed snorkel and baffle and added K and N with Breathe intake(very little extra intake noise) sent ECU for tune 3 out and back under 48 hrs.Result 67 mpg same usage ,less snatching,more power when required and there seems to be a brief fast idle on warm start up so no need to use the knob.A throttle blip on change down is always there which was not the case before.This is a very refined remap which along with the Bonneville,s other virtues makes the bike much more complete.
Excellent map for my T100
- 09th February 2016
I had a stock T100 with TORs, and the factory TOR map. It ran very well as it was, but I added the TTP Breathe Airbox Intake with the DNA Airbox Filter, the TTP SAI Removal Kit, and the TTP O2 Removal Kit.

At first, I kept the original TOR mapping with these modifications and it seemed to run well, but once I installed this T100 Performance Tune 3 it was a whole new idea of running well.

The software to do the tune installation is excellent. The instructions are clear, and very easy to follow. It installed for me without any issues (I did do the suggestion of removing fuse #9, for what it's worth).

Overall, I was skeptical because it felt like the map was expensive... and I wasn't sure I would need it - but I'm glad I decided to get it because after installing the map I feel like the bike does not have any flat spots and has more power throughout the RPM spectrum, and it very responsive.

Thanks TTP!
EFI tune 3 for T100
- 07th February 2016
Excellent service - got the ECU back in 48 hours - the bike now runs smoothly and powerfully - I had some very helpful advice from the 2 'phone calls I made to TTP - Thank you very much.
Freeing My 2012 Bonneville T100
- 14th January 2016
Being a novice regarding the pros and cons for enhancing performance, I vacillated between airbox removal vs modification. Thanks to TTP and their tech support (Mike) I opted for their solution/recommendation to modify my airbox - wow what an unbelievable improvement in performance!
Tom Jones
- 14th December 2015
2008 EFI Bonneville with Staintune replica sports pipes. Removed the AI, O2 sensors, snorkel and added a Breathe, K&N filter and applied the TTP #3 tune.

Turned the ride from a wheezing coughing old man to a full breathing Tom Jones. Power delivery is smooth and more predictable giving me more confidence in controlling the bike.

Worth every cent!
Bike transformed!
- 29th November 2015
Straight forward to use and the difference is impressive. Already had Staintune Reverse Cones and AI removed but added the DNA air filter,Breathe,O2 delete kit and removed the airbox baffle. Put this tune in and am very happy with the result. Highly recommended!
Easy with great results
- 18th July 2015
I bought the breathe, o2 sensor removals, OBD cable and tune 3.
Postage was quite fast to Australia.
Products are good, with very clear installation instructions for the breathe.
Installing the tune, whilst a little daunting, is actually very easy - just follow the steps!
Results are fantastic, so smooth and such a nice improvement. The wife's first comment was "That runs very smooth and will make me heaps more confident in turns".
The tune gets rid of all snatchiness completely, literally transforms the bike.
Thoroughly recommend this product to anyone considering it!
2012 Bonnie SE, Cincinnati, OH
- 25th June 2015
Installed Tune 3 even though I'm not well versed on computers. The instructions are easy to follow and the results are great. Smoother, less downshifting and great acceleration. I installed Norman Hyde reverse megaphones, SI removed, DNA filter and Breath intake and O2 sensor removed. Great improvement over stock. Thanks TTP!
The reviews are accurate, it does a great job.
- 02nd June 2015
I'll simply add that I'm a happy customer who agrees with the other reviewers. If you want a better performing and running Bonneville, do the mechanical bits and get Tune 3.
Torque Monster
- 12th May 2015
Amazing torque and smooth low speed throttle response. 2010 mag wheel Bonnie needed some serious help. I ride at 5500 feet above sea level on up to as high as 10,000 feet so I'm already giving up some horsepower. Then the wife decided she wanted to start going for rides with me. I was actually starting to look at bigger, stronger bikes. This tune saved me a lot of money. The Bonnie feels like a whole new bike, thanks TTP!

BTW, the install using the Tuneloader program was super simple. I'm not a computer geek and I had no problem following the step by step instructions.
Better than expected !!!!
- 11th May 2015
The guys that suggested Tune 3 were so right!! The added performance is great, I love it!!!!
Unbelievable difference!
- 21st April 2015
I went with the Tune3, DNA filter and Breathe. What can I say except the difference is amazing. The upload of the tune went smooth using the tuneloader software to my 2014 T100 Bonneville and the airbox baffle was easily removed using the instructions on this site. Hats off to Triumph Twin Power, they really have perfected this map and now I love my bike even more! No more snatchy throttle and heaps of torque up to the red line.
Faster than I care to go!
- 21st April 2015
I am a novice when it comes to computers and this was my first attempt at an ecu tune it was very easy. The steps were organized well. I did the O2 sensor and sai removal as well as the breathe intake cover and baffle removal the entire job took around three hours. On my first ride out the throttle seemed smoother, but what surprised me was the rate of acceleration seemed to significantly improve as well as the top speed by approximately 15mph. Overall I am extremely satisfied with this product and will recommend this company and services in the future.
Too Simple.....
- 14th April 2015
I was a little concerned doing the remap myself. I consider myself pretty good with a laptop but, some of the instructions I had read were pretty confusing in places, especially at Tuneecu. I have to say that TTP's remap was idiot proof. It went so fast and easy. Now my T100 is a beast, the power, speed and sound are great. Thanks so much. Well worth the money.
Bike transformed!!
- 13th April 2015
Huge recommendation from me ,discussed what needed doing and why in what order and turned the ECU round in one clear day ,amazing .
Low Speed Smooth
- 11th April 2015
The tune worked as advertised with a beautiful low speed to mid response. Runs flawlessly up to red line. The NH pipes certainly make it sound faster, but, time will tell. My hope is the pipes don't keep turning blue back to the foot pegs.
- 04th April 2015
Couldnt be happier really. BC Sleepers, AI removal, O2 sensor removal, TTP breathe intake, DNA air filter, and downloaded this tune#3... The tune really pulls it all together. The tune download comes with the TuneLoader program by TTP and is easy to follow - it walks you right through the steps. I took the bike out right after for a nice 2 hour ride and it felt great. snatchiness (on / off jerk) is gone, the intake roars, and it pulls like a train. highly recommend this.
Tune 3 EFI 2012 T100 Bonneville
- 23rd February 2015
I had been running my bike with a high-flow air filter and bellmouth and straight-through silencers. It was a lumpy on a standard tune. I got my re-tuned ECM unit and O2 sensor removal kit back by return of post. The instructions were easy to follow and the results are excellent - smooth and powerful throughout the rev range - the bike feels great - I would strongly recommend this service to anyone in my position.

Thank you TTP
I hate computers! But love the new power!
- 09th January 2015
I had a real problem trying to understand the computer / download side of things, but a couple of frustrated calls to TTP put me straight. I removed the O2 and AIS on my 2009 SE Bonnie. Fitted an Arrow replica from a certain auction site (£250). Hi flow air filter. Removed baffle plate and snorkel intake, fitted a TTP breathe intake cover. A 19T front sprocket helped the gearing cope with the extra power.

Why oh why can't Triumph supply the bike with these mods as standard? Fantastic ride now. Much improved bhp and torque, a lovely sound, and better mpg. I regularly get 60mpg on a ride. Thanks TTP.
Very smooth, very strong!
- 05th November 2014
Downloaded TTP3 for my 09 Bonne T100 yesterday and got it loaded today. What a difference! First thing I noticed was the smooth idle, next was the deeper exhaust note from my TEC 2:2 exhausts, and lastly, I noticed the tach headed for the red line faster than ever before! She really screams now! Breathe on the way! Can hardly wait!
Well worth the investment
- 27th September 2014
I downloaded TuneECU and Tune 3 and did the remap myself. I had AI delete and Predators already. I did the O2 delete and the recommended airbox mods as well.

After following all relevant instructions to the letter, my 2012 Bonneville Se runs much better. Roll on throttle is very smooth and predictable. I can now idle along in any gear with no snatch or rough running. No more embarrassing hot starts. The power increase is a nice bonus too. Now the bike runs the way a proper British twin should.

Thank you for your quality products. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
A new bike!
- 26th September 2014
I recently fitted the mods suggested by Mike at Triumph Twin Power to match my aftermarket TEC SS exhaust. Removing the airbox baffle was a bit fiddly but Twin Power give a very comprehensive set of instructions. I used their remapping service, sending the 'Magic box' down to them. They turned it around very quickly and following the instructions I put it all back and everything fired up first time.

The performance of the Bonnie has improved significantly, especially as the revs increase. From 4000 rpm it's a different bike. There is more induction roar under acceleration and on a straight line speed test (yeah I know the speed limit's 60) the 'new' Bonnie went straight up to an indicated 110mph very quickly before I ran out of courage and backed off. Definitely a performance improvement and much less expensive that getting another bike, more fun too.

le must
- 18th September 2014
Enfin mon T100 à la hauteur de mes attentes. La mélodie 3 a donné vie à mon coureur de café. Je tiens à remercier Mike pour ses conseils et la rapidité de leurs réponses! Je ne conseille pas les produits manqurai !!!

(Google Translation)
Finally my T100 to my expectations. The tune 3 gave life to my cafe racer. I want to thank Mike for his advice and speed of their answers! I do not advise manqurai products !!!
- 17th September 2014
Added this tune along with DT pipes, de-snorkeled, removed the 02, removed the AI and added the Breathe. What a difference, the bike runs so much better than stock it feels like a different bike. Throttle response is crisp and it keeps pulling all the way up to the redline, when it was stock it would sign off early. Could not be happier, awesome mod.
Bonneville T100 Performance Tune 3
- 03rd September 2014
Initially I added the Dominator Touring pipes and SAI removal kit thinking that would be enough to hopefully make a difference and improve the performance. I was wrong and contacted my dealership about a Tune job. I did not hear exactly what I hoped. I talked to some friends and they shared their disappointment and trials trying to get the right tune for their Bonnies and the cost was concerning.

I started surfing the net. TTP seamed to have the answer and reading the reviews gave me hope. I contacted Mike at TTP and told him what I was looking for. Mike recommended that I remove the airbox baffle, replace the air filter with a DNA filter, add the O2 removal kit and he would remap adding the tune 3 program.

My Bonnie now surpasses my expectations 25% and the mid range torque is impressive. Mike is a pleasure to deal with, taking the time needed to walk you through making it simple. Thanks again to Mike and TTP. My Bonnie is no longer FOR SALE!
Bonneville Tune 3
- 23rd July 2014
WOW! This is definitely a worthwhile investment for anyone who loves these bikes and wants to have it run the very best it can run. These guys must have spent a lot of time and money to perfect this tune. It couldn't run any better than it does now. I especially like the way it will pull smoothly from very low rpms without hesitation. Feels like at least 10 or 12 more horses and the torque is way up there too. You just can't ask for a better overall setup. It's worth the money!
Bill Barnier
Now a Proper Bonnie
- 29th April 2014
Last weekend I finally got around to removing the SAI, O2 sensors & airbox baffle and installing the performance tune 3. I'd already got a K&N performance air filter and the Norman Hyde Classics tailpipes fitted.
I can only say I wish I'd done it earlier. What a difference! The bike is soo much smoother, pulls well from low revs and is now the bike I always thought it should be.
Brilliant!! thanks!!
it was worth it !!!!
- 14th April 2014
First off you have to take in to account I'm a idiot when it comes to computers and yes the software down load took two of us like 6 1/2 hrs to load everything that aside I can tell you it was all worth it in spades. The power increase all over the band was very good , no popping or back fire at low rev's and my T100 feels like it got a big kick in the butt power wise. I can't tell you how good the bike feels now . I'd do it again in a minute the software grief was worth it . thanks Mike & TTP I'm a believer . Barry Bearden in NOR -Cal
Faster, smoother, better mileage
- 04th April 2014
I was skeptical when I read the reviews of people who said they were getting better mileage with a higher-performance tuning. I was wrong.
I have the free-flowing silencers, DNA filter, TTP intake, O2 Delete, Air Injection delete and this tuning. At normal highway speeds varying from 60-80 mph, over a 200 mile ride I got just over 50 miles per gallon. With everything stock I never got better than 43 or thereabouts.
Low-speed cruising is much smoother too. No more herky-jerky parking lot maneuvering.
As for speed, when it was stock I had to hold it at full throttle for awhile to get the speedo to creep up to 100+ mph. Now it gets there a lot quicker and with less effort.
This is a great product for your Bonneville. Dump the O2 and air injection, get this tune, the intake and DNA filter. You will be very happy.
- 08th February 2014
Just want to add my praise for all of the kit and assistance for Mike and the TTP team.

Order received after just 2 days to me here in Mallorca. I had started to do the airbox baffle removal mod on the day the parts arrived. With this completed I then fitted new K&N filter, TTP breathe cover, O2 removal kit, and the SAI removal kit. This was dead easy and only a few basic tools needed. OBD2 cable driver installed in a couple of minutes, TuneECU programme installed in a couple more then onto the bike to download the TTP Tune 3. I did have difficulty doing this, but that was my fault as I hadn't done anything like this before (computer illiterate idiot!), but after several calls to Mike to help guide me through the process I was amazed at how easy it was, and how easy it would have been for anyone with half an ounce of sense.

After just a few minutes of downloading the Tune my system burst into life on my HP mini tablet screen and the Tune was now on my bike's ECU. I erased the single fault code relating to the missing SAI system and then followed the "Reset Adaption" instructions and was good to go! Seat back on, leathers on, and out for the first test-run.

This was just as many people had raved about on the reviews about the kit, the bike tore off up the road making a primeval roar from the intake side, and an even better sound from the exhaust.....I was so impressed with the 'new' response throughout the rev range, and with no more 'popping' on deceleration from high RPM that I just wanted to ride on for hours, but by this time it was now quite dark, and thought I had better call it a day before I got too carried away.

I made a second day of it yesterday, and was able to try out everything from slow town riding to fast motorway riding, and to riding along a lovely winding mountain pass. All conditions were amazing. They were not bad before on the Bonnie, but now I am super-impressed with my 'new' Bonnie. Just want anyone who is considering this type of improvement to be assured that it does work, not just a bit, but in a way that is difficult to explain in a review like this unless you can see my grin, and also sense of achievement of having done the mod myself (errr with a few calls to Mike of course!) in a very short time.

The cost was well worth it for the results returned, and I can only say, don't keep thinking about doing it, just get on and do will NOT be disappointed! Also I have a couple of friends here with bog-standard Triumphs who are going to take the plunge after seeing and hearing my new beast!

Thanks so much again Mike!
Breathe & tune 3
- 23rd January 2014
Just received the ECU. With tune 3 and the Breathe for the airbox. Great service from all at TTP .
So how does it go? Amazing!! Just how a 900 cc. Triumph should go. Responsive, no snatch, so much in the mid range. It's been said before but not searching for another gear anymore. Idle is smooth and even, starting instant. Could not be more happy. Wish I had done this a year ago when I chose a Bonneville as my next ride.
- 17th January 2014
(Yet Another Satisfied Customer)

So much has been said here already. I can't add anything new. I'm just, well, so VERY FREAKIN' HAPPY that I bought this tune!

Your product made a bike that I already enjoy into a bike that I LOVE.
It's already made this winter a bummer: I know far too keenly what I am missing, during these cold months. I'm missing a bike with an even, responsive throttle and a beautiful purr.

Thanks, Mike! Wonderful work.
If you hate computers, read this!
- 06th September 2013
I hate computers! All technology in general, so when I decided to tune my Bonneville using this stage TTP EFI Tune 3, I was apprehensive. Sure enough, I couldn't get past the first hurdle, I couldn't download it to my PC. Fear not, all you luddites who can't use computers! I called Mike at TTP and he patiently talked me through the process. Actually it was quite easy in the end. And the difference - WOW! I fitted a free flowing exhaust system, TTP Breathe, removed the SAI and O2 sensors, removed the airbox baffle and did the TTP tune 3.

The Bonnie now feels like a British twin should. It's responsive, crisp, snarling, with loads of torque. Nothing like the emissions-strangled sewing machine that it was previously! All the mechanical mods would have been useless without the TTP EFI tune. Worth every penny and much much cheaper than a PowerMaster chip.

Brilliant, thank you so much for being patient Mike.
T100 TTP 3 tune
- 10th August 2013
Along with AI,O2 and air box baffle removal, Feked Vickers tailpipes, DNA filter and TTP Breathe, I purchased a TTP 3 tune. All I can say is WOW. Totally different bike and a permanent silly grin. No snatching throttle, no popping on deceleration, just a lovely growl from the air box and a harder edge to the exhaust note without being too loud. Fantastic service and excellent advice and delivery from Mike. Couldn't recommend any more highly.
- 25th July 2013
I Had been reading all the good reviews on this tune and diverging whether to go for it or not as i had all ready paid for the triumph in house tune and after much backwards and forewords reading more reviews i bit the bullet and went for it.
Yikes what a difference all thru the range. smoother, quicker, faster, fantastic i couldn't recommend this tune enough. what a blast, you get a face ache with every ride from all that grinning.
What a difference!
- 19th June 2013
My Bonnie is a 2012 SE with Arrow 2-2 pipes and the AI and O2 sensors removed. I had the Triumph Arrow map download with AI and O2 disabled. It was my hope that performance and drivability would improve but really it was worse. The snatchiness was still there, plus the idle was irregular and starting with a hot engine was embarrassing with all kinds of pops and farts. The Tune 3 map fixed all these issues and also gave me more power on the road.

The service from TTP is awesome. I sent a message describing my issues and Mike promptly send me a reply describing why my motorcycle was acting the way it was and what would fix it. He was right on the money. I am very pleased the whole process and the quality of the product and the service I received. Thanks guys!
A Jekyl and Hyde...
- 18th June 2013
Not being in anyway PC savy I had great fears about remapping my own ECM.
Using Mikes remap service it was plug and play. Introducing Mr Hyde.... It's a defferent bike I have to say. The mid range and high end power roll-ons are great. I have BC Predators so the bike is somewhat louder now so my perceptions may just be a little biased.

Thanks to Mike and the team.
Speed and Performance Do Cost Money!
- 23rd May 2013
The dealer wouldn't/couldn't remap the ecm on my new Bonnie, in any real productive way.

When I pulled off the O2 sensors, the right side sensor was almost totally fouled!

By sending my ecm to TTP for remap, as I have stated before, in other reviews of TTP products, I now feel like i'm riding a new bike, a true Bonnie. I stopped by the dealer and he was impressed by the sound alone!

We are making arrangements for him to ride the bike, and he is seriously evaluating the way he does business, as it pertains to performance upgrades/ECM remaps etc...

There is a great deal of misinformation being perpetuated by the Triumph "Dealer Network". The average guy is being cautioned to NOT touch the ECM, or bad things will happen. This is just not so! I was always looking for a 6th gear, and now the roll on and flat out riding are superb!

It saddens me to think of how many folks will miss out on this most excellent service, and never truly feel the bike performance they paid for...waking up my Bonnie has made all the difference!
Keep up the excellent work folks!


The ONLY trouble I had was with shipping, on my side of the ocean! DO NOT USE USPS OR FED EX, they are the same. Pay the UPS fee upfront, or you will cost yourself more time and money on the back end. I could have saved myself 5 days of lag time (going through customs) had I NOT tried to save a bit of money, by using USPS. I tried to use USPS, and found, after I sent the package, that they use FED EX for international shipping, and this screws the flow up greatly!

Use UPS and follow all directions from TTP, to the letter! Seriously!!!!!

Best to all at TTP, and thank you for thinking outside the box!
David N. Goss
Southwick MA, USA
- 10th March 2013
No more overrun popping, no more throttle snatch, runs very good now, lot more power. Couldn't be more happyer.

Thanks TTP & Mike.
TTP Map3 what a difference!!!!!
- 22nd August 2012
Hi all Triumph Twin owners, I have a Black Bonneville T100 EFI with the following mods,air box restrictor and snorkel removed, K&N air filter AI and Oxygen sensors removed, twin Staintune reverse cone mufflers and had it to Triumph specialists who had remapped the ECU with the Triumph arrow map and oh what flat stops and popping!

Bought map 3 from TTP and wow pulls great from 60km/hour in top gear to redline no flat spots! Highly recommend TTP remapping!!!! AAA++++++
Very happy bunny!!!
- 12th June 2012
Installed perfectly first time. Worked well from the off, but out today for the load run out she just seemed to sail along.
Loads of mid-range torque, smooth running and 60 mpg - what more could I want??

What a difference
- 31st May 2012
After some research, I got this map for my predators and DNA setup. Before downloading it, I tried the Arrow Which is available for free to see if I spent my money for nothing :). But wasn't any good. After downloading this map, the bike is just amazing! Great support and outstanding work from Mike. Keep it up.
- 07th May 2012
Can't believe the difference it has made. Bonnevile SE 2010, fitted twin Arrows, DNA filter and 02 removal kit from TTP, removed airbox baffle and SAI, then the icing on the cake. TTP Tune 3. Wow, what a difference, so smooth and mid range acceleration is superb. Never remapped a bike before, but useing TuneEcu and TTP instructions, the whole process was straight foreward.
Extremely Happy!
- 03rd May 2012
I have an 09 T100, with Togas, snorkel removed, K&N filter and I was previously running a modified TORS tune created by another Trat member. I removed the airbox baffle and downloaded this tune from TTP. The difference is amazing and the bike pulls like a train! Worth every cent, IMHO.
Dramatic Change and Great Service
- 16th March 2012
I contacted TTP for guidance regarding the appropriate tune for my bike (2010 T100). Mike provided me with a complete, well thought out recommendation - based upon my modifications, this tune was recommended and I could not be more pleased.
I sent my ECU to TTP (I did not have access to TuneECU) and had him load the tune. Very simple process which was handled very professionally by TTP. I received regular updates on the status of work and shipping. The ECU was back in my hands (in Minnesota) in one week!

I followed up with Mike regarding a couple of questions which he promptly answered. Once I installed the ECU and completed the adaption procedure, it was as though I had a new bike. Pulls through the gears strongly, very smooth power band, no flat spots and the butt dyno says the bike is quicker.

I could not be more pleased with my interactions with TTP - I would recommend them to anybody who asks. Professional, prompt, and an excellent tune.
- 05th March 2012
After the remaping, (20187ttp3fi with stage 1 ignition advance) I experienced more power and torgue in all the range of rpm. It is like I drive a new, stronger bike...
It was the piece that was missing from my mods (Snorkel off, SAI off, O2 sensors off, Raask 2,5 inches exhaust headers without precats, NH peashooters, DNA filter)
Excellent piece of work, I love much more to ride my Bonnie now
Greetings From Greece!

great tune and excellent advice
- 02nd December 2011
I was toying with the idea of retuning my t100 efi for a couple of years but wasn't sure how to go about it and didn't think I had the capability. I normally do all the maintenance services myself,but this was a whole different ball game.

However with the fantastic help and advice dished out regularly on the rat forum and the endless patience of mike here at TTP, I managed to do it all with little or no trouble. The TTP performance tune is excellent and has increased the power, control and over all performance of my bike and the service and reassurance I received from all at TTP but a very special mention to Mike, has been top class and second to none.

I sent off my ecm unit and within a week it was returned ,remapped and ready for installation!I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending TTP for what ever tune you require.

Thanks a million

Thank you TTP
- 19th November 2011
Fitted my re-mapped ECM this very morning. Thanks to Mike the Pieman & all @ TTP, I now have a new bike. I would recommend it to any Bonneville owner who is thinking of removing there AI, O2 sensors, snorkel & fitting a DNA filter. TTP can provide all the advice & parts needed....thanks again....TTP.
- 24th October 2011
This tune was everything I wanted and expected.Bike idles better than ever and pulls good at all RPM's in any gear. Also I am getting good MPG.
Download from site was easy, took 3 minutes to load on my ECM and 10 minutes to Reset Adaption.
It is worth the money.
Happiness at last...
- 23rd October 2011
I am certainly happy with mine (tune 20187ttp3fi with stage 1 ignition advance). As one of the earliest users of the service I'm delighted with the results. No low speed throttle snatch, perfect starting and watch-like idling in all circumstances, no hesitation or stumbling when pulling away from low revs, seamless acceleration with no flat spots, tons of mid-range, imperceptible change-over from "F" to "L" maps and spectacular top-gear and high rev performance, no popping back on deceleration either, together with perfect tractability from as low as 1800 rpm in top gear.

If I was any happier with the way my bike runs now I'd burst...It can change from a smooth, docile, refined and tractable gentleman's express to a snarling beast with just a twist of the throttle, the option of stage 1 ignition timing advance is certainly felt at high throttle openings. I wish I'd done this a lot earlier, it would have saved me a lot of trouble.

Full review at this forum thread: