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Bonneville/T100 Performance Tune 5 Reviews for the product - Bonneville/T100 Performance Tune 5 -
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Uprated from Tune 3 to Tune 5
- 16th April 2016
I was very happy with the Tune 3 but decided to have my cams re-ground to 813S spec by Triumph Performance USA here in Calif. Incidentally, this is the grind they recommend for mid-range torque over high end power, which is what I desired. After the cams were returned to me (it took a lot longer than I was led to believe but that's another story), I purchased and had my mechanic install TTP's Tune 5. By the way I received a 20% discount on this purchase because I was an existing Tunes customer so make sure you ask for a discount if you should decide to go to same route. I have been able to go on only 1 ride so far, about 70 miles round-trip over a local, heavily travelled mountain pass between where I live and the coast, rising to about 2,000' elevation. My first impression after I started and took off on my 2014 T100 was that the bike sounded different with those new cams; actually a little quieter note from my Dunstall replica mufflers purchased from the UK installed, yet with a more authoritative rumble, deeper but more mellow and less brassy. I like it. On my ride the next day the bike felt smooth and confident. No hesitation on acceleration and no popping on de-celeration. The powerband felt beefier and the bike felt faster, the most so in the mid-range from 3000 up to 6000 rpm. Here are the reasons I am giving Tune 5 a four-star and not a five-star rating. One; it felt like it was running out of breath above 6000 up to the red line, i.e., the acceleration tailed off noticeably once it was out of the mid-range. Two; with this tune I noticed something I had not noticed with the earlier Tune 3 and that was that there is a mild but noticeable surging or "hunting" and sometimes a little hiccup at very small throttle openings in the lower rpm range; 2000-2500 rpm. This was when I was following slower traffic, starting to wonder if I should downshift (to 3rd) or stay in the gear I was in (4th). Three; on my return I was in the act of passing a slow car coming out of a roundabout, in 3rd at about 2000 rpm, cranked open the throttle and the power response was very sluggish. I didn't have to downshift in the end as it did gradually pick up steam finally and I got by the car without difficulty. I was doing this to test the low range torque and was disappointed that it did not seem better than before with the Tune 3 and maybe not even as good. The lesson, I would say, is to stay solidly in the mid range from above 2500 or 3000 rpm and don't expect too much beyond about 6000 rpm. This is where most of us spend our time riding anyway and within this range the Tune worked very, very well. In all honesty, to conclude, the 813S cams probably played their part in the above performance description since I had no opportunity to try out the Tune 5 before the new cams were installed but, on the other hand, this tune was expressly designed to be used with these or similar "Stage 1"-type cams so you wouldn't even be trying one without the other in the first place, would you? I have written to TTP outlining the above and asking for their thoughts and reactions. If anything further should come from this discourse I may be moved to submit a followup review together with any new findings, especially if that were to involve an upgrade from 4 stars to 5. Frankly, I would be more than happy if that were to be the case.