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Fantastic Tune after Help From Mike
- 03rd May 2022
The tuneloader software included with the tune is great, its like a stripped down TuneEcu. Instructions are clear and I had no problem downloading the tune. The only part that confused me a bit was making sure I was downloading the correct drivers for the cable.

Initially, I did have issues with the bike running extremely rich to the point that black smoke was pouring out of the exhaust. I couldn't figure out what was the cause and after emailing Mike a few times I realized it was user error with me incorrectly adjusting the TPS voltage.

After fixing this problem the bike ran smooth as butter. The infamous throttle snatchiness these bikes are known for is completely gone. Power delivery is quite smooth and feels like a woken up bike. I will likely purchase their "Fine Tune" option soon to get even better results.

For how little TTP tunes costs and how well they work, there is no excuse to not get them.
Cracking service
- 25th February 2021
Posted my ECM on Tuesday, returned Thursday! That's what I call service, thanks.
HUGE Upgrade Over "Arrow" Tune
- 24th May 2020
In the past when I've owned air cooled twins and did performance mods, I had my dealer install the "Arrow" tune which worked well enough.

I recently picked up a 2010 Scrambler project. I removed all emissions controls, the airbox and installed a 2-1 exhaust. Last up was the TTP Scrambler 13 tune and what a difference it made. Much better than the generic "Arrow" tunes I have used in the past. Bike runs absolutely fantastic now and the added power and torque is always welcomed.

The TTP tune was money well spent and I can't recommend highly enough.

-Mike L
Tune 13 for air cooled scrambler
- 30th November 2019
I wanted to take a minute to thank Mr. Mike Cripps and staff at TTP for their outstanding customer service and help in making my scrambler such an enjoyable ride!

The web site was easy to understand and navigate as I purchased the products needed. The tune download was seamless and worked as advertised with my ECU. I was very hesitant at first, not being computer savvy, but the tune took a mere 20 minutes to install and the bike is running more like the ones I remember from the 1970's in feel and sound.

Thanks again for providing quality aftermarket motorcycle knowledge and products at an affordable price for riders who may not have the resources to do business with dealerships.

"Cheers" from Massachusetts, U.S.A.
- 09th July 2016
I work at a shop where we have an in house dyno. We played with custom Tune ECU maps on my Scrambler but it was never quite right. I had a fair amount of surging, and flat spots from 3k - 4500 rpms. I am running a Zard Cross Exhaust, btw.

This tune eliminated all of the flat spots and surging. The bike is performing the way it should! So freaking happy!
Amazing! Absolutely worth it!
- 21st April 2016
I recently had the Arrow 2-1 installed on my ’15 Scrambler EFI, and while it sounded and performed fantastic considering the fact that the intake air flow was quite stifled by the stock airbox.

I started briefly looking into options that would increase airflow throughout and therefore power on the high end for highway/freeway travel. I came across an airbox removal kit and after reading through some forum threads, came upon this site and the tunes/kits offered here. So glad I did! I didn't really want to have a local dealer do the mod and I was confident the tune they'd load wouldn't be adequate for what I was looking for. I decided to remove the secondary air injection at the same time as the airbox removal, as well as the O2 sensors since the TTP tunes call for it.

Install went well and downloading/running the tune software provided was simple and the software is well-designed. I ran into a couple self-induced hiccups: 1) ended up draining my battery a bit in the process of re-mapping and troubleshooting error codes, but this is due to my own poor battery maintenance and the age of the battery. 2) I likely erred in the TPS adjustment stage because I was having throttle/fuel issues after downloading the tune. I replaced the battery with a new lithium-ion variety and re-downloaded the tune and followed the steps more properly. Afterwards, TPS indicator illuminated, no error codes, all is well!

Tune is magnificent. Very smooth at low speeds, no popping or backfiring. The tune suits the mods very well and I have no trouble punching it at high speeds and getting a solid, powerful response.

Mike was incredibly helpful and responsive in troubleshooting the problems I was having and offered great solutions and information. My overall experience has been fantastic. My only regret is that I had prematurely gone with the ARK and only learned about the airbox mods that were also an option after I had pulled the trigger on the ARK. Had I researched more diligently early on, I would have gone the modification route as opposed to removing the airbox altogether. Either way, I am quite pleased and would highly recommend TTP and Mike to anyone who is contemplating doing the airbox mods/removal and retune.

Thanks, Mike!
Do not hesitate !
- 19th June 2015
As a french Triumph Scrambler Enthousiast, I wanted to enhance my bike not only for a cosmetic purpose but also for an engine that works like it should ...
I've put a Zard Cross exhaust, a K&N pod filters kit (no airbox left), no SAI, no O2 sensors. My Triumph dealer put their OEM map but they do not work on such an intake modification. So I was not happy with this map (20514) as the bike was not smooth enough at low revs, was not efficient at mid revs (4000) where the scrambler does its best in torque and I had some popping at deceleration. I have to say that I had some kinds of "missed fire" some times when re-accelerating, wich can be even dangerous when passing.
After one or two questions, Mike told me this Tune 13 should be perfect for my bike. With his executable software, Mike has done very, very well. It is very easy to tune (step by step) and after about 20 mn, I had a new bike ! It never worked like this ! No popping, smooth, powerful when needed (I was surprised to see I was at 6000 rpm !), no more missed fires, no "choke" needed, in one word : perfect !
With an unexpensive cable and this tune, there is absolutely no need to buy a (very) more expensive module you leave under your seat and there is nothing to see with an OEM map ! Thank you Mike !

In French, for all my friends who do not speak english :

Mon scrambler, modèle 2015, est équipé d'une ligne Zard Cross, d'un kit cornets KN, AIS et sondes supprimés.
La carto d'origine chargée par mon concessionnaire (20514, pour ligne 2-1) ne donnait pas satisfaction : ratés d'allumage, moteur brutal à bas régime, trous à mi-régime et pétarades à la décélération.
Après contact avec Mike, il m'a conseillé cette carto (tune 13) et là miracle : après 20 mn d'installation facile (6 étapes), j'ai trouvé une moto que je ne connaissais pas ! J'ai retrouvé sa souplesse à bas régime, plus de ratés, des montées en régime franches à tous les régimes, plus aucune pétarade et même pas besoin de "starter" pour démarrer à froid !
Bref, il est totalement inutile de payer 4 fois plus cher pour un boitier à laisser sous la selle et aucune carto OEM n'atteint ce niveau de perfection pour cette config !
Merci Mike.
Spot on
- 08th June 2014
I've customised my Scrambler including AI, O2 and airbox removal. With an Arrow exhaust already fitted the remap was the last stage. Thanks to the really good instructions and parts on site it went as smoothly as promised. As I still have parts duct taped on , I've only done a short 1 mile ride but already can tell the snatchy low speed throttle has gone and it feels responsive. No engine lights on the dash, so I'm very happy. I,ve mounted a lithium battery under the frame and have removed all the passenger ironwork and fitted a custom seat. With all this done the bike feels MUCH lighter and more responsive.
Hell Ya!
- 28th April 2014
Researching new exhaust systems for the scrambler, I knew I would have to make other changes to take full advantage of this bike's potential. I chose the zard high 2-1 race pipes.

So, with the air box already removed, I knew I also would need to tune the bike. Everyone in my area kept pushing the PCV on me. Most knew little to nothing about TUNE ECU. And the responses I got when I mentioned removing 02 sensors and AI system were unfavorable, so I knew I had to keep looking.

I finally came to the site here and found valuable information on a couple different forum sites. But I was unsure the tune would suit my needs, because I figured most 2-1 exhaust tunes were probably with the Arrow. I inquired to TTP, and they assured me this would work fine as both systems work nearly the same.

So, I wrenched off or on all my mods and downloaded the tune. Everything went really smooth in Tune ECU, it was really straight forward and the instructions are perfectly written.

Test ride went extremely well. That super touchy throttle became very smooth. And there was a burst of power in the middle to high end range, that pulled and pulled. No more do I need to downshift to pass, just blip the throttle and I'm gone. It's made the bike that much more of a pleasure to ride. I'm very impressed, so impressed in fact that I want more.

So I'm going to go forward with the fine tune, but that has no regard to this tune at all. I'm very happy with this tune and could ride this tune till the wheels fall off. However, i'm a very obsessive person, who needs to know everything is made custom to me. Since there is the option for a fine tune, I have to do it.

Money well spent.