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Scrambler EFI Performance Tune 2 Reviews for the product - Scrambler EFI Performance Tune 2 -
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2015 Scrambler Tune #2
- 20th September 2022
Installed Tune #2 with my Arrow 2-1, the Breathe Airbox cover, and the O2 removal kit.

Installation was simple enough. On my Scrambler I had to lift the gas tank as one O2 sensor was plugged right underneath it. No need to disconnect fuel hose, just the breather.

Note that having a 0.60v TPS is crucial! Mine was 0.63v when I installed first round and led to very rough running. As soon as I set the TPS correctly, and reinstalled the tune, the bike runs like a dream!

I haven’t had a bike before where I can coast at 10kph through a corner in the city without having to ride the clutch. Low end response is incredibly smooth, and the exhaust note has change slightly (even better than before). Popping on decel appears to be totally gone now as well - no more waking up the neighbours!

Would highly recommend this to anyone running a 2-1 pipe and looking to smooth out their throttle at low rpm.
- 06th February 2017
Bike is a 2016 Scrambler. Installed the TTP Breathe, DNA filter, Zard 2-1 exhaust, removed SAI and 02 sensors. Tune 2 worked flawlessly. If you follow the instructions it installs quickly and easily. The improvement in throttle response is substantial. It is smoother and stronger from idle all the way up. No hesitation or hiccups.

I'm very pleased.
Absolutely Chuffed
- 08th April 2015
Just fiited a Breathe Air intake scoop, already had a K&N fitted. Removed the secondary air intake, and O2 sensors. Sent my ECU away to Mike for a Tune2. Fitted it all back together and took the bike out for a ride and to say I'm amazed is an understatement. It's like everyone before has said, the ability to roll on the throttle without hesitation in any gear and at low speed gives the bike more grunt, it's like it runs how it should do. I'll admit I was a little hesitant, but took the plunge and I'm thrilled. Many thanks Mike.
- 02nd July 2014
Having originally removed my SAI's I was struggling with rough running and an 'on/off' throttle delivery. I installed the TTP Breathe, AI removal kit and renewed the MAP's and then installed the Tune 2. OMG! a totally different bike - purrs on tick-over, runs smooth and sweet and sounds like thunder!. Couldn't be happier.
- 25th June 2014
This tune along with the Breath airbox intake and o2 removal (already had an Arrow 2-1 fitted) has absolutely transformed my Scrambler. That annoying / dangerous throttle grab at low revs has totally disappeared, the power is smooth and even throughout the rev range and the ability to roll on the throttle in 5th at 60 to 70 MPH and overtake with confidence is there now. Many Thanks.
- 21st February 2014
Hi, transforms the bike, no flat spots or popping on decel. Smooth throttle response and the bike feels like it's got a lot more get up and boogie - recommended!