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Scrambler now on steroids!
- 03rd January 2023
My God TTP! What have you done to my bike?!!
Having completed all the modifications necessary for this tune, I took the Scrambler out for the first time this morning after running Tune 3.

The bike has not popped on the overrun once on the whole ride!
There is not a hint of throttle snatchiness and oh my word...
When I accelerated first through three, then four and upto to five plus thousand revs, it just took off!
Hang onto your hat!

The torque improvement feels massive. It's as if the Scrambler has had its muzzle removed and is enjoying the freedom.

I can't thank you enough!
John (Scrambler 2010 EFI)
Scrambler from a poser to a true gentleman's express.
- 17th August 2015
Got around to doing all the hardware changes along with some new progressive fork springs yesterday, the tune download was straight forward and beautifully orchestrated.

But man oh man got around to riding her today and I am still speechless, the tune and Breathe has changed the scrambler from a poser to a true gentleman's express that transforms into a snarling Rottweiler on a fist full of throttle.

I think it was Forchetto who had coined this phrase for your tunes "Gentleman's Express with Traceable Power" which is so true and I have just enjoyed the best half tank of fuel in my Scrambler. Thank you very much for the work you have put into making this happen for guys like me.

For the rest on the fence with making this a reality, please do yourself and your Twin a favor and go with Mike's tune and recommendations, worth every penny. BTW he is very responsive and so shout out with any questions like i did and he was right back with logical answers.

Night and day change in performance
- 07th July 2015
This tune, coupled with the TTP Breathe and the DNA filter (airbox baffle removed, stock exhaust bafflectomy, IAT sensor relocation, and SAI and O2 sensor removals), have changed the character of my bike! These changes have removed the throttle snatchiness and improved the low and midrange power of my Scrambler. This tune is the icing on the cake!
Hold on and grin
- 05th April 2015
Downloaded tune back in January along with Breathe and filter, the tune was easy to load into ecu and the reset adaption was done in twelve minutes, not being the best of weather ie really damp roads I didn't get chance to open bike up on the little run I gave it, instantly noticeable was that at low speed in first gear it had really smoothed out so very happy with that as was a bit snappy before.

So now just in April got first chance with dry road and a bit of sunshine to see what this tune is about and can say, I'm not disappointed, definitely has got an extra urgency about it as you get the revs rising and then the induction noise kicks in as well giving you an overall grin factor of 11

thanks to all at TTP, great products
Completely Worth It!!!!
- 04th November 2014
Just wanted to take the time to thank Mike and his crew for all the help and getting my ECU back to me in TWO AND HALF DAYS!!!! I am in Southern California.

The tune is perfect with all mods completed. No more decelerating backfire from my TORS, nice smooth transitions at lower speeds, and screaming top end...(for a 2014 Scrambler).

I also got the USB to OSD cable for future use and it connected perfectly. Hardest part was loading the drivers.

I don't fault TTP at all but the Royal Post took a little bit of time to get it to TTP (10 days) which left me anxious but once received it was back to my via UPS in 2.5 days. I shipped USPS as directed so I don't know the issue when receiving in England. Do be aware that there are brokerage fees when UPS brings it back to you. $42.98 to be exact and they only take a money order....headache.

Would I do it all over again? In a heartbeat.

The only down side to all this is that you are not able to ride till it gets back to you. Unless you just load it all yourself then you can do it in a couple hours and be off but the peace of mind for having your ECU reprogrammed for a noob like me is worth it.

Quality company with great communication skills. Thanks again.
TTP 3 remap/SAI-02 rem./Breathe Kit
- 10th July 2014
Installed all above together on my EFI Scram. Bike is running like a beast. Increased power and much smoother throughout the entire power band but especially noticable up top. Passing uphills is effortless. Also cured most of the throttle snatch and the popping is gone. Absolutely would recommend this company and its products. Easy installation and great folks to deal with.

Used their remote remap service from the states with no problems at all. Thank you TTP!
Wonderful upgrade!
- 13th February 2014
VERY pleased with the way my Scrambler performs with the Tune 3 installed. Off idle the bike pulls away very smooth and then accelerates with much more authority. Roll on power is definitely stronger, and the bike sounds like it's finally getting the fuel and air it deserves. Excellent job TTP, thank you for helping my Scrambler run like a Triumph should!