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Scrambler EFI Performance Tune 4 Reviews for the product - Scrambler EFI Performance Tune 4 -
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Absolute best bang for the buck!
- 12th August 2022
I did the stage 1.5 on my 2008 EFI Scrambler with a Zard 2-1. First run with the OEM map, the bike did run pretty good but i knew there would be more to come once i tuned it with TTP No 4.

And what a difference!

This upgrade from TTP is absolute worth the effort of work and money spent on hardware.

Mike is a true enthusiast and very helpful, answers every question really fast and accurate.
From touring sofa to hot rod!
- 17th March 2020
Wow...what a difference....went from being a soft sofa on wheels to a peppy hot rod with bark....and that’s with the baffle installed.

Cannot be happier with the tune or with Mike, he knows his stuff and is a pleasure to deal with.

Thanks a bunch from the other side of the pond in sunny California.
Super happy with the result!
- 09th March 2019
I used Tune 4 with Breathe and DNA Airbox Filter for my 2014 Scrambler. The installation and tuning was flawless. They transformed my bike! It runs way better and sounds greater!

Mike was super helpful when answering my questions. Super happy overall!
Scrambler Tune at home
- 21st January 2019
Fantastic results.

Fool proof software to upload the tune to ECU.

Excellent support from TTP. All queries responded to promptly and were coherent and logical.

No more popping on the over run.

No more jerky low revs.

Makes the scram a more fun, responsive and visceral experience. A must have!
2014 Scrambler ECM Remap Tune 4
- 03rd March 2018
I purchased a Scrambler in January with the Arrow two into one, breathe air box kit, O2 sensors and DNA filter, all fitted by the previous owner. But on the way home it fell short of my expectations.

On talking to the guys at Triumph Twin Power, I was told it sounded like the ECM hadn't been remapped, but all the modifications were by the previous owner.

Next job was to remove the air filter baffle from the airbox and send my ECM off for a remap. Sent it off, very quick turnaround, refitted to the bike and I'm very impressed with the performance difference. It was like a completely different bike to ride, so much nicer. Thanks Triumph Twin Power for all your help.
ECU tune
- 04th May 2017
Just had my ECU tuned for my Scrambler. Super easy, unplug, send in, receive back, plug in, run 20 mins and the bike runs bitchin!
Thanks fellas!
Great upgrade for the scrambler
- 04th May 2017
I've been running this tune for 3 seasons now and it has been well worth it. Had some trouble after a dealer remapped the tune and the customer support from TTP was top notch.
- 29th August 2016
Just super impressed with this tune, I had the usual for my 16 scrambler. O2 removed, SAI removed and a 2-1 arrow installed. Had a KN air filter but switched to the DNA and the breathe cover. Loaded this map up and its just awesome to ride now. Super smooth through the whole range, and it runs alot cooler.
Scrambler EFI Tune 4
- 01st June 2016
Fast delivery of re-mapped ECU and tune-up kit from TTP. My '15 Scrambler was suffering from the usual fuelling problems associated with noise and emissions regs. I'd sorted the suspension, but was getting frustrated with the jerkiness and poor starting/stalling issues. The standard exhaust also sounded awful!

I've now fitted the Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit together with the EFI tune 4, Arrow 2:1, and the bike is totally transformed. Another very happy and satisfied customer. Thank you TTP!
Best £200 I ever spent!!!!
- 07th February 2016
Fun bike that had an awful throttle at roundabouts and heavy traffic. Carried out all the mods and installed tune without issue.
Result - different bike!!!
Throttle is smooth and responsive all the way through to the top end. Fantastic products and great work carried out by these chaps. PS for those that think £200 is expensive go and book a day on a dyno....
- 22nd October 2015
Scrambler tune 4 far exceeded my expectations, I honestly thought engine work was the only way forward. But this tune coupled with the DNA filter, baffle removal, and sensor removal was fantastic no flat spots mega acceleration, cruising at 80 twist the throttle straight to 100...Couldn't ask for more..
Oct. 2015
- 19th October 2015
On-off throttle makes riding through slow traffic much easier. A lot more power. Clutch spring upgrade required. I wish TTP would post dyno numbers for the upgrade. Feels like quite a bit more power.
Miles of smiles
- 17th October 2015
2014 Scram, Zard 2:1, Removed Air injector, Removed O2 sensor, Removed airbox baffle and Snorkle, DNA airfilter and Scrambler Tune 4.

Very pleased! What a difference. Money well spent. Would strongly recommend.

Awesome customer service. I live in cali so about a day to get a response from TTP.

DO it!!
Scrambler tune
- 14th September 2015
Only clocked up 500 miles and had had enough of the throttle acting like a switch, rather than a throttle.

I was at the point of getting rid of the bike, when I took it into my own hands and TTP's advice, went for tune 4, removed oxy sensors and SAI, uploaded tune to ECU, and it's a different bike, it is now rideable and enjoyable.

I went from wanting to sell it, to not wanting to get off it.
Many thanks to TTP.
- 06th August 2015
On my new scrambler I have gone for the "breathe", DNA filter, airbox baffle removal, AI and O2 removal and a stage 4 remap. I have also fitted a TEC Tracker 2 -1. Absolutely awesome combination. So much music when the throttle is wound on.
Outstanding enhancement to my Scrambler
- 28th January 2014
I am EXTREMELY pleased with the performance enhancement that TTP Map #4 did for my Scrambler. Everything that has already been said about this map and how it compliments the corresponding mods, is 100% true! My bike is a total blast to ride now!!!
Highly recommended to all!
Scrambler Tune 4
- 23rd January 2014
What a super upgrade, just had test ride, now smooth pick up loads of torque from 2000rpm. Excellent instant pick up right through the rev range. Very happy with tune, many thanks!
Scrambler Transformation
- 15th April 2013
I rode to Bournemouth on a freezing cold day to get the fueling sorted on my scrambler. The transformation from the breathe airbox intake cover and the fuel remapping among other tweaks has been astonishing.

More predictable overtaking, 25 miles more to a tank than with the triumph map for the arrow pipe, and a little subtle intake roar make my scrambler the bike that it should have been when it came off the production line. The best money I've spent!

These modifications are amazing. A 900 twin that now performs as it should.