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Triumph Scrambler 865 EFI 2016 Model
- 16th October 2023
TTP is an Excellent company!

Mike was very helpful and gave me good advice on which Tune to go with.

I used the Stage 5 tune, which has transformed my bike, it pulls very smooth all the way through the rev range, the power and torque is amazing now in comparison to the OEM stock settings.

Chris from Ultimate Twin Performance supplied me with the OBD2 cable, AIS removal kit, DNA air filter, DNA Breathe air filter cover, Safe Start and Barnett uprated clutch springs.

It was a pleasure to deal with these guys and they know what they're talking about !
From Tune 3 to Tune 5 - Superb!
- 02nd April 2023
I recently had the Scrambler Tune 3 (TORS, AI and O2 sensors, airbox baffle all removed and DNA filter with Breathe fitted. I was massively impressed and wrote a review.

Having owned the Scrambler for 5 years, I fancied a more 'symmetrical' more Bonnie type look and have fitted 2 into 2 exhausts with short silencers and small baffles.

Tune 5 has once again massively delivered on performance. Torque is up on Tune 3 and I can very quickly reach illegal speeds, when required.

Very happy once again. Thanks Mike!
Scrambler EFI, Standard headers with VW tips
- 09th November 2020
Have just changed from TEC 2 - 1 with K&N filter to the standard pipes with silencers replaced with VW tips. Used the TTP filter, Breathe air intake, air box baffle removed and removed O2 sensors.

Mapped with Tune 5.

I have no idea what map was installed before (if any), but this is now a different bike. I am only one test ride in but everything is better. Bottom end is smooth from small throttle openings, torque and mid range is an awesome change. Power comes freely right through the Rev range. I couldn’t find a flat spot anywhere in any gear from any revs. It’s awesome. I can’t wait for the weather to let me have a better run out.

If you have this bike. Buy this kit. Pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

Tech support was excellent. I’m a first timer for anything like this and it was a doddle. Mike was at the end of the phone to help out.

Highly recommend.
Finally, what this bike should be! IMO
- 03rd May 2020
With gutted airbox, AIS and 02, paired with titanium wrapped headers tipped with bent $20 VW tips and now, finally, got around to getting this tune, results: Wicked Fun.

Love how it cleaned and beefed up bottom, took flat spot out middle, and will maintain power at top up while flying up the mountian. Especially now after swapping for some old old MX bars, i really do feel i could take this 80% of places i rode my dirt bikes as kid. Do the ton and the trail!

This tune is great value and is a cornerstone of my budget build. Thanks!
Well Worth it!!!
- 02nd October 2019
Could not wait for this to arrive. Took quite a bit of playing around to open the filer and get the tuner loading. Once it was 100% loaded I started and ran until 71 degrees and the green TPS light came straight on.

Much crisper responsive power and no more 'popping' on deceleration, Goes awesome now, EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!
- 06th July 2019
HOW on earth do you guys do it, this is the sweetest my bike has ever run.

After some changes to the exhaust I had in my mind i would need to move tunes from 3 to 5, had run tune 3 for a few months on a free flowing exhaust and although it ran good on tune 3 it did pop quite a bit on decel, after checking that tune 5 would suit better I ordered it.

The process was flawless, ordered and downloaded TuneLoader, unpack it from its zip format and followed the very easy stepped instructions. I'm sure I was done purchase to turning bike off in half an hour, needless to say all the hardware was already in place.

The bike runs miles smoother on my 50 mile test ride, almost no popping on decel and the bit it did seemed more subtle, a little burble we could class it.

Well done guys, I take my hat is off to you.
2016 EFi Air cooled Scrambler - Tune 5
- 19th November 2016
Big Thank You to TTP for their R&D in creating this tune. It's brilliant! 2016 Scrambler, airbox baffle removed, SAI and Co2 sensors removed, Breath kit with DNA filter, Crank case filter, 2 into 2 D&O exhaust. After spending this much time and money on the Scrambler, I wanted to be sure it ran great. I wasn't disappointed! The install proceedure was simple and went without a hitch. The Scrambler now runs just as I dreamed it would. Great low speed throttle response and a real boost to useable power. It now sounds awesome too. Cheers!
2010 scrambler tune #5
- 13th August 2016
Mods-breathe cover, airbox baffle removed, modified TORS, k&n filter. Runs really well. Should have done the tune right away. Took away flat spot in mid range, snatchy throttle, and cruising speed surge. Downloading pc required application took a bit, but well worth it. Plugs have great color and fuel economy is still good. Very happy with seat of the pants power increase. Thank you TTP!
Whole new bike, great customer support!
- 03rd December 2015
So we all know what a stock Scrambler sounds like; a sowing machine. Quiet, very unassuming, few bumps here and there.

Well I bought this tune and all the required bits, got some emgo shorties (the little tube ones) and paid a fat hillbilly to bend some pipes to get the correct angle of the exhaust. Then got ready to load up the tune and, didn't work. Turns out I was an idiot and instead of reading "odometer" when I needed to select "mechanical" or "LCD" I read "speedometer". I sent an email telling the fine folks at TTP that I was clearly mentally impaired and they fixed me right up! Voided the warranty but honestly I haven't looked back. The bike sounds mean, rides better, and this tune fits absolutely perfect with all the parts. No popping unless I want to make it pop (pretty much just decel).
Great for D&D slip ons!
- 07th July 2015
First off my setup is a 2014 scrambler with O2 delete,sai delete, air box baffle removed, k&n filter and D&D slip ons. My bike ran very poorly on the old triumph (TOR) tune. This tune made a world of difference. Looking forward to receiving my breathe intake for an even bigger difference. Great job guys