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Incredibly Detailed instructions, tremendous performance, and a must have for your 900 Thruxton
- 22nd May 2021
I've ridden a stock 2015 Thruxton Ace Special Edition since it showed up at my local dealership. Always loved the bike but it didn't feel as special as I hoped.

This tune and the stage 2 induction kit changed everything. Installed the kit over 2 days and had no issues thanks to their beautifully detailed instructions.

The power is really wonderful, paired their kit with some BC predators and the sound is something I never get tired of hearing. If you have issues with the Tuneloader software connecting to the ECU, make sure your laptop is plugged into to power and not on battery. Not a problem with the tune, 100% my issue.

Highly recommended.
Like a brand new bike...
- 16th April 2019
I couldn't be happier with the mods and new tune. The bike is running better than ever - no pop on the decel. Faster, smoother acceleration. I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. Thanks TTP - you guys rock!
Thruxton OMFG
- 09th October 2018
Hello gents! I was finally able to put some miles on, thanks Ma Nature! I have removed airbox,AI,O2. Added BC Predator and K&N pods. Trailered my bike 90 miles for dealer remap. Ran like crap!!!

Pulled my ECU shipped to TTP for tune 11. From USA to UK and back, 10 days! It is a brand new motorcycle!!!! Best $$$$$ I ever spent!!!! Thanks TTP!!!!
Better than I hoped!
- 25th January 2018
2014 Thruton Ace, loved the bike from the first time I saw it and always enjoyed the ride.

Airbox removal, O2 removed and SAI removed and waiting for my new exhaust, thought I would still do the remap. The change is impressive, smoother definately flat spot is gone acceleration is smooth.

Easy to load, Instructions take you through with no issues. Can't wait to see what the effect will be with the new exhaust.
Excellent product!
- 25th October 2017
I contacted customer service to find out which tune was the best for my set up. They responded quickly and answered all my questions.

I ordered the Tune 11 for my Thruxton, it is worth every penny. Boost in power, zero popping, great idling. Super easy to install, it took all of 10 minutes to load. I highly recommend it!
A must have for BC kits
- 17th April 2016
If you've just gone through the the ritual of slapping on the BC stage I performance kit with air box removal and predators then you must get this to really feel the performance boost. It's a different bike altogether with this tune. The ECU map is a super simple guided exercise.
Absobloodyloutely Fantastic!!!!
- 07th July 2015
Purchased Tune 11 for my 2015 Thruxton Ace Cafe bike and this IS the single best upgrade I've invested in. My bike features all of BC's cool stuff: the airbox removal kit, the air injector removal kit and the Predator exhaust. Initial tunes by the very helpful Triumph dealer Mah Motors in Singapore (it should be said they are great) both the Triumph off-road tune as well as the Arrow 2-2 left the bike idling very rough with snatchy throttle response, occasional stalling and annoying backfiring. This tune more then resolved all of these issues. It made them disappear completely. Along with the O2 removal kit, Tune 11 has transformed the throttle response completely which is now incredibly smooth even at low speeds and pulls with greater urgency, linearity and crispness than ever before. The best money I have every spent on any EFI related product and should come standard with the BC performance pack. Thanks TTP! You rock!
my Thruxton is now as it should be.
- 20th May 2015
Tune 11 for me. The Dealer stated "These bikes don't like the airbox removed". Dealer tunes don't allow for induction mods and not my place to educate them. Triumph Twin Power tunes allow for specific mods all the way around. My bike runs most excellent. Very happy.
Bike is a new machine!
- 07th May 2015
495 miles on this bike and could not stand the coughing and sound. I ordered everything I needed to help her breathe better and found this wonderful company on a forum. Sent off the ECM and got it back today. Followed all instructions on first startup and WOW whole new bike. Wonder why manufacturers can't even come close to this when they're brand new as mine was. I'm so glad I did this and will tell everyone I know about this awesome company. Thanks so much.
I'm impressed!
- 27th April 2015
The entire tune operation went very smoothly. I was a bit intimidated by all of the default instructions, but thankfully everything worked well and now my Thruxton runs as it should, no more jerky throttle smooth take offs and feels like more power. Thank you all very much. A great service I highly recommend to all who have modified their Triumph motorcycles.
Smooth operator #11
- 10th February 2015
I replaced the dealer installed Arrow tune. More power? Probably. The one clear difference is the smoothness of the engine now. Especially on my quiet country roads the 3rd-4th gear dance I do is vastly improved, no backfire, no jerky throttle. Just a smooth operator!
simply amazing
- 18th August 2014
This tune beats out any tune you can get done by your dealer, unless you want to pay boat loads of money to have your moto in the shop for hours on end getting a dyno. unless you plan to race your thrux competitively. this tune is simply AMAZING. job well done! cannot thank you lads at TTP enough!
- 08th July 2014
Installed tune 11 on my 2014 Thruxton after installing arrow exhaust system, airbox removal, and air injection removal. Very happy with the way the bike runs. Completely different bike now.The directions were straight forward and installation easy. Highly recommended. Thank you TTP!
Extremely Happy
- 23rd June 2014
I have a 2014 Thruxton with BC Predator pipes and Airbox Removal kit. After having the dealership install 2 different maps, I still wasn't happy with the performance of my bike. I read a lot about TTP on the TriumphRat forums and decided to give it a shot. After removing the O2 sensors with the SAI already removed by my dealership and downloading the new map, performing the reset adaptation, the bike now runs extremely better and the way it should. I can't be any happier. I'm so happy with TTP and I recommend them to anyone who is doing a mod on their Triumph.
Very Happy
- 12th May 2014
After realizing my local dealership had loaded the wrong Arrow map I decided to have a crack at installing this tune and I must say I am very happy with the results.

Driveability across the whole rev range is improved. No more snatchy throttle response at low revs, smooth mid-range and anything over 4000 revs really sings.

- 23rd March 2014
Got 2013 Thruxton. Purchased and fitted everything at once: TTP O2 and SAI removal kits, TTP OBD-2 cable and Tune 11 + BC AirBox Removal Kit and Predators pipes. Just because it was my very first modification (huge) I decided to use EFI Tune Download Service as well.
Could not be happier with that service. Fast and professional! All the parts are high quality!
Mike has got angelic patience with all questions&answers.
Thrux finally breathes full breast and runs like a torpedo!
Excellent job TTP!!!
Bartosz, Poland.
- 23rd March 2014
After a local dealership taking my money to do a tune and getting the bike back with a check engine light on and running bad. I downloaded this tune myself. Directions and service here are awesome. Easy to do just follow the steps!! What a huge difference this tune makes. Bike runs like it should. No negatives about this tune at all! Thanks TTP!!!!!!
Tune 11
- 22nd January 2014
Hi Guys, Just a quick thank you... downloaded map 11 on my 2010
Thruxton. WOW!! No more frustrating throttle snatch, smooth progressive
pull from way down low. Seems I also got better economy on my usual Sunday
breakfast run with the boys (250km through the hills) Was a warm day too
37C Mark..... Western Australia
What a difference!
- 02nd November 2013
Best investment
- 30th August 2013
If you've made the proper investments it's no question that you MUST address the tuning to extract the most out of your upgrades. The only thing better than TTP's tunes is there customer service. Mike is one of the most knowledgable and patient salesman I've had the pleasure of dealing with. Purchase the cable and O2 sensor delete while you're at it. You won't be disappointed.
Worth every penny!
- 23rd August 2013
I purchased this tune for my 2012 Thruxton after installing TPUSA's performance kit. When I initially installed it I had a "miss" occurring in the 3k rpm range and contacted TTP. I got a very quick reply with suggestions on how to fix it. Got the tune properly loaded and the bike runs great!
- 25th July 2013
Excellent for use with the British Customs Performance Package. My bike now pulls like a freight train while improving fuel consumption.
Loving tune #11
- 27th February 2013
Installed tune #11 for my '13 Thruxton. Finally a break in the weather and able to ride around a bit. I love the bike even more now! Very noticeable difference in performance, and no more twitchy throttle from a stop. Thanks!!!
ECU Tune
- 22nd September 2012
Purchased ECU Tune 11 for my Thruxton posted it off on Monday & rec'd it back on the Friday same week. Fitted to the bike & carried out reset procedure. Bike no longer running weak, or spitting back through carbs (injectors). Has smooth tick over, pulls very strong in mid range & top end slightly improved due to the higher rev limit. I run lower gearing & now may have to change back - I'm very pleased with this tune. PS bike has had AI,O2, air-box removed & DNA pods & Tors' fitted.
Amazing !!!
- 03rd June 2012
2012 Black Thruxton 120 miles on it.

British Customs Predators, AI removal kit, Air box removal kit, K&N Pods, TTP o2 Removal kit.
It took 2 month for British Customs to send me the performance package. (Back order) They send me the pipes & AI kit first. I installed the pipes on a stock software waiting for the rest of the parts to arrive so i can load the TTP tune. Bike ran like POS, snatchy and poppy. In fact it popped so much it was embarrassed to let go off the throttle.

Finally!!! Yesterday night i installed all the good stuff. Downloaded tune 11 with ign. advance, ran adaptation, everything easy and straight forward.

!!!!!!!!!WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!

Pulls hard all throughout the rev range! Snatchy throttle is gone! NO popping whatsoever NONE. Idles perfect! Runs so good cant get off the bike.


P.S. Headers got so blue during the adaptation but after 3 hours of polishing with "Blue Job" i finally got it back to original shine.
2010 Thrux with tune 11 +ign adv
- 20th February 2012
This tune really woke the bike up! Pulls like a locomotive, the ign adv really helps smooth out the bike at low revs, and at roll of 50mph when you hit the throttle, your main concern is making sure your holding on.

Service is good too, I ordered the wrong tune, sent an email to TTP, and they sent me the correct one. Then emailed again asking a question about TPS "Adaptation Reset" they emailed me back with a great answer, which solved my mistery as to why no light came on for the Adaptation Reset. Answer? As long as your bike has been idled for 20 minutes without touching the throttle, it will have reset.
VERY satisfied Customer
- 12th December 2011
I am the owner of an '11 Thruxton and I have been doing some modifications over the past few months. Specifically, I have Arrow two-into-two Pipes, Removed all of the AI kit, removed o2 sensors, removed the Airbox, new Crankcase Breather, new DNA Pods, and TTP Tune with Stage 1 Ignition Advance.

TTP was extremely helpful as I was leading up to purchasing the new Tune and the new DNA Pods/o2 Kit. Mike was able to walk me through some items to consider. I live in the US and I am very happy with how my orders were handled, I received the Pods/Kit in a timely manner and was able to download the new Tune and install via TuneECU. The bike is running much better and I am completely satisfied.
TTP Tune 11
- 24th November 2011
I have A Thrux with Staintune Mufflers, Pod Filters, AI removed, O2 Removed. Motor otherwise standard. Uploaded Tune 11 with Ign Advance. Tremendous improvement. Very smooth at low throttle openings, easy to ride around at low revs, pulls cleanly from below 1500 rpm in 5th. Delightful to ride quietly about. Mid range and normal highway running have detected no change. High throttle openings and mid to high revs, the thing now flies, rides like a proper bike. The extra revs are handy and the extra zing at higher revs is a real bonus. They should be built that way from the start. An excellent tune at an economical price. Thank the almighty for people and firms like TTP. Very impressed and full marks. Simmo