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Thruxton Performance Tune 12 Reviews for the product - Thruxton Performance Tune 12 -
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Cured my Truxton blues
- 13th September 2023
I removed air pump and oO2 sensors and all the rest of the emissions. Installed arrow head pipes with no silencers old style open TT. eliminated air box, installed K&N cone filters.

Had issues with having to feather the throttle on take off and back firing through the intake filters and excessive popping in the exhaust.

This TTP tune was the cure for everything, really happy with the results.
- 02nd April 2018
Got this tune on a recommendation from Canyon Motorcycles. Epic! So smooth everywhere. Increased power and throttle response. Particularly down low. Replaced the stock Arrow 2-2 tune I had, and so glad I did it.

Now if only I could find a way to crank out an extra 20hp/Nm out of this bike haha. I wish!
Thruxton Tune 12
- 26th June 2017
I installed the new map #12, Emgo exhaust, cut down filter box, K&N pod filters, O2 sensor removal. Just went on the Phantom Canyon ride, 800 miles from 5,000 feet to over 9,000 feet, ran like a completely different bike.

On the old Arrow program, it was hard to start even when hot, smoked at top end, backfired on declaration, now all that is gone. Before on the same trip, I was getting as low as 28 U.S. mpg, now I averaged 48, mostly mountain twisties, so up and down the gears and on and off the throttle.

Very easy to install!
Tune 12 , Thruxton EFI
- 18th April 2017
One word, "excellent", As I only use IOS systems and really having no time to mess with doing it myself, I had sent in the ecu to the folks at TTP. Turn around was literally a week sending from Toronto.

Bike runs like a champ, Thanks Mike and gang.
Absolute must have!
- 21st April 2016
Had about 1200 miles on my Thruxton Ace when I decided it could use a little help, so did the common mods (SAI removal, Airbox removal, exhaust, etc). Did the research and found everyone pointing to this site, now I know why.

The bike is absolutely phenomenal with this tune (12). Aside from the noticeable increase in torque across the whole range, the bike runs so much smoother. Previously I didn't even like to take it above 4000 RPM as the engine felt strained with vibration. Now she cruises right on through with impressive pull.

Onto the company itself, Mike is incredibly knowledgeable on these engines and always answered my (many) questions promptly and completely. Can not say enough good things, highly recommended to take these twins to the next level.

The missing link
- 13th April 2016
I completed the ABR, SAI removal, switched to EMGO shorties and road for maybe a couple of hundred miles and then the sputtering, coughing wheezing kicked in. Completed the install of Tune 12 just last night and my baby is like a new bike, it just works and sounds like it should, sorry I am not more technical. If you have made the above mods and have not updated your map, DO IT, you won't regret it, YOU NEED IT!!
Great news for Brazilian customers
- 12th March 2016
Just downloaded the tune TTP made specially for the gas we have here in Brazil (27% ethanol). Straight forward process, it only took a minute to download. Didn't try it yet (it's raining), but I'm sure it will work like a clock.

Have to say I'm pretty impressed by the prompt response I had from TTP. Mike, you are the man!
Tune 12 & Great Service
- 22nd September 2015
If you're thinking about purchasing a TTP Tune, stop thinking and pull the trigger. After installing Tune 12 my 2015 Thruxton ran beautifully. The engine "ticks" from the dealer tune are now gone and the bike runs great through every gear. The snatchy throttle is gone as well.

Also, the customer service is outstanding, Mike was very patient with me and answered questions very promptly.
Excellently satisfied
- 18th August 2014
Very satisfied with this tune 12 on my thrux. Response is better, power is smoothly distributed within the whole rev range and mostly important this tune removed the "snatchy" ride which my bike had.

Thanks alot Mike
Could not ask for more!
- 16th July 2014
I have a quite a few old bikes and am a pretty handy wrench but my 2014 Thruxton is my first EFI machine. At 300 miles in removed the arrow 2-2 and install BC 2-1, an ARK, SAI removal, and a few other small cosmetic things. None of these mods would have mattered without this map. Mike was more than helpful and went above and beyond to help me get this done. Once I figured out a computer the install was a breeze and it performed beautifully. Thanks again Mike!!
Make your Thruxton more enjoyable
- 28th June 2014
Before I lost the airbox, stock mufflers, SAI, O2 sensors, and performed the retune I was flogging my poor Thruxton for every ounce of power to merge and keep up with friends on sport bikes. Thankfully after replacing all of the above and using this tune my bike is a joy to ride. No more snappy throttle, a sweet powerband, with a smooth delivery. I highly recommend this tune for anyone looking for strong performance.
Excellent product & Service
- 15th April 2013
I have a 2013 Thruxton, and after much research (much of it on this site) went ahead and replaced the air box with DNA Pod filters, and purchased this tune. I'd also replaced the stock mufflers with EMGO shorties.

The whole package performed great, but there's more. I did not care for the noise of the engo's and found that with the DNA's and stock mufflers, the bike had the sound I was looking for, and ran so much better with tune 12 than stock.

Emails to Mike asking if this was an OK configuration were replied to rapidly (on a Sunday) with patience and Accuracy.

Great service, great products great followup and 3 day shipping to California! - thanks guys - just fantastic!
- 04th March 2012
This tune transformed my 2011 Thruxton. I can really feel the mid range power and the ignition advance is absolutely worth the money. My tune did not have o2 sensors disabled when I loaded it in, but that is an easy fix in tunecu... Highly recommend!

2011 Triumph Thruxton
custom ARK, Pod Filters, EMGO shorties