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Thruxton Performance Tune 13 Reviews for the product - Thruxton Performance Tune 13 -
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Smooth power!
- 03rd May 2017
On my first attempt, I must've loaded the tune improperly, as I noticed a hesitation or choking only between 3-4K rpms. Wasn't sure if it was software or maybe something else as I just finished installing new cams.

After talking with Mike - he suggested I make sure the throttle bodies were in sync and load the tune again. Green tps light came on. Good sign. Took it for a ride and "wow." Sounds and feels much better than stock. Butter smooth, quick acceleration all the way to red line with no weak points or hesitation. Really happy with how it turned out.
Tune 13 with Cams
- 09th July 2015
We just finished a customers bike and installed an airbox kit along with a set of Bassani Pipes and a set of cams.
I must say I have used all the other brands of FI kits over the years and this bike runs better than all of them put together.
This bike fuels perfectly even when feathering the throttle in a corner and all the way up to 8500rpm with no hiccups.
By far the best running bike we have done for a while. thanks TTP for putting in the hard work.

Adrian - Canyon Motorcycles