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Thruxton Performance Tune 2 2-1 Reviews for the product - Thruxton Performance Tune 2 2-1 -
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What an improvement!
- 09th April 2019
After switching from a 2-in-2 Remus exhaust to a 2-in-1 Zard exhaust, that was the final step in the standard row of performance mods (Breathe, baffle removal, air filter change, sensor and SAI removal and my oh my, what a change!

I was able to reinstall my 18 tooth front sprocket (had 19 before to get more oomphf) and enjoy a new bike! More powerful than ever, a broad powerband and top end performance that makes rumbling up the mountain passes a real joy! Great product!
Immediate improvement - Easy and Worth the Investment
- 02nd December 2018
I just completed the tune yesterday. After literally weeks of "should I do it or not" I finally pulled the trigger.

After reading all of the conflicting posts and You Tube videos of how to do this I was concerned that I would not be able to do it myself.

When you purchase the tune you also get very specific download instructions. You can basically forget what you read on line and just follow their instructions. The process is VERY straight forward and this is coming from a non-computer guy like myself.

The whole thing probably took an hour from start to finish including the 20 idle adaptation process. During that particular portion I ran a box fan on the front of the bike to keep the air moving. Not a big deal like I had read.

My bike mods include: Removal of O2 sensor, SAI, and Internal Baffle. I added the DNA filter, Breathe, TEC 2-1 desert exhaust, PRETECH brake, Braking discs (front and back).

I haven't gone on a long ride yet but from a few initial "around the block" rides the bike sounds and feels so alive. It pulls in a very predictable and linear way. The whole set up is worth it.

I am in California and the parts have always arrived quickly and are well packaged. The few times I have emailed Mike has gotten back to me very quickly.

I will buy from them again and would not hesitate with your purchase you WILL notice the difference.

Thank you TTP for being so professional and sharing your passion for research and motorbikes with us.

Jorge V.
Just do it!
- 18th February 2017
Immediately noticeable difference. BIG extra dollop of very useful midrange torque. Much smoother across the rev range, particularly down low.

Without serious engine modification, this mod has turned this into a new bike for me...very glad I went this route.

As per the title, if you where on the fence about whether to do question, just do it! 😉
Thruxton Performance mods
- 12th February 2016
How to gain performance and give it that real Triumph sound?

Start with 2-1 exhaust, give it the TTP treatment and WOW!

Remove airbox baffle, fit TTP airbox intake cover and round out with Tune2-2-1. Easy as. Bike runs sweet as a nut. Couldn't be happier, Mike right on the ball. Thanks for your prompt and informative responses to my queries.
(Beautiful packaging of goodies by the way.)
Thruxton 2015 - Worth the time and money!
- 02nd September 2015
Took a lot of swearing to get the final screw out to remove the baffle from the air box, but after that all was just plain sailing.

I had a couple of questions and the guys in TTP are just so responsive and helpful, It's a must and the instructions are so straight forward.

I agree with Chris.. just do it!!
2008 Thruxton
- 04th October 2014
With the pipe and air box mods and this tune the difference to a standard bike is astonishing, more grunt, more responsive, smoother and the same MPG. Don't dither, do it!
2013 Thruxton.
- 20th April 2014
2-1 EFI tune download. Dna air filter, airbox baffle removal, SAI removal, 02 sensor removal, and a TEC 2-1 stainless steel exhaust system. Runs great even without the baffles in. Ive got about 2500 miles on with this set up so far and the only problem so far is the fact that i was lazy and didnt put in the upgraded clutch springs and my clutch is starting to slip. Even a HD 1200 sportster has a hard time keeping up.
thats better 2009 THRUXTON
- 11th February 2014
Performed all of the hardware items needed for tune 2 2-1 took it for a ride while waiting for the usb cable, what a dog! Downloaded tune 2 2-1 when the cable arrived which anyone who knows there way around a computer can do, I chose my son. What a transformation I previously had Predator 2-2, k&n and triumph tune, the 2-1 tune is excellent and safe as testing by TTP crew is very extensive. The basic rule is get it in and get it out as far as intake and exhaust , but you need this tune to obtain this. The bike and myself have one thing to say THATS BETTER.