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Thruxton Performance Tune 2 Reviews for the product - Thruxton Performance Tune 2 -
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- 01st June 2021
Had been wanted to install this kit for a very long time. Heard so much good reviews about on triumphrat. Honestly, i was a bit skeptical at how much difference it would make but believe me when i say the difference is NIGHT AND DAY!!

Installation was a bit fiddly but took my time with it and everything went smoothly. (instructions given in the kit were more than adequate; watch videos on youtube for some extra guidance if needed).

Highly recommended, shoutout to the one and only Pieman!!
Money Well Spent !
- 09th April 2018
I racked up about 1200km over the Easter weekend, and I am very happy with how my Thruxton performed. Starting is improved, roll on power is much better, the popping and banging out of the exhaust has gone, and the sound is much nicer. I think the improvements to the bike make it money well spent.

Thanks Pete
Enjoy Thruxton tune 2 so much!
- 11th July 2017
I was hoping to install TTP tune on my 2014 thruxton since the day I purchased my bike. My triumph dealer didn't know about TTP and I didn't want to do this modifications under bike warranty.

So I went slowly and step by step. I purchased TOR pipes with K&N filter and I removed air injection and O2 sensors. When bike warranty past, I installed Breathe cover, removed air baffle, removed snorkle and Install tune 2... What a nice difference !

I feel like I ride another bike and feel like I got a new bike. I can hear the engine breathe deeper and easier, the bike torque much more all around the rpm, it feels much sporty and feels like it deliver the power it should. I am really happy. Also, I always got support from Mike of TTP, he answered my questions really fast and gave a five star service.

Thanks a lot man !
Nepi from Quebec City
YOU MUST Read before buying!!
- 21st September 2016
Don't buy the AI and O2 removal kit, DNA filter, and TTP ECU Thruxton tune, . . . unless you want a more responsive throttle, smoother engine, more power, more torque, better sound as the air is sucked in through the now baffle-less airbox and hi flow DNA filter.

I bought the same stuff for my SE Bonneville a couple years ago and it was excellent. Still going strong after 25000 miles. For the Thruxton, I bought the TTP recommended ECU Tune 2, AI and O2 removal kit and DNA filter, and the difference is INCREDIBLE! It already had TOR exhausts and a Triumph remap, but TTP Tune 2 has released so much more.

So, don't buy this stuff if you want to just plod along with the herd.

DO buy it if you want to enjoy every time you open the throttle, and want to finish your ride with a big grin!
Thruxton EFi Tune 2
- 01st November 2015
Very professional service, bike feels smooth, far less vibration, pulls strongly through all the gears, reasonable price for a great product. Air box baffle removal notes very helpful.
- 07th October 2015
Just had the full TTP package installed on my 2014 Thruxton 900 with TOR free flow pipes. Love it!

I can confirm all the praise you'll find in the Customer reviews. The bike is just going much smoother and feels more powerful and liberated. Vibrations, especially in the foot pegs at higher revs, are gone.

Sound of the TOR's is just what I was looking for and reminds me a lot of the sound produced by my 1970 Bonneville T120. Thank you TTP, you guys are great!!
Just do it
- 21st March 2015
Just follow TTP's great instructions and you will be satisfied! I now love my Thruxton. Trust these guys, they know what their doing.
Easy install - great results
- 28th October 2014
I just installed the Breathe, O2 removal kit, SAI removal kit, air baffle removal and loaded the Tune2 map. Everything went smooth and the instructions were great. First test ride (short one) verifies all the praise from other reviewers - snatchiness at low rev gone, midrange and high rev performance feels great. Very good continous pull throughout the whole rev range.
Tune 2 + Download Service
- 03rd October 2014
Having de-baffled & snorkeled I fitted DNA, Breathe and O2 kit. All parts fitted perfectly, no dramas.

Decided to use 'Download Service' + 'Tune 2'. Sent ECM Monday, returned to me by Thursday. Just completed a 50 mile ride. No more 'low revs' throttle snatch, linear power delivery with no flat spots, engine feels crisp and 'urgent'.

Thank you and well done to all at TTP, a faultless service from start to finish. This is how business should be conducted!
Well worth it!
- 06th July 2014
Was already running TORs, AIS removed, and 20511 tune, but never totally happy with fueling on my 2013 Thruxton. Installed Tune 2, Breathe, DNA filter, O2 removal kit, and removed baffle. Much better. No more surging or hesitation at low revs, and pulls well throughout rev range. Popping on deceleration is gone too, although I kind of miss that :-)
Instant Tune download and other parts arrived on my doorstep in the US within days.
Nice kit. Highly recommended.
Lower Vibes Was A Bonus
- 01st July 2014
I have had this tune installed for a few weeks now. Couldn't be more satisfied. The power is far better than the TORS factory tune I was running before but the lower level of vibration was not expected. Still get a buzz through the pegs but the bars are almost vibe free.
Tune #2 follow up...
- 18th May 2014
Follow up on my previous review.
I finally purchased TORs exhaust today for my 2014 Thruxton. What a difference when combined with Tune #2 vs OEM exhaust i was running. It pulls much stronger and it runs silky smooth. Couldn't be happier.
I tried Tune #3 and BC Predators exhaust before and thought they were too loud, so i sold them. TORs and Tune #2 are perfect for me.

Martin DG
Tune 2 and OEM exhaust
- 30th April 2014
I just installed Tune #2 on my 2014 Thruxton. I do not have Triumph TOR exhaut yet, i am still with OEM exhaust (2014 exhaust port area is close to what the TOR appears to be). It runs beautifully with smooth delivery from idle and up. My bike feels 'fined tuned' and lively. I love it. Wanted to thank Mike and the rest of the TTP team for their good work.

Martin DG
Go for it
- 06th March 2014
After much deliberation i went for Tune No.2 and all the goodies that come with it. Smoother. Accelerates better. Sounds better. Love it.
- 17th January 2014
By my own mistake I managed to order and install Tune 3 the first time, and was very impressed. On noting my mistake, I contacted Mike and got the correct tune. Being so impressed with Tune 3, I didn't really expect much difference, but by testing the tunes back to back on the same afternoon, I can report that while similar in low and midrange (which means perfect)it now revs out so much better from ca 7000 to redline. Mike really knows his stuff, that's for sure. The fat and juicy midrange is still what these engines are about, but it's really nice to have this extra headroom to play with. Brilliant!
Thruxton Tune 2 is great
- 19th April 2013
I have to admit I was on the fence about spending 90 pounds (or $138 US to many) on an ECU map but when I read TTP had dynoed their work I thought it was with a shot. Thruxton tune 2 is amazing. Solid starts in cold weather 5C (40 F to many of us), no flat spots throughout the band and relatively cool headers. It's fantastic performance from 865 CCs. These guys obviously took their time to make it right.