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Very pleased with tune on my Triumph
- 13th May 2024
I have recently installed the TTP Performance tune 1 to my America 865 EFI and it has transformed the bike.

Really pleased with the result. Smoothed out the bike gained more grunt through the gears just a pleasure to ride.

TTP have been so good with all their support. Thanks very much. Happy customer
Tune #1 2014 Speedmaster
- 02nd September 2023
2014 Triumph Speedmaster O2 + SAI delete, K&N air filter.

Purchased Tune 1 as per Mike's recommendation. Previously had the standard Tors tune and this tune is definitely a huge improvement. It totally transforms the bike, low end snatch is all but gone. More power across the rev range. A great product.

Mike has been very helpful with all of my questions through email also.
- 06th June 2023
I have just remapped my 2008 Speedmaster with performance tune 1.

I have never been so happy, its a completely different bike now.

No more cutting out or low rev stuttering, completely smooth all through the rev range ticks over beautifully now and pulls like train.

You guys have made me very happy.

Keep up the good work.
America/Speedmaster Performance Tune 1
- 26th July 2022
The snatchyness of the throttle on my America was really annoying. I heard of TTP products on a Triumph forum and everyone was very pleased that the bike was transformed. Well I can add myself to the list of satisfied customers.

I initially bought the tune and O2 removal kit. Although reasonably competent with the spanners, I was a little apprehensive about connecting the bike to a laptop and fiddling with the ECU. The O2 removal was straightforward enough apart from disconnecting the electrcal connections. Why do Triumph make these so difficult to take apart? Eventually I managed to disconnect. The only minor criticism of the kit provided is that the shrink fit sleeve could be another 10mm longer to make sealing the connector much easier.

Connecting the bike to the ECU took a few 'turn the ignition off and on again' but it connected and installed the tune in line with the instructions. The bike, as others had said, was transformed. Much easier to control the throttle, better response, just great. The only negative was the decel popping, which was now very evident and loud. I was not a fan so purchased the SAI removal kit. This was a relatively straightforward job although removal of the tank was necessary.

Having removed the SAI the engine light came on and I could not delete the error. TTP suggested trying three hot/cold cycles of the engine but this did not work. I decided to reload the tune and this allowed me to delete the error message and the light disappeared. Very happy.

The bike runs great, no popping no throttle snatch. Quality products beautifully packaged with excellent customer back up. If you haven't done this yet, you are missing out.
ECU tune
- 25th March 2022
Fantastic service from these people.

Sent my ECU and was returned 2 days later ready to go.

What a difference the stage 1 tune has made to my Triumph America EFI.

Loads more power and smooths out all the popping after fitting TOR exhaust pipes.

I am not technically minded and any inquiries I had, TTP helped me out straight away, no problem.

If you are thinking of getting yours tuned, these are the people to help you.

Many many thanks for everything.
This is a must on your bikes......
- 24th August 2021
Installed TTP Belmouth, DNA filter, and O2 removal kit along with free flow exhaust.

Transforms the bike completely, no more poor idle cutting out and snatchy throttle in traffic and improved performance.

The best gift you could give yourself and your bike.
2009 Triumph America Performance Tune 1
- 20th April 2021
I couldn't believe the difference that this tune made to my bike. I had already bypassed the 02 sensors and removed the AI. Long TORS with the airbox snorkel removed and i thought that it went pretty well. I was putting up with the hesitation between 2000 and 3000 rpm.

Now its a different bike, more power, smoother and no hesitation. I wish i had done this earlier. Support and service from Mike at TTP was excellent.

If you're thinking about using this upgrade, stop thinking and start doing, you wont be sorry.
re-map Tune 1 { America}
- 08th April 2021
I can't believe the difference this has made to my bike. I've messed about buying different exhausts and reading through endless forums so eventually when the penny finally dropped, I contacted TTP the professional guys.

All my issues with popping and stalling, sluggish performance gone. It's like a different bike, pulls like a train in every gear. To think I almost got rid of the bike through frustration.

They say horses for courses, and its right. TTP for Triumph bikes. They sorted me out within a couple of days including postage times, supplying me with everything I needed with fully comprehensive instructions online all for a fraction of the cost of buying another bike.

So now I get to keep my bike and love riding it again.
Final Part in TTP EFI Stage 1 Torque improvements.
- 13th October 2020
2014 Speedmaster, Had previously carried out the preparatory work, purchased TTPs cable, downloaded the tune, that part was straightforward, a small hiccup on the process, contacted Mike who was patient and offered practical solutions that resolved bike issue.

All in all thoroughly recommend TTP excellent products and service - they really know how to get the best from these bikes!!
- 12th August 2019
As advertised. With AI and o2 sensors removed, bellmouth and DNA filter and short TORs. Surging and low speed jerkiness gone. All around much smoother ride. Probably would have traded in if not for this tune. 2014 Speedmaster.
2012 speedmaster
- 12th July 2019
Just another 5 star report on the tune 1 from TTP. Sent my ECM from Australia, took about 2 weeks all up. Did the install with Breathe and DNA air filter. I had already done SAI and 02 sensors some time ago. It took about an hour all up with some simple instructions provided in kit.

WOW what a different bike I have now. As stated in previous reviews I'm sorry I waited so long to bite the bullet and get this done sooner. Thanks Mike and the people at TTP for a great product and outstanding service.
America Stage 1 EFI Tune
- 20th March 2018
What more can I say than you guys are awesome. Bought the America in 2016 and had the bad idle, stalling and surging. Spent good money trying to fix it but no success.

Finally found TTP and loaded up the Stage 1 tune very easily and this is the bike I was expecting to get. Never run so smooth !! Much more power and safer to ride now, especially with a pillion.
Many Thanks to Mike and TTP
America Transformed!
- 20th March 2018
I removed SAI and O2 sensors, installed the Breathe kit and down loaded the new tune. I had a problem down loading, but a phone call to TTP and the problem was solved.

I wish I had found TTP before as I have spent so much time and money on this stalling and cutting out problem. The bike has been transformed, no more stalling at junctions and the power is delivered smoothly. Thanks to you all at TTP, brilliant product.
That's more like it!
- 05th November 2017
I hated the fueling on my Speedmaster so much I considered getting rid of it. I was then told about the tunes available from TTP and decided to invest in a stage 1.

The bike is now ride able, with no cutting out or jerkiness, just good strong linear power with smooth throttle roll off/ons. This tune will transform your bike and is money well spent!
- 25th October 2017
Bought my Triumph America new in 2016, with the short TOR exhaust. After several attempts over a period of about 12 months, Triumph could not solve the backfiring & jerky throttle.

Thanks to TTP, with Tune 1 my bike now has none of the above, it's a great ride especially at low speed around town. Thanks Mike.
Great service!
- 07th October 2017
I can't rate TTP highly enough. From first contact Mike was very helpful and informative at every stage, and went the extra mile to ensure my America was running at it's best. TTP's products are of the highest standard as are the instructions for installing the tune.

I fitted the stage 1 torque induction kit removing the AI and O2 sensors and installing the Breathe kit. I've finally got the bike I wanted in the first place.

Many thanks to Mike and all at TTP.
Thanks, why couldn't Triumph do this,(emisions I know)
- 21st July 2017
just fitted the EFI stage one torque kit and WOW, My America has been back 3 times for the usual stalling, backfiring etc. I tried to back through Black Horse I was that p"£$ed off with it.Was thinking of p/exing for a Kwakker Vulcan! Glad I didn't, the change in the way the bike runs now is amazing, an hours work plus the download, all questions answered quickly, thanks thanks thanks !!
America upgrade!
- 28th February 2017
My America never ran better. Before the upgrade it hesitated and stalled all the time but now it runs great. Thanks TTP.
Different bike altogether!
- 07th February 2017
Just loaded the TTP tune along with the Breathe velocity stack and removed the AIS and O2 sensor.

What a difference, this is the bike I wanted from the factory, much more responsive to the throttle, better roll on and a sweet, sweet sound, and best of all, she doesn't stall at traffic lights anymore.

Also, thanks very much Mike for your help on the phone much appreciated, best £200 I've spent in a long time.
TTP Tune 1 Speedmaster
- 12th November 2016
Loaded this tune and right away I knew it did something, the exhaust note had changed a bit. I took her out on 5 minute run then waited a day and rode for about half an hour. my seat of the pants felt more grunt. I already had the TORS and TORS tune with Breath unit with K&N filter. I have 02 and SAI still intact at the moment. I wish I could get a tune from here for my T-Bird as well.
Speedmaster Gets New Muscles
- 16th February 2016
Many thanks for your prompt service, I received the parts within a day or two of my order. I have now completed fitting the components and remapped the ECM. Everything went very smoothly, thanks to your comprehensive instructions and the bike runs like a dream. Looking forward now to warmer days and enjoying the bikes performance.

I'll be riding down to Tridays in Austria again this year and you can be sure I'll be recommending your products and services to anyone who will listen. Thanks again.
Fantastic service and support from TTP
- 25th January 2016
Running Breathe, SAI removal, O2 removal, long tors and Tune 1 on my America I could not be happier and grateful for the sales, service and support TTP did. The bike runs smoother, faster and better tahn ever

Many thanks !
Big Improvement
- 05th August 2015
Sent and returned ECM in 2 days,excellent service. Bike feels lovely, TTP downloaded tune for me, £30 well spent, saved me wrecking laptop...
- 21st July 2015
My '11 AMERICA had TORS and the factory TORS EFI maps on it when I bought it a year ago. It had a bit more pick up than a stock '09 AMERICA I test drove earlier. However, the deceleration popping and the flat spots in the 2000 to 3000 RPM range, as well as the snatchiness needed to be improved.

I ordered the DNA filter, O2 removal kit, OBD2 cable, a BREATHE airbox inlet, and TTP Tune 1 Download. My parts arrived in only five business days. With some very responsive customer support from Mike at TTP, I got the TTP Tune to load into my laptop with few problems.

The mods took about two hours to complete (I also blocked the SAI system) along with the new TTP Tune 1 download into the bike's EFI system. Needless to say everything went flawlessly. I rode the bike, and the flat spot has gone away, as well as more torque down low and in the mid-range. Also, pipe popping on decel is gone. The bike now rides like it should from the factory (IMHO). It made a great bike even better. These are great products - Thanks TTP for making riding even more enjoyable.

Chris J
'11 AMERICA, DNA, Breathe, TORS, no O2/SAI, TTP Tune 1
Virginia, USA
2015 Speedmaster modifications.
- 09th June 2015
All the bits arrived on Saturday; thank you for a very quick delivery service.

To say that I am pleased with the transformation of my bike would be a gross understatement !!!

I have been riding bikes for 44 years and owned every thing from race reps to Harley's and I have never experienced such a dramatic transformation from any modifications done to any bike that I have owned.
The Tune loader software was a joy to use and the instructions very clear and concise. The quality of the SAI and O2 removal components are first class.

My Speedmaster now pulls cleanly from anywhere in the rev range, no banging or popping on the over run and the dam dangerous low speed stall has been completely eliminated. I did not buy this bike as a speed machine but it now runs so much better that its like having another 15BHP at least.

Thank you for all your help and advice; this really is an exemplary product and service.

Best regards
2012 America Reborn!!
- 05th June 2015
I am amazed at how well this tune improved my America! The surging, stalling at stop lights are all gone! It accelerates, shifts and cruises smooth and powerfull! The installation was flawless! Thank you TTP for giving my America new life!
Tune #1....EXCELLENT
- 19th April 2015
I waited most of the Winter to install this tune and associated parts this Spring....well worth the wait! This tune cured my just off idle stumble and stalling and also increased performance significantly. I'm very pleased and recommend TTP tunes and products above anything else. Mike was very helpful and their tune loader software with instructions made it very easy to install. Thanks again, Mike, for all your help and excellent products.
Speedmaster Unleashed!
- 03rd March 2015
My bike is now the Speedy I always wanted! I fitted TORS and DNA filter, and using TTP's excellent guides I removed the O2 sensors and SAI, and uploaded the Tune 1 map. I had never done anything like this previously but I needn't have worried. The TTP program included with the tune is a very polished piece of software which guides you through the process step by step and it couldn't be easier.
Mike at TTP was extremely helpful in answering all my novice questions and that gave me the confidence to tackle the job.
The bike now pulls like a train at low and mid revs and the top speed restrictor has miraculously disappeared, giving me an extra 15 mph (on a private road officer..). All the hardware for the mods that go hand in hand with this tune is of excellent quality and it was a pleasure to bolt it all onto my pride and joy! The entire job took me around 3.5 hours, taking it slowly and double checking everything so just an enjoyable mornings work.
Many thanks Mike and all at TTP.
best tune to date!
- 06th February 2015
Mike was excellent with customer service, top products and awesome tune! Thanks heaps mike , from shane here at I thank you
I wouldn't use any other tune.