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America/Speedmaster Performance Tune 12

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This tune is for America and Speedmaster owners who intend to remove the airbox, install DNA high performance pod filters and long free flowing silencers measuring over 20"/50cm.
  • Dyno developed and road tested.
  • Smooth acceleration with no flat spots.
  • Excellent power when required & good economy whilst cruising.
  • 95MPH speed limiter removed for LCD odometer VIN:B bikes.
  • TTP Stage 1 ignition advance for more power and a crisper throttle response.
  • This tune requires O2 sensor removal for smoother running at low revs.
  • Direct download link on your order receipt.
  • TuneLoader software for easy deployment and engine maintenance tasks. Requirements: Windows - Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 (except RT) or 10.

Click HERE to read the TTP X-Files
about performance bolt-on mods for
the America and Speedmaster.
Dyno graph for the America and Speedmaster Tune 12
Dyno for tune 12

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Tune 12 on 2013 Speedmaster

- 08th July 2018

I recently purchased a 2013 Speedmaster with 194 miles on it, that had been garaged practically since it was bought. It has K&N pod air filters and British Customs Bomber exhaust. It was running the stock aftermarket pipe OEM tune map. It had a powerful but abrupt throttle response and some backfiring through the intake, with power loss/sputtering when it happened.

Everything I read and opinion I got suggested that the mix was too lean at low rpm/throttle opening, so I tried a custom map that claimed to get rid of the popping/backfiring by enriching the low end. The result was better that the stock map, but it did not solve the back firing problem.

I read about TTP map 12 for America/Speedmaster, and after consulting with Mike I decided to buy it and install. The result was an incredibly smooth throttle/power response. The popping and coughing was still there though, after consulting with Mike again and reading the info on the TTP website on how to adjust the TPS and balance the throttle bodies correctly and reinstalling the tune map the problem was solved!
The result is an amazingly smooth ride!

I want to emphasize following the steps described on this site regarding checking the TPS voltage and throttle body balance before installing the tune and also installing the tune when the engine is cold. My local shop installed the tune on a warm engine the first time, they mentioned the TPS as a possible cause for the backfiring, but were not aware it could be adjusted nor did they check the voltage for it.

I installed the tune myself the second time following TTP instructions and it was flawless. My TPS voltage was .66V when it should be .6V and one of the throttle bodies was fluctuating by +20 hpa, the recommended is no more than +/-10 hpa. I mention this because as small as these changes were, it solved the problem.

I read many threads in forums about Triumph EFI bikes with backfiring/sputtering/carb fart issues with aftermarket intake and pipes, and every response was pointing at lean mixture. I ...

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  Mech Odometer  LCD Odometer  
Mech Odometer     LCD Odometer
We provide this service for owners who don't have access to a Windows PC
or who don't possess the required knowledge to carry out the reprogramming.

You can send us your ECM and we'll reprogram it for you. We understand
that you wouldn't want your bike off the road for any longer than necessary,
so we process your order and return ship by a signed and insured service
within 48 business hours of your ECM arriving with us.

If you choose to use this service, please ensure you follow the shipping
instructions on your emailed order receipt.
    OBD-2 USB Cable

The TTP OBD-2 USB Cable uses the latest design FTDI chipset with the advantages
of proven reliability and minimal disconnects in use.

There are many OBD2 USB cables available on the market, but many use an inferior chipset and have
continual disconnection problems which can prove to
be a nightmare when trying to
download a tune to your ECM.
Price: £99.00 (£118.80 Inc. VAT)
€113.71 EUR    $111.02 USD    $172.02 AUD

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