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Unleash the Dragon
- 09th November 2021
ECU tuning has transformed my 2011 Speedmaster into an absolute hooligan! I did not remove the SAI as I enjoy the ability to "warn" other drivers of my presence with the flames coming out of my British Custom's Cocktail Shakers! pops, burbles, bangs, and makes glorious intake noises too. TOTALLY a new machine, and I recommend riding your bike as it was intended to be ridden.

The Tune Loader software along with the install guised provided by Triumph Twin Power, made the transformation easy!

Throttle response is instant and she really wants to stretch her legs in 1st and 2nd. gears. The growling at higher RPMs is intoxicating and the bike will pull all the way to 8500.

I feel the next upgrade will be the clutch and springs.

THANK YOU to all at TTP for their professionalism and expertise with these British bikes.

VERY satisfied customer!

Tune 13
- 06th June 2016
Had a Power Commander 5 on my 2013 Speedmaster went very well. Had air box baffled removed k/n air filter, air induction removed, O2 sensors removed.

Thought I try The TTP tune 13 with cocktail shakers, DNA Pod filters. Very pleased, better than before, a must do if your thinking about it.
Tune 13
- 07th August 2015
Americas are usually a pretty slow machine and difficult to get any results, but with a airbox removal kit, a set of cocktail shaker exhausts they run pretty decent. We installed this Tune and the bike runs incredibly well with perfect throttle response. That 8500 rpm limit takes the bike to another level on top!
Very Very impressed
Adrian, Canyon Motorcycles