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Bonneville/T100 Performance Tune 11

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This tune is for Bonneville/T100 owners who intend to install long free flowing aftermarket silencers (e.g. Arrow 2-2, Predators, Dominators, Hyde Peashooters, Hyde Classics, BC Sleepers, Staintune Rev Cone etc.) and DNA high performance pod filters.
  • Dyno developed and road tested.
  • Smooth acceleration with no flat spots.
  • Excellent power when required & good economy whilst cruising.
  • TTP Stage 1 ignition advance for more power and a crisper throttle response.
  • This tune requires O2 sensor removal for smoother running at low revs.
  • Direct download link on your order receipt.
  • TuneLoader software for easy deployment and engine maintenance tasks. Requirements: Windows - Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 (except RT), 10 or 11.

Click HERE to read the TTP X-Files
about performance bolt-on mods
for the Bonneville/T100.
Dyno graph for the Bonneville/T100 Tune 11
Dyno for tune 11

**Please ensure you choose the correct odometer type, if you choose incorrectly there is a cost involved,
so there will be a £15 (+VAT for UK) charge to change the tune option.**
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Great product and customer service
- 19th July 2023
For all of you non IT people out there, (there must be more than just me) here's an idiots guide to using and connecting the TuneLoader. I had just about given up with the TuneLoader thing, I balanced the throttle bodies with my vacuum gauges, as I've been doing for decades with other bikes. Then of course, when I switched the bike back on to go for a ride, there's an engine management light illuminated! I remembered that another great feature of TuneLoader is that I can switch fault lights off, so I thought I would try again.

Your tip about ignoring the popup which asked me to switch the ignition on and off again really helped. Other tips that I also found on forums made a difference too.

For some reason, when I plugged my laptop in, it connected first time. Why? Who knows?
So for my low-tech, non-IT brain, I came up with the following idiot guide to help me (and perhaps others) remember for next time.

Remove headlight AND sidelight fuses, the TuneLoader won't connect if the battery is low. (I know, it's in the instructions, but I missed it)

Ignore the popup that says to switch ignition off/on.

Leave it connected for up to 15 minutes, nothing will happen, the screen doesn't change, this is normal. Don't panic.

Plug the laptop in! (It doesn't matter why, it just works)
Don't wait for the green light to stay on constantly, it's supposed to flash!

Have a cup of coffee at hand, and chill your beans!

Thanks to Mike at Triumph Twin Power for helping my low tech brain get around the problem I was having. If you're having problems, my advice (after reading the instructions!) is to contact TTP, they're really helpful.

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