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What a difference a download makes!!
- 25th April 2024
The previous owner of my Thruxton had put TOR pipes on it, but that was it. I put up with the popping and banging and the flat spots for a while but it was just unpleasant to ride.

I was put in contact with Chris from Ultimate Twin Performance by the boys at TTP. He came to my house (on a mega tour around) installed the stage 1 Kit and removed the O2 sensors. At 71 i am a bit of a Luddite on computers and if he does it it has to be right.

He was pleasure to deal with. A great advocate for both companies and I can’t believe the way it transformed the bike, best money I have spent on a bike and it is now a joy to ride.

Can’t recommend the product and the delivery enough!
Stage 1 Tune
- 19th October 2022
TTP really have got this right.

My Thruxton is so smooth. Pre the TTP tune it was just too aggressive, a bit of all or nothing, simply due to the OEM map.

This has really made the bike even more enjoyable to ride.
Thruxton Performance Tune 1
- 08th October 2015
I bought a second-hand EFI Thruxton equipped with 2 in 2 Arrow exhausts without db-killers. The air filter was OEM and the former owner could not tell me whether the ECU had been remapped. As the bike was very very noisy I decided to buy and install the db-killers which prevented the engine to run smoothly.

Something was to be done. So I purchased the O2 Removal kit and the Tune 1 from TTP.

At this point of the story I did not buy the cable and the air-filter because I already had a cable I had used for a Ducati and a BMC racing air filter that could do the job. Unfortunately the cable I already had did not connect to the bike's ECU and decided to purchase a brand new cable from TTP which solved all problems.

In conclusion:
- The TTP ODB-2-USB cable is absolutely first choice and the suggested drivers worked very good on a 32-bit Windows 7;
- The O2 removal kit is perfect and simple to "install";
- The TTP TuneLoader works very good, is bug- and error-free and has a user-friendly interface.

Now my Thruxton is running great and I believe I am going to purchase also the SAI removal kit!!!
Poetry for a Triumph Twin Engine!
- 26th July 2015
Bart Meulema - 26-7-2015
Have installed Tune 1 on my 2014 Thruxton with the excellent Tuneloader which makes everything clear and easy.
Original OEM Silencers, K&N airfilter, homemade air inlet and O2 and SAI active.
Snatchy throttle was not an issue for me, and i discovered that in the closed loop area and above the engine runs great.
I'm very happy with it, and i can say that a TTP tune is poetry for a Triumph engine!