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Thruxton Performance Tune 3 Reviews for the product - Thruxton Performance Tune 3 -
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Killer tune .. but AMAZING customer service!
- 15th October 2023
I have to say, I absolutely love this killer tune.

Having said that ... I'm totally blown away by the AMAZING customer service this site has!

Hands down top tier!!
Thruxton bliss....
- 02nd September 2022
I am so happy with the Tune 3 I got from TTP for my 09 Thruxton. It makes the bike so much more responsive and fun to ride.

The fact they do real research and are not just chasing the $ but want to actually help you get what you want is awesome.

Every Triumph owner needs to sign into TTP and get their bikes running how they should, not how they are!

Thanks team TTP! Customer for life....
Tune 3, perfection!
- 11th April 2022
2014 Thruxton with twin Arrows. Thought it ran well as was but, with the suggested mods and new Tune 3, it really pulls well all through the range, no hesitation at all. Made such a difference, cannot recommend it more.
- 27th September 2021

What kind of witchcraft have I downloaded onto my bike?

TTP rocks
- 19th May 2021
I purchased the tune 3 package and installed it on my thruxton 900 it worked like a dream and the bike runs like one too.

Just make sure you delete the error codes for the removal of the 02 sensors or you will have a check engine light.
- 12th September 2020
I bought a 2013 Thruxton a month ago that already had Dominator pipes, snorkel removal and K&N filter fitted. I assumed it would have been re mapped, but on inspection, found it to be running 20732 standard tune.

I removed the airbox baffle and purchased the stage 3 tune. I did the 02 and SAI removal at the same time. Well done to TTP for an easy and painless install. The only glitch I had was trying to remove check engine code for SAI removal. In the end I just plugged the solenoid back in and cable tied it to its mount and cleared the fault. Problem solved.

The bike is now smoother, more responsive, less twitchy and pops and cracks gone. Well done again to TTP. Very happy.
Dumb and happy
- 04th May 2020
I have a 2013 Thruxton and went with tune 3 after installing the stage 1 kit. Parts were delivered quickly, instructions thorough, and the download/tune were very simple.

Make sure you read the tune information closely on checkout. I was so excited that I chose mechanical over LCD odometer and my tune didn’t work. Of course, eager to ride on a Saturday, I was bummed. I emailed TTP anyway and was surprised to get email correspondence within hours to rectify the situation.

Awesome customer service. I will tell everyone about you guys. Thank you!
Blown away!
- 29th September 2019
I am blown away......superb.

You run a class gig over there, in every way. I mostly want to comment about going from an Arrow tune (which I thought was a performance tune) to your's. I wish I had done it years ago. This is how the bike should run.
Thruxton tune 3 review
- 19th June 2019
I can’t normally be bothered about writing a review on a product but this is the exception. I have a 2011 Thruxton and have done the following mods: Staintune pipes, AI, O2, airbox baffle and snorkel removal and DNA filter with bell mouth fitted.

Been really pleased with these mods and have sat on the fence about getting a remap. After reading all the reviews on TTP Tune 3, I finally took the plunge. Loaded the tune last night with no issues but the green TPS didn’t come on. Left the bike running for 20 mins then turned off. Had a small panic because I thought I’d done something wrong!

Called TTP and was reassured that all was OK and that some bikes the green TPS light just doesn’t happen. So, after a day in work thinking the worst, I got home and went out for a 30 min ride. Turns out, I have a new bike ! Holy crap, my Thruxton is now a beast ! No snatching throttle, no popping on decel and it takes off in any gear like a scalded cat. No joke, the difference is incredible!

If you’re on the fence about buying this tune and you’ve already done the hard yards with all the mods, then just do it. My Thruxton now feels like a 900 twin. Only downside is I’m going to have to be careful with not losing my license !!!
2014 Thruxton - Tune 3
- 18th August 2018
I had already removed the SAI once I fitted my free flowing Norman Hyde Toga’s, to reduce the popping on deceleration. I was running with the 20509 Map. The bike ran well, but was still being governed by the O2 sensors, and not having a matched tune. I installed the Thruxton tune 3 on the stage 1.5 torque kit (Air baffle removed).

The bike runs exceptionally well now, and pulls hard through all the gears, with no snatching when backing off. Heaps of torque with out having to go down a gear. The air baffle removal isn’t hard, just take your time.

This tune with the torque kit, is one way to get the most out of your engine without compromising reliability. Well worth the money. Cheers Mark
Runs Like A Dream
- 31st July 2018
My Thruxton never seemed to run quite as well as I felt it could until I removed the AI and O2, installed TTP Breathe Kit, pulled out the air baffle and then downloaded TTP Tune 3 to the ECU (BC Predators were already installed).

Now it's the bike I always knew it could be. Every ride is a glorious experience with these mods. Very pleased with the products and service from TTP. Highly recommend.
TTP 3 , AI/O2 Removed, Baffle out, TTP Breathe, K&N Filter, and Dominator Sports
- 11th September 2017
Amazing! I can't say enough about this MAP. My idle was rough, no matter how much I played with it. I could never get the idle right. Everything else was ok and running right.

Not only did this map fix my issue, it was super easy to install. I did not have to wait the 20min to reset adaption, mine was green right away and already running amazing from the start of the engine.

Thank you, Than you so much TTP!!!!
Unlocked the potential of my Thruxton
- 02nd January 2017
Purchased 14 Thruxton and had Arrow 2-2 pipes installed first service. Bike was running very rich even with map from dealer. Pulled snorkel in attempt to lean it out, no help. Found a map that was closer to what I needed and installed it myself. It helped a bit but still not enough. The snatchiness of the throttle off idle was also driving me nuts.

Became aware of TTP and decided to try some of their products. Started with the Breathe airbox cover, DNA filter and a #3 map. Bike was transformed, snatchiness almost gone. Eventually picked up the O2 sensor eliminator kit and pulled out airbox baffle. Without these mods I would have sold this bike by now.
- 15th February 2016
Quick and easy install of all components (baffle removal can be tedious). Transformed a fun Modern Classic bike into a real sleeper of a beast. Twist the throttle and hold on. Performance of Tune #3 as advertised.
Thruxton Unchained!
- 05th September 2015
All the rave reviews hold truth...I cannot believe how this upgrade has transformed my Thruxton from caged animal to a rip roaring monster.
If you really want to enjoy Thruxton's true capabilities, this tune along with recommended upgrades are way to go.
Parts delivery to Oz was impressive.
Simply the best.
- 18th August 2015
Put aftermarket pipes (Arrow) on my 2014 Thruxton immediately after my first oil change. The tune supplied by the dealer caused a rich running condition. Fuel mileage plummeted and the bike loaded up like a two stroke. After reading up on the issues I installed a tune that did help but the bike was still running rich.

I then started swapping out parts. First out was the snorkle followed by airbox baffle, and stock air filter. A DNA filter and breathe cover were installed along with O2 delete and a marble went into AI hose. TTP #3 tune was loaded and all is now running beautifully. Worth every penny and highly recommended.
Glad I bit the bullet!
- 01st July 2015
I was on the fence for a long time about doing this tune. I had done the SAI delete, and put aftermarket free flow mufflers on, but I just didnt want to spend the time or money to do all of the other mods, breathe, filter, o2 delete, baffle removal, etc. Well after two remaps from the dealer to fix my running rich issue, I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead with the mods and TTP's tune 3. Doing the o2 delete, and the filter and breathe mod were no problems, the airbox baffle removal, while a touch tricky, only took about an hour to do, so not that bad. Then it came time to adjust the TPS, and balance the throttle bodies. Super simple to do, and then came the waiting to let the bike cool down. Came back the next day, and within 25mins I had the tune all loaded up and ready to go. This software is so simple to use, or as I like to call it stupid easy to use. So much so that even I could understand it. It really walks you through everything, and it went flawlessly for me. I jumped on and went for a ride and like others have said, I was blown away by how responsive this bike now was. It has smooth power all the way through the band, no snatchy throttle, and it pulls hard like a freight train through the entire band. Only been a week and 70 plus miles, but I am very satisfied with this tune. If you are on the fence as I was, dont be. Do it. All of it. Best money I have spent on my 2014 Thruxton to date! Thanks for great products and tunes!
Very Very Pleasantly Surprised
- 18th May 2015
Made quite a difference. The bike feels more free and revs better. Low end pickup seems better.

Will definitely recommend it. The only problem is, now that I have tasted blood.. i want even more :-)
TTP #3 tune
- 13th January 2015
Excellent. It's been a week now and no problems. Went for a longer ride on the weekend lots of straight and twisty stuff up and down the cogs still no trouble. Popping was almost totally eradicated just after the tune around town it became a healthy burbling sound on deceleration. After the long ride maybe it was my imagination but I thought the pop came back slightly. So went through the process again. The only difference I found was my TPS setting had changed from 60 when I did the first tune to 66. No drama to set that right though. All in all it's a very sweet tune.
As Fast as She Looks
- 14th May 2014
TTP 3 Map, AI Delete, O2 delete, Baffle out, snorkel out, DNA Filter, TTP Breathe and Predators.

Made the change from a dealer map that got chucked in with the long tubes. Cruised nicely but always felt lacking. After installing the deletion kits, TTP go-fast bits and the map - she went from respectable cruiser to zero-to-ticket at a flick of the wrist. Power everywhere in the RPM band in all gears and every stop light is a gift from the throttle gods. The raw, unadulterated boom that undulates from the pipes is pure aural bliss. The tune/parts are simply must have for any performance enthusiast, and those of you with open pipes that DON'T have this tune/go-fast kit are missing out on sonic bliss.
Mid range extraordinaire
- 17th December 2013
TTP 3, TORS, breathe, baffle, AIS and CO removed.
I'm very pleased with the results. The banging in the exhaust is gone, I hated that. The exhaust sounds better with a deep booming tone, not as sharp as before. The throttle respone from closed to open is so much smoother, it's like a carbureted engine now with a seamless transfer.
It's got a few more horse up top too, which is useful, but the star of the show is the mid range. It pulls hard from almost tick over but between 3000 and 7000 it really pulls HARD, right where you want it. Fantastic! I would never give away any of that mid range for more top end, because this kind of power can be enjoyed every day on any road.
Smooth as a babies a**
- 19th August 2013
2013 Thruxton - Bought this tune along with the Breathe kit, DNA filter (took restrictor plate out) IA removal kit and o2 removal kit. Also have BC Predators installed.

She runs fantastically, I didn't actually even run her with the preds before I tuned her though... BUT it's a nice smooth pull right to redline, solid mid range and low end torque and builds power predictably all the way to the top end.
The only thing I've noticed is it's tough to start if I stop and shut her off for 10 min or so, having to now use the 'choke' to start it again.
Going to do a dyno pull with an air/fuel check as soon as I can for my own curiosity.
Thanks TTP. It's nice to feel like it's money well spent.

Interesting to note that it seems to be tuned leaner (especially in the bottom half rev range) and possibly slightly less aggressive ignition advance than just about every other map (and PCV maps) that I could get my hands on. May be potential for more outright power from this map, but I think sacrificing any of the beautiful driveability and smoothness of this tune just wouldn't be worth it for a daily like mine is.
Look forward to seeing how it handles an Aussie summer, just wish I had the money for their Pretech brake caliper!

Thanks again.
Ben - Melbourne Australia
- 04th August 2013
This Map when combined with a Breath unit and DNA Filter with your AI removed and O2 sensors disabled will truly bring your bike alive to a night and day difference. You honestly will think you are riding a different bike. Your idle will be smooth with no issues, your throttle response is exceptional and now is so smooth it really is something. You also get constant acceleration with no mid range drop off and no popping just a nice rumble when you back off. If you are in two minds about purchasing a map don't be, this is the second bike I have purchased a map for and it's money well spent. I promise you once you have purchased one you will be asking why didn't I do this earlier, it's really that good, cheers Mike TTP
Worked flawlessly and as advertised
- 17th July 2013
Just loaded this tune on my 2013 Thruxton and all I can say is "Wow!" The bike pulls harder through the rev range and is much smoother. Definitely worth every penny. Thanks TTP!
Great Tune
- 03rd March 2013
I removed the airbox snorkel & baffle and replaced the OE air filter with a K&N almost immediately after purchasing my 2012 Thruxton. After adding Dominator Sport cans, I removed the AI. The improvement was noticeable and it sounded great but it wasn't until I removed the O2 sensors and loaded Tune #3 that she really woke-up. The bike runs flawlessly now!!!
Couldn't be happier.
- 19th February 2013
I have a 2013 Thruxton with the SAI removal, o2 removal, debaffle, breathe and DNA filter, and BC Predator exhaust.

I was skeptical about spending the money on this tune considering the number of free ones available on the internet. However, after a lot of research it seemed like the best option. The first time I jumped on her after all the mods were done, I was absolutely blown away.

Literally every aspect of the bikes power delivery is better than it was as stock. Response is more crisp. It's VERY smooth now. The snatchiness of the throttle that forced me to hold back in the turns is gone. I find that I have to keep reminding myself not to worry about it anymore.

Despite what most people on the forums said, I found there to be a significant power increase as well. Particularly the mid range and high end. It now feels like it builds power straight to redline rather than loses it.

I was also suprised that my fuel consumption hasn't changed at all. I assumed it would go down a bit. I've read about a few people claiming an increase in economy, but I am satisfied with no change. Mine hasn't been that great since new anyway - about 36 mpg american(city riding).

Originally, I wanted to do Tune 11 and remove the Airbox. But I live in Hawaii and ride frequently in the rain. I was worried about trying Tune 3 as there were no reviews posted. So since I've had such a great experience, I wanted to make sure others don't have the same concerns as I did and possible make a mistake.

You will not regret spending your money on this Tune. It is worth every penny. I would say the only way you will get a better tune is to take it to a shop and have them Dyno it. But then it's not always easy to find a shop, and even harder to find a good, trust-worthly one that knows these bikes. I'd rather do the work myself(it was easy, and I'm no mechanic) and know exactly what has been done.

These guys are also very helpful. Tell them what you have/want and they will work with you. If you are reading this, you are in the right place!