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Thruxton Performance Tune 4 Reviews for the product - Thruxton Performance Tune 4 -
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Worth every penny
- 04th August 2020
This tune totally eliminated all of the glitchy throttle response issues between 2000 and 3000 RPM! No more herky-jerky when cruising though town at lower speeds.

Also, and more importantly, the bike pulls harder all the way if and when you need it to.

I am so happy with my TTP tune & upgrades, Thanks guys!

The instructions for all steps are fantastic and comprehensive. Best $$ spent on my Thruxton. I highly recommend this tune & kit.
It's a different bike
- 17th May 2018
I run a 2008 Thruxton with cone engineering shorty pipes and the air box baffle and snout removed. Before fitting the dna filter, breath bell mouth and TTP tune 4 the pickup was jerky and torque stifled, but no more!

Off throttle pickup is instant, low to mid torque fantastic and revs to 8000 no problem. Sounds cool too and the only problem is I live in Essex (the home of the speed camera) and the bike is so much quicker than it was.
Do it!!! You know you want to.
- 11th October 2015
Incredible, I've done the pipes, the Breathe intake and the DNA air filter and this was the final bit of the puzzle that made it all work. And man does it work.

The bike now performs the way I knew it should, noticeable more power and torque and all those little niggles at low revs are gone.

The tune is easy to use even for a cave mane like me, just remember to read your email for the link.

I didn't do this, haha.
What a great difference this made!
- 12th May 2015
Been using this tune for a few weeks now and i gotta say its awesome, much smoother throttle response. It pulls noticeably harder, everything just runs right and its an extremely easy to use and well instructed process. A great bang for your buck, I'm very happy with the end result.

Thanks TTP!
Thruxton Performance Tune 4
- 06th July 2014
Easily downloaded using the TTP USB Cable and Win7 laptop. Excellent throttle response, and good instructions given with purchase. Couldn't be happier as this was my first attempt at interfacing with the ECU.